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The Final Phase Is NOW

{written by : C.N. KOR RODGERS}

Article word count : 318 -- Article Id : 1501
Article active date : 2009-02-02 -- Article views : 9752

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Article is about :
A channeled message from the Council Twelve through C.N. KOR RODGERS the official channel of this LIGHT Group.

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The Final Phase Is NOW
The Council Twelve
Channel: KOR (C.N. RODGERS)

July 12, 2008

We are here and we bring you much LIGHT, Love and Energy.

We speak with and through the channel to bring you some information as to the process you are NOW into and what steps can be made by each of you at this crucial time for the advancement of your sphere of residence.

Each of you have a certain LIGHT quotient, and that depends on your personal process which includes your life path, missions and past-life preparedness.

This time NOW is for you to increase your LIGHT quotient by the means of additional awareness and focus on the NOW with care and intention.

You have been vigilant, however we suggest you devote your fullest attention to be MINDful of each NOW moment.

Make it your total process.

There is no longer time to be laid back in your efforts.

We speak these words with love and with energy coded within the words to awaken any last visages of your BEing that may still be dazed by the 3D experience.

To increase the LIGHT can be further accomplished by meditation, spiritual practices, communing with nature, to name a few possibilities.

Let your Consciousness lead you to your best serving process in this journey.

The LIGHT-Tone is needed to be sounded more clearly.
As this tone is grounded and set firmly, so shall others follow the LIGHT.

Many of LIGHT BEings are assisting you in greater numbers NOW and we encourage you to open to that "tone" and vibrate the "LIGHT-Tone" as you would if you had heard a melody withIN and started humming the melody for others to share in the beautiful tones and notes you are hearing.

Blessings of LIGHT be always upon your path.

We leave you with the energy of this message and yet we stay with you always in ONEness.

Author Bio :
C.N. RODGERS (KOR) is a ninth level walk-in residing withIN the physical body of C.N. RODGERS. C.N. KOR RODGERS is a Healing Channel and Spiritual Counselor. You are invited to check out his official site for further information.

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2012-The Council Twelve

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