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What is your favourite colour?

{written by : Victoria}

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Article active date : 2008-11-21 -- Article views : 1958

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Article is about :
If I was a colour what colour would I be? or alternatively, What is your favourite colour?

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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If I was a colour what colour would I be? or alternatively, What is your favourite colour?

If you choose a shade or a tint of a colour. Read the true colour from which this colour is derived, e.g. pink is a tint of red, sky blue is a tint of blue, burgundy is a shade of red. If you choose a tint, the characteristics will be gentler and not so pronounced. If you choose a deep colour, the characteristics will be stronger. Other colours may be a mixture between two true colours. Turquoise for instance is made up of a mixture between blue and green. Therefore you will have some characteristics of blue and some of green. On this occasion black, white, grey and brown have not been included. If one of these is your first choice, choose another colour. Your favourite or identity colour reflects your personality traits and self-image. Each colour has its positive traits as well as negative traits. Which traits do you find relevant to you at this time? This will give you a good starting point Now look at the characteristics of your first favourite colour.


A Red person is full of energy, vitality for red is the creative force in the universe. They are strong and physically active, and tend to be thin or muscular for they have an active metabolism. Red people are out-going, gregarious, and love life. You may be head-strong and impatient and like to get things done quickly. You may also tend to have a bad temper and get heated easily. Red people need to watch their blood pressure doesn"t get too high, and watch problems like boils, rashes, and other skin diseases.

Colour needed to balance Red: Blue for softness and calm.


Orange people are just as vital as red people, but they are more practically oriented. Orange people are lively and out-going, and are very cheerful and joyous. While being active they are also practical and make good designers, engineers and architects. Orange people have to watch their energy levels, and often suffer from stress and a battered immune system.

Colour needed to balance Orange: Indigo for intuition and inner calm.


Yellow is the colour of the sun, so these people are bright and lively. They are interested in everything around them and are often scientific in nature. Yellow people are good communicators, and often take on too many projects for them to deal with. Yellow is a mental colour, and the yellow person has a good brain and is capable of logical clear thinking. They also place more importance on the mind than on the body. This results in them neglecting to take proper exercise, and often have a poor diet. The result is that the yellow person is prone to suffer from problems of the digestive system and problems relating to the liver and spleen. They need regular exercise.

Colour to balance Yellow: Violet to bring wisdom in your affairs.


Green people are striving to find balance and harmony in their life. They are neither extrovert or introvert and often like to watch the world rather than participate. They do not like taking action and deliberate on anything they do finding it hard to make decisions. Green people are close to nature and love the countryside, parks and gardens, animals and children. As a green person you have a strong identity with the healing arts. They also need space and hate being crowded out. Green people tend to be over-cautious and insecure. Green rules the emotions and relates to matters of the heart. Green also has to do with "possession" which may be in relationships or with monetary wealth. Many businessmen work on the green ray.

Colour to balance Green: Rose pink of universal love.


You are soft, gentle and peaceful by nature. You are passive and introverted, liking to be surrounded by a loving, harmonious atmosphere. Other people feel comfortable in your presence. You have a highly developed intellect and are a good judge of character. You are wise and a decision-maker.

Blue people are caring and this is why blue is the colour of the medical profession. For blue uses the wisdom of the mind in a position of power or authority. Being introverted you do have to watch that you do not become too withdrawn and isolated. "Blues" can suffer from bad depression. Blue people often find it difficult to communicate their needs and feelings and often suffer from problems related to the throat areas. They also suffer from low blood pressure.

Colours needed to balance Blue: Yellow to aid communication and orange to bring joy and warm relationships.


Like blue people, Indigo people are strong intellectually, but are also in touch with their intuition and higher self. They need a loving and peaceful surroundings and need to be surrounded by beauty. They love music and the arts and with their knowledge comes power. They are very idealistic and many great reformers work on the Indigo ray. They are very loyal and truthful and must make sure they do not abuse their power. They should work for the good of others and not themselves.

Colours needed to balance Indigo: Orange brings practicality and earthing qualities.


These are extremely sensitive people, and are often musicians, artists or writers. They are easily hurt, and must take care that they surround themselves with other sympathetic individuals and supportive surroundings. Violet is the most intuitive of colours, and people choosing this colour are likely to be seeking spiritual development. Violet people are called to serve and many psychics and healers operate under the violet ray. Because they are so sensitive, violet people often suffer from mental and nervous disorders.

