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The Mountain of Awareness

{written by : J.M.Harrison}

Article word count : 1972 -- Article Id : 1236
Article active date : 2008-12-04 -- Article views : 5762

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Article is about :
Article on the awareness of self-realisation, nonduality, oneness, enlightement etc

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Looking at the wide variety of religions, philosophies and belief systems in existence, it is sometimes difficult to perceive a connection between them all, and yet understanding the existence of the interconnecting perennial truths is an integral part of the human evolutionary process. For realising harmony within also means realising harmony outside of ourselves.

The process of life, all life, is an awakening journey to reveal the reality of what we truly are. Imagine that path of awareness that we call life as being a mountain that we climb over a period of time. At the top of the mountain is a bright beacon of golden light, the Source of All Being, the Godhead. Some examples of the natural qualities radiating from that source would be unconditional love, truth, forgiveness, equality, wisdom, humility and a propensity to share.

In this way we can see that what was revealed by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Jesus or Mohammed is relative to where they were stood upon the mountain. To what altitude or frequency they became settled or attuned with, and then subsequently able to explain to others. For instance, standing at the bottom of the valley, one’s view of the summit would exist, but would not be as clear as the view of someone stood half way up the mountain; for the greater the distance between the person and the Source - the greater potential for distortion and mistaken interpretations. The closer to the zenith, the purer or less distorted the message and the greater the clarity and transformational qualities of the message.

Nevertheless, they all carried a sense of significance according to their understanding, which was very often coloured by their own cultural roots. Tuning in to a higher frequency they accessed a transcending consciousness that they translated according to their position on the mountain. The explanations that they gave for the way in which they received that information were varied, but the underlying source of the intelligence that provided them was the same. This is why no religion holds the absolute truth, for they are separate according to factors such as their era, their geography, and the ability of the messenger in delivering the understanding. The more involved the mind of the individual in receiving and delivering the insights, the more contaminated the message.

On such a mountain there could be no such thing as the dual concept of enlightenment, for everyone in the valley or upon the mountainside would be able to see the light, so everyone would be ‘enlightened’ to some degree. Whether they chose to turn away or to seek the light further would be their own decision.

Of course everybody would have originated from that light in the first place, because it is the Source of All Being, so we would simply have to awaken to the memory of it, and in doing so continue our path up the mountain. The closer you were to the light, the more warmth you would feel and the greater effect it would have upon you.

On any particular day, according to the weather conditions, magnificent glimpses could occur for anybody. And still the choice to climb or to stay where we are would remain one of our own freewill. The light would remain unchanged through the passing of time. But if the mountain symbolises the path of life, then what controls the weather conditions that can hinder or help our view? How we think, speak and act determines the individual possibility of sensing that light from absolutely anywhere. We may not be able to see and feel that light for long undisturbed periods of time, but we can all experience it’s reality from wherever we are today.

If you are stood within a busy hustling crowd then you maybe allowing your view to be restricted by the actions or movements of others. So giving yourself a little space will help you gain a better view and then you will not to have to rely on the experiences of others, or the hearsay of the crowd around you. A crowd may gather anywhere on the mountain, and could create separation if the focus of that group became itself, thereby making the experience of the light of a secondary importance. The Source at the top would instinctively know that all being was one. That there was only one reality and one truth and that each group or individual was interpreting their own separate understanding.

So if you find your view blocked by your thoughts, words and deeds or the actions of those around you, then in order to get a glimpse of the light, you will need to climb up on a rock or a tree – or get a piggy back – to find an unobstructed view. Sometimes the mystery of life will create the possibility, appearing as if by chance. From the varied experiences that we encounter on the path of life we will undoubtedly come across ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ experiences, but all experiences ‘good’ or ‘bad’ serve to provide us with an opportunity to see the light.

If we were stood close to the light, we would see that all life was a part of a whole. That each individual was a perfect and necessary example of what constitutes human existence. But there would come times when we would also be able to choose to move en mass, to consciously evolve as a race.

We tend to see our state of existence as one that still has the mountain to climb – but what if our true state of being was embracing the golden light – that once we stilled our minds our most natural state was to recognise and realise that sacred essence? Well, then religion as we know it today would begin to fade and a new framework for life as we know it would begin.

