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Where There is Light

{written by : Patrica Cori}

Article word count : 542 -- Article Id : 1429
Article active date : 2009-01-17 -- Article views : 2206

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Article is about :
Here we are ­ another year closes, another year opens and everywhere, our opportunities to co-create reality beckon to be brought to manifestation.

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Here we are ­ another year closes, another year opens and everywhere, our opportunities to co-create reality beckon to be brought to manifestation.

No doubt, there is untold chaos in our world ­ we are all-too-familiar with the rattling of sabres and the violence wars. Yet, as we gaze upon the horizon of human expression, we observe an incredible landscape of awakening souls, rising from the opium fields and standing for beauty, truth and the loving way. The brilliance of the human spirit shines everywhere around us ­ through the shadows, through the dust, through the darkness itself.

It is simply a breathtaking thing to behold. Do you see what I see?

My life work as a healer and dedicated scribe to the Speakers of the Sirian High Council has brought me to the far corners of our glorious Planet Earth, assimilating the Earth Codes and learning the mysteries of the Ancients ­ barely scratching the surface of the deep fabric of our history and the mysteries of the Universe. Everywhere I have found the vestiges of the struggle of darkness and light, where man and deity have written the course of humankind upon the sands of time. We have triumphed ­ we have survived. We have been born again, born a-new. We have risen from the ashes, just as we rising now ­ soaring above the clouds ŠknowingŠsureŠ God IS.

ŒThere is order in chaos¹, say the Speakers. The divine imprint is laced throughout the most inconsonant layers of reality, just as the light of Spirit penetrates even the darkest corners of the Cosmos of Soul.

Now is a time to shake off all residual fear and the doubt that has been strewn in our path, inebriating many who have lost the way. It is a time to stand in our truth, perhaps as we never have before, and to call upon all others to stand in theirs, so that together we can raise the consciousness of the group soul ­ bringing healing, bringing forgiveness, bringing illumination to the living of our world.

We are the caretakers of Gaia, each with an assignment ­ each with a key Š and it is our unity and voice that will bring our Earth back to Center, where the pendulum no longer swings its fury back and forth, holding us in the duality. We have a mission, we have a calling. Let us raise the flame!

Our mutating consciousness is crystallizing within us, at the cellular level, as our complex DNA filaments re-weave the light-coded strands of extradimensional intelligence. We are in the light, we are the light Š moving rapidly towards the New Dawn of civilization.

Where there is light, there is nothing to fear.
Only the wonder of a not-so-distant horizon, where harmony has been restored, is the reality Š and it is there that we are headed.
Dear ones, be at peace ­ yet fully consciousness, contributing what you can to the human experience and breathing life back into Gaia.
Ours is a beautiful world
Seek love, light and the greatness of humanity and you will find the beauty everywhere around you.
I, for one, will not be dragged into the valley of despair and powerlessness.
Will you join me?
Let us stand tall upon the mountaintop,
blowing the dark clouds away.

Author Bio :
Patrica Cori's books and CD, The Sirian Revelations, have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind. They have been re-released to a vast international audience this year by North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution and are also available in several foreign language editions. With her latest project, Where Pharaohs Dwell, Patricia delves into the secrets of immortality and our stellar origins through her beloved Egyptian landscape, exploring the magic of the ancients. The book is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009.

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