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Power Your Affirmations With Feeling

{written by : Linda-Ann Stewart}

Article word count : 566 -- Article Id : 1071
Article active date : 2008-11-12 -- Article views : 1871

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Article is about :
If you affirm one thing and feel its opposite, then what you're feeling is what the subconscious mind manifests.

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How are you feeling about your life? Are you affirming abundance, but believe you have to struggle to make ends meet? Do you affirm ease, but expect obstacles in your path? Do you want appreciation, but anticipate criticism? When you state an affirmation, it"s the feeling behind it that counts.

The emotions you feel are what power your affirmations, whether you"re affirming what you want, or unconsciously affirming what you don"t want. When you mutter "I can"t afford a new car," you"re affirming that circumstance. And the emotion that associates with the declaration energizes it. Therefore, you won"t be able to afford a new car.

Why do you think you have to believe that your good can happen? Belief is an emotion. Expectation is an emotion. Identification is an emotion. Fear is an emotion. Whatever you"re feeling about the object of your affirmation is what will manifest in your life.

Emotion is simply energy, good, bad or indifferent. The subconscious follows to where you"re sending your power, and gives you what you"re focusing on. Whatever is your dominant thought about the issue wins the race. Your feeling gets the attention of the subconscious.

If you"ve been affirming something in particular, but feeling its opposite as you affirm, you will manifest the feeling. I"ve done affirmations for abundance, but since I couldn"t see how it could happen, I still felt financially restricted. What happened? Every time? The prosperity I did have faded away. I got to experience the physical reality of my fear.

Maybe you"re confident while you say your affirmations, but later you undo all your good work. If you make statements afterwards that contradict your affirmation and reinforce your present beliefs or circumstances, you"ll manifest that. All of your thoughts, words and feelings about it have to be consistent. It"s like a balance scale with two pans. Your old beliefs are on one side, and your new ones are on the other. Until your new beliefs constantly outweigh your old ones, they won"t manifest to the degree you want.

You don"t have to know how your affirmation is going to manifest. You simply have to feel the emotion of having your desire. Stir up the feeling. There"s an old adage, "Fake it until you make it." You won"t see the reality of your desire until you can feel it. If you have to pretend, do so. You may not know how it can happen, but the Universe and your creative mind know how.

When you affirm, remember that you"re affirming the truth. You"re not changing the Universe"s mind about this issue, you"re changing your mind about it. The Universe is always offering you everything you could possibly want. You don"t have to believe it yet, but recognize that the Universe believes it for you.

Think of the result from the Universe"s point of view. The Universe knows your goal is possible and available for you. By identifying with the perspective of the Universe, you can channel that feeling through your affirmation. Whenever you think about the issue during the day, remind yourself that the Universe is taking care of it. Your trust in the Power of the Universe will energize your affirmation, and you"ll experience it in Divine time.

Author Bio :
Linda-Ann Stewart is a nationally known consultant, coach, hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and leads seminars on empowerment and stress reduction. At her website,, she offers personal development articles, a free newsletter and much more. Download her free ebook, "Secrets To The Law Of Attraction" at .

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