What would be revealed would be a holistic system for life, aware of the old damaging authoritarian structures and boosted by a new openness to allow challenge, suggestion and the equal participation of all. No opinion could be held above another until it was accepted and experienced by the consensus of the whole; taking the perennial truths to expose the reality of human beingness. This would be a spiritual democracy – a developing structure based on the human experience of both past and present.

Those times would mark the last days of religion, the growing up of humanity; the time when we would need to take the responsibility for our actions to provide a better and more natural way of living life, beginning with developing an inclusive view of all faiths. Using the example of the mountain, we can see that each one of us, including the founders of all faiths, have an individual awareness of what constitutes the fullness of reality. These are all reflections and interpretations of a greater whole. Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Lao Tzu and Guru Nanak, Zoroaster and others all had differing ways of telling the same story – because it came from a unique position, realised by unique footsteps up the mountainside. They were born in different places, cultures, religions and into the varying social strata of society, and yet they all provide the same clues at the heart of their teachings.

So what can we pull together from all these teachings? When we remove the factors and details that create an identity of belonging to any separate group, we are left with the following conclusions:

* Physical existence is only one plain of reality; non-physical realities exist.

* The material world is a partial reflection of reality, but another fuller consciousness exists because human experience provides proof of it.

* Physical existence in the form of the body is subject to physical laws of decay.

* The spiritual aspect of our existence is not subject to decay, but to eternal spiritual laws.

* That ALL humans have a capacity, to discern the nature of reality and the ultimate truth. That seeking these is the purpose of our existence.

* All religions have an Absolute principle, either named or formless, a God or a state, from which all existence originated, and to which all existence will eventually return – the cycle of life.

What is also clear is that the higher that people managed to climb up the mountain of awareness, the greater their absorption and reflection of the ultimate truth. These spiritual explorers all revealed clues to human potential. We are now in an age where exploring the spiritual potential of man is not restricted to one person or elite group, but is able to be undertaken and shared by all.

We have been indoctrinated with dualistic and authoritarian terms like ‘enlightenment’, ‘the unique son of God’, the last this, or the first that. Any experiential consciousness perceived by a human being, under the right conditions should be able to be glimpsed and utilised by other human beings. Therefore what these messengers who came before us provided was the opportunity to perceive the existence of a common bonding spirit or state of being, but also that our true selves, our most natural undeterred state is a reflection of God in action. We are not God, and yet we are all a part of that one underlying intelligence. This is the paradox of life as a human being. We are animal, we are minds of memory, intellect and emotion, but we are also spirit. The wonder of human existence is such that we can in our lifetimes gain an understanding of what we truly are. We are at a point in human evolution when we can observe the multi layered aspects of our beings; we can become conscious of being conscious, and therefore realise that we are not just the outward mind focussed on the physical world, but an intuitive being able to awaken to our spiritual identity.

In another way, we can see ourselves to be atoms of God experiencing and sharing the fullness of existence. The more time we allow ourselves to contemplate and explore the possibility of reaching the top of the mountain, the greater ground we will cover in our journey returning back home to the Light, the Godhead, The Source of All Being.

Religion has played a defining role in the structure of society, but today we need to redefine and evolve those teachings, to look at the deeper truths that lie within all faiths. In this way humanity will be able to walk towards the path of unification.

Each one of us has an inner knowing that life is essentially good, that the highest potential reality we can perceive is one where love, peace and harmony are present. For humankind, life has no greater gift than to be at one with ourselves and others, our surroundings, and to experience the reality that we are all one. This ‘Heaven on Earth’ is not some childlike optimism or unreachable ideal of a dreamer, but the very essence and heart of what we are. We have all experienced this state of being at some point in our lives, which is why we recognise it as being real. That sense of connection may have lasted a split second or for some sustained period of time, but the record of the experience is already there. We only need to remember, and yet this remembrance is the easiest and most courageous thing any human can do. To remember the truth of where we came from and the oneness that exists with each other. It takes courage, compassion and an unwavering trust.

* The sunflower grows from a small dry seed - eventually opening it"s beautiful head to the natural cycle of following the sun - so likewise trust in yourself - and the divine destiny we are all here to live will be awakened.

J.M.Harrison © 2008

Author Bio :
J.M.Harrison describes himself as "A nobody who knows nothing and is happy to share THIS with everyone."

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