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Angels - What are they and how do we know they are angels?

{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2005}

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Article is about :
I had never researched all of the different explanations on angels. I knew what I had experienced but I could not be said to be an expert on all of the terminology that is out there and being used today. There are some great references thoug.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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It is interesting to note that angels are mentioned through out all recorded history. It is important to mention that they were around before mankind existed so it is not known what they did before then. The one sure fact is that they are the workers, messengers, and helpers of God or Divine Providence.

The different ancient cultures all have winged messengers. In Greek Mythology, it was Hermes the winged messenger of the Gods. We ourselves have the tradition that Hermes was the founder of Hermetics. It shows how Ascended Masters and angels can be blended together by mythology.

We are not sure what angels look like either. In Ezekiel in the bible there appeared angels that had animal faces. The cherubim whom are always pictured as cute little angels are warriors. In the Biblical writings, they are pictured as the warrior angels of God that are huge and frightful. We always picture angels as having wings but in the annals of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam they did not have wings consistently until the time of the Emperor Constantine. Angel paintings were not popular until the Renaissance.

The basics on angels are listed below by religion. It clearly shows a common theme running through out every religion on earth.

Angels in Judaism are Malachim. They are the messengers of God and help to carry out and implement God’s plan. They are considered purely spiritual beings that do not have a physical form.

Catholicism has angels as intermediaries between man and God. They attend to God and are also his messengers to mankind. Catholic angelology has a hierarchy of angels with nine choirs. These are Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, and Power. Angels are pure spirit and remain incorporeal for ages. They speak within a person and not to them. It makes it where they maintain their pure spiritual nature.

Orthodox Christianity has angels as part of the hierarchy of nine bodiless powers. They are workers and messengers of God. They describe angels in a physical way as having the form of man or being six winged. They do not believe that angels have physical bodies but take the shape that will comfort the person they are appearing to the most.

Protestant Christianity has angels to carry out God’s will and to be messengers. They are less prominent than in the catholic religion. They are most important in their role of ministering to Jesus. They are considered spiritual beings with no real physical body.

Hinduism does not refer to their messenger spirits as angels but as devas and apsaras. The helpful spirits also include angiris who preside over sacrifices and lipika who regulate karma. The devas are referred to as shining ones. Devas and apsaras and the others spirits are considered spiritual and do not have physical bodies even though they are pictured as such. The fact I found interesting is that they have fallen devas called asuras who are considered evil.

Angels in Islam are called Malaikah. They are the messengers and intermediaries from Allah to the world. The angel Jabra’il (Gabriel) revealed the Qu’ran to Mohammed. They are considered spiritual beings and do not have a physical shape. Their true forms are considered incomprehensible to humankind.
The Buddhist equivalent to angels is Devas. Also some schools of Buddhist thought mention dharmapalas or dharma protectors.

In Tibetan Buddhism devas are considered to be the emanations of the boddhisatvas or enlightened beings. There is a lot of different thought on this because Buddhism is comprised of so many spirits and legends from pre-Buddhist cultures and religions. I noticed a few similarities in all of these descriptions. Angels by whatever name they are called are considered messengers or intermediaries between God, and humankind. They are always mentioned as appearing in the forms that we expect to see them. Their forms are spiritual forms that we do not comprehend so they reshape them to be kind to us.

One fact is that angels are used to get people through hard times. They do not prevent the hard times but encourage us to learn from our problems and grow. It means that even if there are angels watching over you it does not mean you will have an easy life.

Good examples of this are the people who have heard the voices of Angels and followed their directions. They did many great things but their lives did not go perfectly by any means. Jesus had angels ministering to him all of the time. Yet look at the pain and misery he went through to teach us all the Glory of God. John the Baptist also heard the voices of angels. He had his head chopped off and delivered on a silver platter to Salome. Joan of Arc was instructed by angels and was burned at the stake. The angels always appeared during the persons worse trials and gave them the strength to endure what occurred. They did not stop what was happening.