Colours needed to balance Violet: Yellow for wisdom and to boost personal power (ego).


Our short-term attractions relate to a particular stage we are going through at the time and here it is particularly useful to consider the colours we do not like and reject.

If you do not like:

Red shows frustration, anger or defeat

Orange suffering from exhaustion, mental or physical fatigue

Yellow suffering disappointments, feeling powerless

Green mental disturbance, loneliness, rejection

Blue anxiety or fear, loss of wealth or status, sense of failure

Purple pretentious, conceited, vanity, can avoid close relationships

Brown Desire to stand out as an individual, or to stand on your own feet

Black Desire to be in control and not relinquish personal power

Each colour has both positive and negative aspects. If a person displays negative traits of a colour, this colour energy is blocked and its chakra centre needs to be cleared. To balance energy in a chakra, first use the colour rejected and then its complimentary colour to draw in the opposite positive traits. You will, of course, be taught different ways of clearing these blockages in further lessons of this course. In the meantime, it is important that you are able to diagnose a problem and know which colour energies that individual needs. For example, a woman who developed a lump on her thyroid, found it very difficult to speak her true feelings for fear of rejection. This woman obviously had a blockage in the throat or blue area which needed to be cleared.She then needed to be encouraged to communicate and build up her self-esteem. Yellow aids communications and orange helps draw warm loving relationships to one.

You will find the following list useful as it lists some of the negative

qualities of each colour and the colours needed to balance these:


Red Inability to accept life"s responsibilities. Ruthlessness, pushy, quick-tempered, stubborn

Orange Fearful, timid, shy, lack of interest in life. Problems with sexuality and relationships

Yellow Jealousy, envy, fear, emotions and living by patterns learned in childhood. Feelings of lack of power, obsessional behaviour, disoriented, muddle-headed

Green Insecurity, needing to be loved and protected. Feeling that life is unfair, unjust. Victim mentality.

Turquoise Confusion, turmoil, inability to move through your own boundaries and limitations. Destructive thought forms.

Blue Difficult to express yourself, motivational problems. Head in the clouds, daydreaming and not in touch with the real world.

Violet Fears and phobias, relying too heavily on the intellect and not on your intuition. Doubting and apologising for yourself.

Magenta Denying your own needs, martyrdom and self-sacrifice, inferiority complex, trying to control others.

COLOUR TEST (relating to immediate state of well-being)

You will need some pieces of clear bright coloured paper or card. Cut them into identical size and shapes. Make sure you have the following colours:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Violet/Purple

(Magenta and Turquoise can be added for a full test)

First choose the two colours that you are most attracted to. Try not to take too long to decide. Rather let your first impression give you your choice. The first colour you select will show you the energies you are using at the present time. Your second colour will indicate the area of challenge now facing you. A third colour can then be chosen to indicate what energies which are coming in, and that you should work with in order to meet your challenges.


We incarnate on this earth alone and we leave it alone. Most people feel a sense of loneliness at some time during their life. This is a painful feeling but not a destructive one, as this feeling comes from our soul"s desire to go home and be united with the divine. We must remember that we are given everything we need for our time here, and the situations we find ourselves in, are given to us as lessons, so we can grow and become self-conscious. That is, to really know ourselves.

People colour other people"s lives. We are attracted to people whose colours are in harmony with our own. Thus blue people will get on very well with green and violet personalities, while will clash with the reds and oranges. This is because the blue person likes peace and solitude while the orange person loves people, noise and parties. Ask your partner, friends and colleagues what their favourite colour is and find out about their colour personality. Many people are attracted to people whose colour energy they need at that time. Once they have drained that energy off that person, they move on and that relationship or friendship will come to an end. We have all experienced the feeling of being sapped of our energy by another person. Although we may have bias to one particular colour, a mature adult needs a balance of all the colours in his or her Aura. It is only when we have a balance of all these colour energies, and our chakra centres relating to these colours are open, that we can begin to have whole and lasting relationships.

Author Bio :
Lifestyle Consultant. Spa Consultant, Spa Trainer. Alternative Therapies / Holistic Treatments-Nutritional Therapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, Thai Massage, NLP, EFT, Reiki /Attunements/Workshops. Flower Remedies. Consultations in person, online, over the phone /skype. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself. Victoria UK 0774644658 Indonesia 085857223602 / 081 385624325 Maldives +960 7699159 Malaysia 061 9347886 Thailand +66 0869193961 Philippines 09085724094 THE GOODNESS OF LIFE

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