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Whiffers™.... A New Craze Sweeping the Country!

{written by : Peggy Carey}

Article word count : 909 -- Article Id : 1182
Article active date : 2008-12-04 -- Article views : 7667

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Article is about :
From New York to Florida, and from California to Maryland people of all ages are wearing a vented wood cylinder filled with essential oils, healthy plant substances that indulge their senses. The strategically placed vents release a continuous flow of the oil molecules from the cotton wick..

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From New York to Florida, and from California to Maryland people of all ages are wearing a vented wood cylinder filled with essential oils, healthy plant substances that indulge their senses. The strategically placed vents release a continuous flow of the oil molecules from the cotton wick, but wearers are often seen taking “a hit” by bringing the pendant up to the nose for a whiff. The threaded screw cap gives easy access for filling or changing the wick for added variety and convenience. Pure oils which are the blood and the life force energy of plants can be mood enhancing, consciousness expanding, and mind stimulating. “Whiffing” oils is the “feel good” practice of the day and even Shrek in a recent movie was teased about his use of frankincense and myrrh.

Not only are Whiffers™ useful, they are very striking because they are hand turned from beautiful exotic and domestic hardwoods such as Holy Land olive wood, 50,000 year old Ancient Kauri wood, and woods that range from creamy white, honey blonde, orange, red, purple and black. Wearers are choosing the woods because of the color, energetic properties, or because of some special affinity with the characteristics of the tree or associated legends and traditional uses.

Whiffers™ are reminiscent of vinaigrettes, small containers worn by high society European women during the late 18th to the late 19th century. Vinaigrettes contained a sponge soaked with lavender or other aromatic substances to cover unpleasant smells encountered in the streets during those times.

It is believed that the Egyptians were the first to discover the benefits of aromatic oils and particular oil blends. According to ancient text, oils were used for every condition from gout to a “broken head” referring to mental illness. Fragrance “cones” made of wax or animal fat and fragrant essential oils were worn by aristocratic Egyptian women who were bathed in the pungent scents as the cones melted from the North African heat. They also carried around alabaster bowls full of oils.

Modern day essential oil users are experiencing the same benefits by wearing a Whiffer™ aroma pendant containing their favorite aromatic remedy around their neck or pinned on a lapel. It is aromatherapy on the go, anytime....anywhere! Users say the Whiffer™ is a great way to experience the benefits of plant remedies since it serves as a hands-free personal diffuser.


Experts tell us that the body’s response time to the inhalation of essential oils can be as quick as one to three seconds. This is one of the reasons many people prefer this method of application. Oil inhalation tends to increase the production of endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers and mood elevators), as well as neurotransmitters and antibodies. This dramatically boosts the immune system, creating an overall sense of well-being (either relaxation or stimulation, depending on the oil) and increasing the general state of health of the entire body.

Oils also inhibit the growth and reproduction of airborne pathogens which can dramatically reduce the user’s exposure to colds or flu. Studies show that cinnamon, pine, thyme, and lemon oils have powerful effects on influenza viruses. Inhaling lavender oil can knock out a sinus headache within 60 to 90 seconds. Smelling the oil of eucalyptus for several minutes helps open clogged nasal passages and clear up sinus congestion. While smelling the oil of peppermint will usually eliminate acid indigestion or heartburn.

Whiffer™ wearers receive the benefit of powerful anti-pathogenic, immune-boosting, cell-nourishing, body-oxygenating and health-enhancing properties of the oils. They are surrounded by a cloud of aromatic goodness everywhere they go.

Research has shown that the effect of fragrance and aromatic compounds on the sense of smell can exert strong effects on the brain....especially the hypothalamus (the hormone command center of the body) and limbic system (the seat of emotions, memory, and sex drive). Some essential oils high in sesquiterpenes, such as myrrh, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, melissa, and frankincense can dramatically increase oxygenation and activity in the brain. This may directly improve the functions of many systems of the body.

In many situations inhalation of essential oils is the preferred application if the goal is to increase growth hormone secretion, induce weight loss, increase libido, or balance mood and emotions. Sandalwood, peppermint, vetiver, lavender, ylang ylang, and white fir are extremely effective when inhaled.

Peggy Carey, a native of Culpeper, Virginia, and designer of the Whiffer™ says that her life has become quite hectic since introducing the Whiffer™ in October of 2006. “People interested in self-improvement and solutions to personal problems are contacting me for the right combination of oils and wood to make a Whiffer™ to help find a soulmate, enhance meditation, improve concentration, chase the blues, and get rid of a host of physical symptoms,” says Carey, also known as the Zest Lady. Her husband, Ron hand makes each one in the small mountain town in West Virginia where they moved in 2003 to get away from the hustle bustle of traffic snarled city life of Northern Virginia.

Now that the oil benefit secret is out, it is easy to see why the Whiffer™ craze has taken off like gang busters. The next time you see someone walking around with a colorful wood pendant around his or her neck, don’t ask, “Does it connect you to the Mother Ship?” Ask, “What’s in YOUR Whiffer™”? Maybe he or she will share the delightful scent and give you a whiff.

Author Bio :
Peggy Carey, The "Zest Lady" is a Wellness Coach, author, and designer of Zest Lady Aroma Pendants T. Peggy acquired the name "Zest Lady" because of her ageless and youthful living advice through her articles such as Pursuing Postmenopausal Zest. You can learn more about healing, the secret to longevity and being ageless, achieving optimum health and success, and Peggy's abundance manifesting and wellness tools at Her aromatherapy pendant can be purchased at

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