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Prove it

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Article word count : 795 -- Article Id : 1484
Article active date : 2009-01-30 -- Article views : 5997

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Article is about :
Now please do not misunderstand me as saying that your beliefs are not true. What I am asking, is “ARE YOU SURE?” and “WHY?” and “HOW DO YOU KNOW?”. These questions being tantamount to your further spiritual development.

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So you’ve decided not the be an ant anymore.  Yep you have decided to start taking control of your life, and chase spiritual enlightenment. Whatever that might mean…

Now you having decided, is absolutely fantastic, but so often we decide to change our life, and then we start bumping and bashing around.  Not really having any clue what we are doing.  And not having any real guidance is usually the norm. The sad result, we just end up falling back into our old antlike habits.

And as it turns out, unfortunately making that first choice, is the easy part.  The next step is for most extremely challenging, and so this step need to be treated with the utmost respect.  It is also very important that you follow through with this step as this is likely to prove the foundation builder of all your future spiritual studies.

It is the step of “questioning

It is more often than not the case that we are brought up in ways that establish certain beliefs, and sometimes even belief systems , or structures, in our minds.  Certain ways of acting and living life are impressed upon us by our parents and caregivers.  And at least for some part, this is not a bad thing, since this enables us to function “normally” in our societies, as they have been established over the time of their existences. 

Not too surprising here is also the fact that even when we enter the youthful rebellion stage of our lives, little is usually done for unsettling these structures of belief. 

Now please do not misunderstand me as saying that your beliefs are not true.  What I am asking, is “ARE YOU SURE?”  and “WHY?” and “HOW DO YOU KNOW?”.  These questions being tantamount to your further spiritual development. 

When all is said and done, the point of all of this is not to change your beliefs, or even establish certain beliefs within you.  That was your parents’ job.  The point is that you establish whether these structures and beliefs are in fact truly YOUR beliefs.  “YOUR” being the operative word here.  And this is where the cages usually start to rattle. 

In fact, I am almost certain that you will discover that, most of your belief structures are beliefs that have been passed to you by the authority figures in your life.  And you never really had an opportunity to truly evaluate the validity of these systems for yourself. 

So with this I am really just saying this.  By choosing to abandon your antlife, and taking control of your life, you have to take control over your mind.  In order to do so, you might have to re evaluate every single thing that you have learnt throughout your life.  Make sure that it is yours.  Make sure if it is not that, you abandon it, or CHOOSE to keep it.  (Again “CHOOSE”)

And if this makes you feel a little (or a lot) uncomfortable, know that you are already stirring your spiritual foundations.  A good thing I might add…

So here are my suggestions. 

Question everything, both old and new.  Question it until you are certain that you can accept it as truth.  Even question your answers to your own questions. Over and over and over

And remember this very important thing. Exercise your right, for it is and must always be, YOUR CHOICE

To help you along a little, here are a few of the questions that were helpful to me in my journey.  And that should help to increase your awareness.  You can use these, or others, towards your spiritual reconstruction :

And do remember at least this when you ask these questions.

Faith” is just another word for “control”.  And not your control over, but control by those who invented, and propagates, the beliefs.

·                    Where did this come from? Me or someone else?

·                    Why do I think this?

·                    Why do I think this way?

·                    Is this really true for me?

·                    Does this seem logical to me?

·                    Is this something that I truly believe, or is this an implanted belief?

·                    Why do I believe this?

·                    Prove it…

·                    Is this an assumption or a reality?

·                    Is this something I want to believe? And if so Why?

·                    Are the boundaries, and restrictions of this belief acceptable to me?

·                    Do I want my life to be lived within the confines of this structure?

·                    How can I change my belief structure?

·                    Do I want to change this?

·                    How do I know that this is true?

·                    If I accept this belief, who is in control of me and my mind?

And remember if this process feels a little uncomfortable, it is supposed to.  If you are not feeling uncomfortable, then you have changed nothing.  And antlife simply continues….

Author Bio :
Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master with a passion for learning, and teaching. Pieter has established site called Esoteric Library which is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the totally free distribution of the same, to anyone with an interest in topics of an Esoteric Nature. Pieter is also the founder of The Order of Perfect. which seeks to pursue objectives of spiritual growth and enlightenment, whatever this may mean.

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