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Mary Jane's Dead Ex-Husband Just Won't Leave

{written by : Martha Jette}

Article word count : 2253 -- Article Id : 1503
Article active date : 2009-02-02 -- Article views : 15465

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Article is about :
What do you do when your ex-husband dies but still wants to be an active part of your life? Mary Jane found out just how difficult and even disturbing that can be.

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"I saw daddy last night, mommy!" the excited four-year-old exclaimed. "He was sitting on the end of my bed."

Oh, that"s just not possible," Mary Jane replied. "Daddy"s gone."

"But mommy, daddy was dressed in a blue suit. He had a white shirt on, a stripped tie and had no shoes!"

Mary Jane nearly passed out. "It couldn"t be! Randy was dressed just like that in his coffin, but Ashley never saw that!"

None of the children were allowed at the funeral after the accident. It was terrible. Mary Jane recalled how she and Randy had gotten into his car thinking it was just another day in Beechview, Pittsburgh. When it was over, Randy was dead and she was suffering immeasurable pain in the hospital.

After two weeks she came home, but life would never be the same for Mary Jane and her three children. That first night in February 1993 mom came to help out, as Ashley was 4, Nicole a year and a half and Randy Jr. just 4 months old. It took three long months of rehabilitation for Mary Jane to mend physically, mentally and spiritually.

By April, she started to feel more like her old self, though just getting through each day was still a challenge. Snuggling into bed one night, Mary Jane savored the thought of sleeping away the dark memories of that fateful day. But it wasn"t to be! As she pulled the blanket over her shoulder, she heard a loud thumping outside her bedroom door. Then – thump, thump, thump – the footsteps entered her room! Trying to remain rational, she assumed it was just her mom coming to check on her, so she turned over and tried to sleep. Again – thump, thump, thump. This time, the footsteps stopped right beside her bed!

An icy cold chill raced through her and she froze, too terrified to turn over or move at all. Finally, she managed to scream out to her mom, who came running up to see what was wrong. Mom found no one else in the room and was more than a little reluctant to believe the story Mary Jane related through her hysteria and tears.

Only weeks after that, her mother decided it was time for her to go home. Little did either of them realize that someone else, not of this world, would soon arrive to take her place. First, there was little Ashley"s story. What was she to think? Even Mary Jane had not been to the funeral, as she was still in the hospital. It was her mother who related all the details of that day and what Randy Sr. was wearing.

"Oh well," she thought. "I have to get on with life now."

And that she did. Just a month later, she met a man who would become a very important person in her life and that of her children. One night after David had brought her home from a date, Mary Jane decided to relax in the living room and watch television.

Once the news was over, she arose and walked to the dining room. To her utter amazement, all of the chairs had been pulled out from the dining table. Thinking that it may have been the kids, she carefully moved them all back into their proper position and returned to the living room. A short time later, she headed toward the dining room again. She couldn"t believe it! Those darn chairs were pulled out again!

"This happened every time I had a date with David," said Mary Jane.

Then one night, she really got a shock. David had decided to stay the night and about 2 a.m., she heard Nicole crying. She got up immediately and went to her room across the hall.

"My dead husband was standing over her crib!"

Scared To Death!

Randy Sr. just stood there and glared at her. Scared to death, she screamed for David. They both stared in awe, until the wispy figure faded out of sight. Needless to say, Mary Jane moved all of the children into her room and the former kids" rooms were never used again. But this was not enough to stop the ghostly visits and she finally decided it was time to move on. Hoping she could leave the past and Randy Sr. behind, Mary Jane moved her family to a new home in Arlington Heights. However, her dead husband had no intention of being left behind and it wasn"t long before he appeared again. He also made himself known by slamming doors, and turning the lights and television on and off. There were also incredibly cold spots in the house.

"Thank goodness there were other people present at the time of the occurrences or I would have thought I was going crazy!"

At the suggestion of her sister, Mary Jane tried "smudging" her home to clear out any spirits. Smudging is an old Indian ritual whereby a smudge is lit up until it turns red. The flame is then blown out and the smoking smudge is walked through each room in the home, while reciting prayers. The smoke is also inhaled to purify the body from evil and spirit entities. But nothing seemed to stop Randy Sr. and after just one month, Mary Jane decided to return to Beechview.

At first all seemed quiet, but the peace would not last. Within two months, strange things started to happen again. But this time, her husband knocked on walls in the bedrooms, the doorbell (which wasn"t working) rang every now and then, and the cold spots returned. Pictures were found face down, cupboard doors were left open and the dining room chairs were up to their old tricks. The 29-year-old was pregnant with her fourth child and was simply in no mood for such goings on. She was also in no condition to move again, but the children were so frightened, she knew she had no choice. So Mary Jane, David and the kids moved back to another house in Arlington Heights.

For a full year, life seemed grand. There were no more visits from Randy Sr. and the children just loved their big, beautiful back yard. Though the house was rather small, they managed to make room for all of them and things couldn"t have been better, until……..he came back!

