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Case 5-The Ghost that Saved my life

{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2008}

Article word count : 994 -- Article Id : 1027
Article active date : 2008-11-07 -- Article views : 13864

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Article is about :
I have never talked much about my cases as I could just see the people with a strait jacket and butterfly net chasing me around even when I had witnesses. I have been encouraged to do this by my friends who are into the paranormal. I also feel more people will understand this is hard work and not easy for someone to do.

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I was on vacation from work as I had a case in Idaho and had vacation time. My assistant Mike traveled with me to get experience. The clients had seen a dark figure in their cellar. They were not sure what it was but it had big ears, a long nose and was able to vanish into the dirt floor. I and Mike were both clairvoyant so we had used a method to scry and see what was there. Scrying is the use of a reflective surface to see something in the future or at a distance. I thought it was a troll and Mike had to go see that and how to get rid of it. Trolls are elemental beings of the Earth. They are from the land of the Fairy and appear in this world when there are weak spots and the separate realities overlap. I am sure this happens in many places, which is why these beings are mentioned in legends. I was somewhat excited as it was the first time I had seen a troll. I felt the troll had found the basement a safe spot and did not know how to get home. Trolls are mentioned most often in children’s books. You can learn quite a bit about them from the stories. They live under bridges, and in dark places. They do not like Billy goats was another fact. Other books mentioned that trolls turned into stone when exposed to bright sunlight. They are made out of different types of rock and that is a way to identify them by the rocky skin. They are from the realm of fairy like elves, brownies and all of the other legends we read about from different lands all over the earth. Every continent has a tale of little people. Nature spirits that are from the earth or live in trees. It is a worldwide legend that always makes me wonder about our ancestors. The legends developed in diverse places and landscapes yet they have many similarities all over the world. All of our ancestors might have talked to each other but then they would have been described the same in each culture. Yet they are different for each part of the world but with enough of the habits the same that it always had me wondering if the ancestors were just describing something they did not have the words for in their language. I did a ritual to open up the realm of the fairy so the troll could go home. He thanked me and was grateful that I did know how to reach his home. I enjoyed visiting with the clients and Mike and I started to drive home. The clients were calming down as they had never done magic and did not expect to see anything like that in their basement. Idaho is quite a distance from Southern California so we took shifts driving. Mike was driving and I was chattering away to keep him awake when he asked me to look and see if someone was behind us. I looked back on the road and what looked like a motorcycle with a flickering headlight was on the road. Mike and I both commented that the rider had real problems with the electrical system and must want to follow someone with headlights. We were in the middle of nowhere in Utah at the time. All of a sudden, the motorcycle pulled up beside Mike’s side of the car and we could see him. It was an obviously dead person in ripped leathers and driving an old Harley with parts hanging off it. The motorcycle and person looked like they had died in an accident. Mike freaked and said he is driving at the car. It was true the ghost and motorcycle were going to hit my car. The ghost kept pointing at the side of the road and Mike saw a big spot and pulled over. He started climbing over on top of me. He was not going to stay on the same side of the car as the ghost. He then said I was driving and he was not getting out of the car. I was scared myself as who wants to see solid looking dead people with wrecked motorcycles sitting outside of the drivers window. I got in the drivers seat and looked up at the hill in front of us. Two semi-trucks doing over 70 miles an hour were driving down both sides of the road trying to race each other. They were even and it was obvious they were having fun seeing which truck could go the fastest. We had pulled over because of the ghost driving Mike off the road. My car would have been at the top of the hill being smashed by a semi- truck The ghost was still sitting there on his motorcycle watching the trucks go by. We heard a voice say “I was driven off of the road, and it took days for my body to be found in the sugar beet field”. Mike and I looked at each other and then both of us thanked the Ghost that had saved our lives. I did prayers to release him to the divine, and he thanked us as he left. Ghosts are something people are afraid of and there is no reason to be afraid. Nasty ghosts were nasty people and some ghosts stay on this earth to try to help others or because they had something, they felt they had to do. Ghosts that are killed in accidents, murdered or that commit suicide do not realize they are dead and need to be helped to the other side many times. I know Mike and I were grateful that the ghost of the biker had stayed earthbound where he could help us and save our lives. It was the last time Mike and I were afraid of a ghost.

Author Bio :
I have been an exorcist and spiritual counselor for 37 years. My book website is My blog is at

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