It shows that when we are having a rough time in life or are walking a hard part of our path in life. Angels will be there to guide us and encourage us to move on. We may feel forsaken but they are always there to help us. We at the time just do not see all of the little miracles that occur.

The next question is how do you know it is an angel? The simplest way to create a safe rule for this is that an angel appears in a way that defies our normal reality and does an act that an angel would do. It would be an act of encouragement or help.

Others who appear to belong in the area and help the person whether it is an accident or whatever moment of life where help is needed have been called angels. The person then tries to locate the person who helped to thank them and they never existed to anyone but the person. It shows the nature of angels that they never wait around for Thank You or praise.

It is believed that they purposely appear in a form that will fit what is happening so the person accepts them and their aid.

I have had this experience in my life. The differential in my vehicle literally blew up where the wheels froze. I was spun around in circles. I had no control yet something kept the vehicle from flipping over, and something stopped the vehicle the moment it was about to be hit by another vehicle. The vehicle almost slid over a cliff twice and stopped two inches away from a guardrail that was finally there. I had seen glowing figures stopping the vehicle from going over the cliff but naturally thought to myself, “It was just the stress of the moment.”

Two people that had been behind me on the road pulled up in front of me. They were driving a car carrier. The older woman told me, “God must love you because I saw angels stopping you from flipping the vehicle and going over the cliff.” They pulled my vehicle up on the car carrier and took the vehicle and I home. It reaffirmed what I saw and my belief in angels.

There are examples in the bible of angels being in human forms. One writer stated, “Do not forget to entertain strangers for by so doing some people had encountered angels without knowing it”. (Hebrews 13.2)

Now the next question is how we tell good angels from fallen angels. Our plane of existence is closer to the chaotic vibrations and spiritual realities of the fallen angels than it is to the higher vibrations necessary to reach the angels of God. A test of a spiritual being that appears to you might be the following.

Did the being appear to tell you that you are a chosen person from a special group of evolved humans? An angel would never try to cause someone to have an inflated ego. It would never appear and just say something like that without having a request to aid God to help you.

Does the being encourage you to pray to it or worship it? A real angel will tell you to worship God that he is only a messenger. A real angel would also never ask you to bow down to it or praise it.

Does the being promise to reward you with material wealth in exchange for your devotion? Angels again would not do this. They do not exchange favors.

Does it perform apparent miracles for your benefit? An angel appears when it is needed. It has no need to show off and never stays for thank you or praise. You can call upon angels to help but an angel will never appear in such a way where you are put in its debt. Any debt would be a debt to God.

Does it issue short-term prophecies that come true? Angels again do not come except when we need them. They do not appear just to tell us something to make them appear all knowing. We can ask questions but they do not volunteer the information.

Does the spirit bring revelations that upon scrutiny are filled with half-truths, lies, and bigotry? It shows that the spirit is not an angel again by its own actions.

It has bothered me a great deal over recent years to hear of people assigning each other guardian angels. Angels come at the behest of God to aid someone. People have angels around them all of the time. They do not need to be assigned them. The people do need to invite the angels into their lives.

It is also a test of how people are influenced or possessed by negative spirits or fallen angels. The person in some way invites them into their life. It is wise to put aside all egoistic feelings and patterns of behavior, hatred, anger and negative emotions before you meditate. If you would like to see a real angel those are not the emotions to use to call one and your need must be apparent. A prayer before meditating also helps to bring the good influences into your space.

I wish to thank the Authors and Beliefnet for the Big Book of Angels and the lists I was able to use from their book as a reference. I know that it helps to show how God no matter by what name he is called exists for all of us. It also shows it is not just the phenomenon of one religion but of all humankind.


“The Big Book of Angels by the editors of Beliefnet”, ISBN 1-57954-654-4.

Author Bio :
I am an astral healer, spriitual consultant, remove spirits, and a magician for 38 years. I am also an Interfaith minister. I am an author and my book is on Amazon and at My blog is at

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