"In October 1995, we returned from a trip that we had taken to Kansas. David"s son (from a previous marriage) came back to Pittsburgh to live with us. After about a month, the activity started up again. Now, with five people under the same roof, hearing and seeing the same things, I know that I wasn"t crazy!"

Mary Jane said the activity began slowly, with doors being shut and the television turning on, and with each new month, the presence of Randy Sr. became more prevalent.
Ghost Of Boy

As if this lingering spirit were not enough, the family soon realized that their new home harbored a ghost of its own. One day, while Mary Jane was upstairs, she saw a little boy running along the hallway. She saw him scamper from her bedroom, out into the hall and into the bathroom. At first, she thought it was Randy Jr. playing hide-and-seek, but when she called to him, he didn"t answer. She then called for David to come and check out the bathroom, but he found no one was in there!

On another occasion, Mary Jane noticed that the door to her room had been closed and the television was on. She opened the door, turned off the set and left for the bathroom. When she returned, the door was closed and the television was on again. She knew it wasn"t one of her children, as they were all asleep.

"I was so spooked by this that I didn"t want to sleep in the room anymore. So I send David up to get the blankets and pillows. Well, when he went up, the door was closed again and the TV was on!"

That was the last time either of them slept in that room.

Ashley, who had been growing by leaps and bounds, now shared a room with Nicole in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Mary Jane said she constantly spoke about a little boy, who stood at the foot of her bed in the middle of the night just staring at her. He was dressed in knickers, white socks to the knees and a white shirt with suspenders.

"All he kept repeating to her was, "Mommy, were are you? I can"t find you!"

Needless to say, Ashley soon joined them to sleep in the living room too. One night when Ashley had a young friend stay over, they decided to try sleeping in mom"s now vacant room. About 4 a.m., they left the room to get a drink and left a tape recorder running to capture any otherworldly sounds while they were gone. When they returned, the recorder had stopped. When they played it back, they heard the same boy calling for his mother.
"Her girlfriend no longer talks to Ashley. The incident frightened her so that she didn"t want any part of her or the house."

Mary Jane also heard the little boy one time when she was in the kitchen. She again thought it was her son, but turned to find no one there. Even guests who visited the family were taken aback by the little boy"s cries.

"We have had many guests in the house and once they have spent one night, they never even come back to visit! They call us in the morning recounting their story of how the little boy at the end of the hallway calling for his mother had unnerved them."

But the family soon discovered that there were other spirits living with them. One morning her daughter Nicole, who was still small, went down to the kitchen to get a drink. She told Mary Jane that she saw a woman dressed in white smiling at her. Nicole was so frightened that she tore out of the room and ran in to sleep with the others who had taken to sleeping in the living room.

One early morning as the family was still gathered down stairs, they heard a man"s voice holler "Good Morning" over the banister. They all looked at each other with amazement. On other occasions the doorbell, which had been fixed would ring, but Mary Jane could see out the window that no one was there. Over time, she said strange things happened every day and she was really fed up.

"I called a priest at St. John Vianny Parish and told him of my problems with the house. He agreed to come by and bless it."

After blessing each room with Holy Water, the priest then did the same to each family member. He told them "things should quiet down." For some reason, the priest forgot to bless the basement, which was the one place that Mary Jane feared the most.

Whenever she went down there, she felt a presence that was pure evil and most threatening.

"I know that sounds strange, but it has been felt by others living in the house. I could only go so far into the basement without a total feeling of terror."

For about a month, the blessing on the house seemed to work, but then the paranormal activity worsened.

"We could hear loud crashes and when we would go to investigate, nothing could be found. We would hear loud, guttural growling. Let me assure you. It was not of this earth!"

In 2001, the family purchased a new home in Mt. Oliver. They had decided to rent out the haunted house, just to see what would happen.

"The tenant called me within a month of living there and had asked me if the house was haunted. I asked her why and she said that she kept hearing a little boy calling his mother."

The woman also told Mary Jane that every time she tried to enter the basement, she was overcome with terror and could not descend the steps. This confirmed that the house was indeed, haunted! Shortly afterward, the woman called again to say that she and her family were moving. Mary Jane believes she has now managed to keep all spirits out of her new home. She has placed white lights in her windows and angel statues and pictures of Jesus around the house. However, she added that some spirits still linger just outside its walls. Outside the dining room window, the guttural growling is still sometimes heard.

"Up to this point, it has not entered my house."

With a lifetime of harassment from spirits hopefully behind her, Mary Jane said her views on life, death, heaven and hell have changed drastically.

"It"s changed my life, because I now know for sure that there is something other than this world. Whether it be heaven or hell, or maybe an in between, it does exist and there"s a very thin line between the worlds. Spirits can come and go, and just because you don"t see them doesn"t mean they"re not there. Believe me, they are there!”

Mary Jane Holzer now lives with her family in Mt. Oliver, where she is employed as an editor and illustrator of children"s books and poetry with Florida Peach Publishing Co.

Author Bio :
Story taken from "Glimpses 2" It Could Happen To You! By Martha Jette Martha Jette is a five-time author and professional editor. She is also a mother and grandmother. For more information please visit her website at:

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