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Auras and Chakras

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1129 -- Article Id : 1442
Article active date : 2009-01-20 -- Article views : 12776

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Article is about :
Auras and Chakras are part of the energy systems which create our physical bodies.

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WHAT ARE AURAS & CHAKRAS? - Auras and Chakras are part of the energy systems which create our physical bodies.

When we are in good health our auras and chakras are clear and our energy flows naturally. When our energy flows are disrupted we may experience problems that may manifest as various types of illnesses, such as sickness, anger or fear.

Cleansing your auras and chakras helps restore balance to your energy systems and enables you to fully energize yourself.

By energizing each of your seven chakras to its fullest extent you may realize your own divine nature and achieve the epitome of your potentials in this incarnation.

Once you have learned to cleanse your auras and chakras it takes only a few moments of regular meditation to keep them clear and working well.

Cleansing your auras and chakras begins with visualization.

As you learn to visualize your chakras and auras you will begin to clean them, you will make them stronger and healthier. As your chakras and auras become cleaner they will naturally allow more energy to flow through you.

The strong flow of energy which results awakens your highest consiousness.


CROWN CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center of your divine awareness. Activating this chakra awakens your awareness of your divinity and your intimate connection with all of creation.

BROW CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center of your perceptions, your awareness of the mundane and spiritual worlds around you. Activating this chakra facilitates your insight and ESP abilities.

THROAT CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center for your self-expression, it includes a template for your perfect state of health. Activating this chakra enables you to communicate more clearly and to begin healing your life physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

HEART CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center for your empathy and compassion. Activating this chakra opens a channel for your healing energies which you may apply to heal yourself and others.

MIND CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center of your mind and your concepts of who you are. Activating this chakra helps you to know yourself and to learn and grow intellectually.

SACRAL CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center of your emotions, sensuality, sexuality and creativity. Activating this chakra assists in balancing your emotional feelings and helps you express yourself intimately, sexually and creatively.

ROOT CHAKRA – This chakra is the energy center of your physical being. Activating this chakra strengthens you by distributing more energy to your physical body and through all of your chakras.

DESCRIPTIONS OF AURAS - Each of the seven auras corresponds to one of the seven chakras, Each aura may be visualized like an eggshell, surrounding your head and torso, or they may be visualized like layers of clothes covering your entire body.

Your first aura, the aura closest to your physical body corresponds with your Root Chakra it is predominately RED. This aura helps maintain your physical vitality.

Your second Aura corresponds with your Sacral Chakra; its color is predominately ORANGE. This aura helps maintain your emotions, sensuality and intimacy.

Your third aura corresponds with your Mind Chakra, it is predominately YELLOW. This aura helps maintain your sense of your identity and your intellectual growth.

Your fourth aura corresponds with your Heart Chakra, it is predominately GREEN. This aura helps maintain your compassion and your abilities to heal.

Your fifth aura corresponds with your Throat Chakra, it is predominately BLUE. This aura maintains your abilities to express yourself; it contains a perfect template for your ideal state of being.

Your sixth aura corresponds with your Brow Chakra, it is predominately PURPLE. This aura helps maintain your physical and extra-sensory perceptions.

Your seventh aura corresponds with your Crown Chakra, it is predominately CLEAR or white with a pinkish-purplish tinge. This aura maintains your awareness of your own divinity and your connectedness with all of creation.

CLEANSING - Cleansing your auras and chakras is a relatively easy matter once you get the hang of it. You cleanse your auras and chakras through a process of visualization.

Visualization of your auras and chakras should begin very simply. There are many different references that give conflicting descriptions of how the auras and chakras should appear; therefore we recommend beginning with very basic visualizations.

Later you may find that one or another of the more detailed descriptions works best for you, or you will begin to get clear visions of your own auras and chakras to guide you in your cleansing work.

Visualize your auras as shells surrounding your body. The colors overlap confusingly, but along the edges the colors of each shell are strongest and the result is that you appear to be surrounded by an egg-shaped rainbow halo, with red being closest to your physical body and ultra violet or clear being furthest away.

Visualize your chakras as spheres aligned vertically and centrally near your spine.

Visualize these colored spheres and shells with the purest colors possible. If you see spots or blemishes or other colors in any of your chakras or auras then clear them away so that only the pure color remains.

Your chakras and auras will respond to your visualizations by becoming clearer and stronger so that each of them becomes more closely attuned to their specific natural energy levels.

The clearer your chakras and auras become the stronger your energy flows

ENERGIZING - Cleansing your auras and chakras gives you more energy. This energy can be guided to make it even stronger.

Connecting yourself with various levels of creation as you energize your chakras and auras activates a powerful energy circuit that ignites your divine consciousness.

Direct each level of energy into its related chakra; allow the energy in that chakra to suffuse the corresponding aura.

Visualize roots growing down from your root chakra into the earth. These roots draw powerful red energy from the earth up into your root chakra.

Visualize your roots growing down through the center of the earth and from there to the center of the sun. Draw the orange solar energy up into your sacral chakra.

Visualize your roots passing through the sun into the heart of our galaxy; draw the yellow energy up into your mind chakra.

Visualize your roots passing into the local galactic cluster. Draw the green energy up into your heart chakra.

Visualize your roots passing into the super galactic cluster. Draw the blue energy up into your throat chakra.

Visualize your roots passing into the heart of the universe. Draw the purple energy up into your brow chakra.

Visualize your roots passing into the source of creation. Draw the clear-white energy up into your crown chakra.

You may feel your crown chakra energizing as the circuit is completed. It feels tingly; it awakens your divine being.

Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is a member of Gharveyn, a collective of people sharing one body. Gharveyn's members have many different skills and personalities. We tell many strange tales regarding our spiritual journeys. Greg is our best writer.Our experience includes working as a psychic reader. We teach Metaphysics & Parapsychology, Sociology, Psychology, Tarot and Alchemy, and more… Our Spiritual Counseling work specializes in helping people disoriented by Spiritual Awakenings. We promote Love, Peace, Compassion and Nurture. Namaste, Blog:, Home:

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