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The Most Important Ancient Artifacts in the World, Crystal Skulls - Part 8

{written by : Joshua Shapiro}

Article word count : 1627 -- Article Id : 1611
Article active date : 2009-02-25 -- Article views : 10246

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Article is about :
Can you please describe for us a few of the key crystal skulls that you have in your crystal circle. What are their properties and your connection with them ... and is this connection perhaps more of a mental one?

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Currently we have over 20 crystal skulls in our possession whom we take care of but for the purposes of brevity we will discuss the three skulls that came to us first.

Joshua: Of all the crystal skulls we have, my strongest link is with the one that is called "Portal de Luz", which is a 10 lb light smoky (gray) (although when I first received him he was much darker) quartz skull. He is the crystal skull in our circle I have had the strongest experience with.

"Portal de Luz"s" life began as a large block of smoky quartz mined in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He was brought to a carver in this area who fashioned "him" into a skull shape in 1998. Then "Portal de Luz" was sold to a couple in America who sell crystal skulls and I met this couple and the skull at the Crystal Healing Symposium in Sedona, AZ in 1999, receiving him as a gift. Carole Wilson, the Canadian sensitive I mentioned before, worked with "Portal de Luz" and told me that the quartz of the skull had been specifically programmed for me energetically before I was physically born and was just waiting for the time when we would physically meet. She told me that "Portal de Luz" would help me to activate some of my hidden inner gifts and help me to expand my work with the crystal skulls which has really happened over the past eight years.

The name of this skull is Portuguese or Spanish and Means "Portal or Door of Light" -- this name was chosen because we were inspired to use such a name and also because the crystal came from Brazil and the carver is Brazilian, so we want the name to be in Portuguese.

When I have communicated with "Portal de Luz", the communication comes to me more on a feeling level or I will hear in my own thinking voice an idea or information he wishes to share with me. (And yes I feel that this skull has a more masculine presence so I use The word "he" when I refer to "him"). Now I am not alone in the world to be receiving a telepathic communication with my friend, this happens to Blue Arrow Rainbow as well and with many other caretakers we know. Exactly who is speaking through the crystal skull is hard to say though!!

"Portal de Luz"s" special gifts are many. To try to explain in words, as best as I can understand it well ... "he" definitely likes to work directly with people (human beings) and to meet and get to know a lot of us. "He" likes to help people to discover their purpose in life from an earthly point of view and at times "he" will offer healing or energize the person who is having contact with him. In a way, "he" is like his male caretaker (myself) in that "he" is a jack of all trades and will try to assist the person "he" works with in whatever is the best way for their highest good in that moment. "Portal" definitely is about sharing of important information and collecting information. For example, "he" sat with me during the entire time I was writing our new crystal skull book and I think "he" was helping to create a very good energy in the room so I could be clear on what to write in the book. "Portal" has been tested and tends to create energy fields that helps to balance the energy of the person or the environment "he"

is in.

"Portal" also enjoys to be filmed and to be part of media shows -- for some reason "he" is quite photogenic. "He" loves to be involved with any research projects we are conducting to better understand the crystal skulls as "he" was our key test skull in many of our experiments (as reported in our new book) and "he" likes (almost demands) to be present during any important meetings that are dealing with his crystal family (such as our conference in Holland in October, 2006 or the new non-profit foundation we have set up).

"Portal" likes to offer himself to new people, who have never had a chance to be in the presence of a crystal skull and to experience the energy of one. "He" seems to know exactly what type of experience the person needs and will be very gentle with them in order to help this person to prepare for their first encounter with an ancient crystal skull.

Ok, here is Blue Arrow Rainbow"s comments about two of our other crystal skulls that she works very intimately with called "Unity", a 1 lb rose quartz skull and the other is a 3 lb clear quartz skull called "Mozes of Peace", both of these crystal skulls made by the same carver as "Portal de Luz" in Brasil:

Blue Arrow Rainbow: "Unity" was the very first crystal skull I held on the same day that I first met Joshua in Holland (March 2001). Later, "she" helped me to balance my emotions in my Heart Chakra and to release any energies I had at this time, which were of no use to me anymore. I just loved this cute crystal being. By holding and taking care of "her" I remembered the Love I should give to myself (we all have this Love inside of us) and it reactivated my gift (which I had in many former lifetimes) to be able to open up any crystal.

Although I "Love" and "Honor" all the crystal skulls that have come to us, "Mozes of Peace" is the crystal skull I work the most with. "He" is my one of main teachers, my friend, my pal, and my crystalline family member. "He" and I ARE ONE.

"Mozes of Peace" told me that my DNA was merged with his crystal structure long before I was even born. So my DNA actually, can be found within "him" as a crystal skull. "He" was patiently waiting for me, for thousands of earth-years. When I was a young girl I had many times the same vision, an androgynous being (who looked female to me) came to the Earth in a spaceship and brought a crystal into a crystal mine. Then after she placed all the information about her planet and herself into this crystal, she fused this particular crystal with other crystals in that cave. The cave seemed to be on a planet called Earth - Gaia - Tara. This being knew that this particular crystal would be made into an object that would be received by a being living in a time-period in the far future. What this being did not comprehend at that moment was that this future being/ person who would eventually receive this crystal, was her future self.

Now I, Blue Arrow Rainbow, do understand when "Mozes of Peace" came to me and said:

"Remember your vivid vision that you had when you were a young girl, a vision about the being who came to Earth with a crystal that she brought into a mine? That crystal Am I".

When "Mozes of Peace" came to me in 2001 "he" said to me: "I will help you to get millions over the border." I interpret this now as, "I will help you to open many people up to their spiritual potential, preparing them for the big transformation that will come to our world and to remember who they really are, Beings of LIght.".

I do hear a real male voice when "Mozes" (telepathically) talks with me. "He" goes wherever I go when I am out for more than a day. Normally, the daily travelers (the skulls) who go with me, are of smaller size because they just fit into the pockets of my jeans. These skulls will bring home the energies they have incorporated on their daily adventures, so that they can share them with the other members of our crystalline family that stayed home.

The gifts that "Mozes of Peace" will offer the people and "he" gives for myself are very elaborate. "Mozes" (as I stated before) is a wonderful healing skull who is able to channel the "7 Rays of Light" and can show to a person very clearly what is the blockage that exists in their personal life. "He" is very connected with the "Merlin Energy" and with the energy of the Ascended Master "St. Germain", who told me that "HE" also takes care of this crystal skull. "Mother Mary" blessed "Mozes" in 2004, in a chapel in England where "she" appeared very clearly in front of both of us and I saw how the "Lady of all Nations" put her hands on top of "Mozes"" head and blessed him, which filled me with Joy and deep Gratitude.

Another gift "Mozes" possesses is "his" ability to connect a person with the energies of the original planet or world from which this person"s soul originates from. This is very handy for certain people who feel kind of "homesick" at times. The spirit of "Mozes" is able to travel far distances and "he" will bring me quite often through different galaxies and into other dimensions and timelines. "He" is not as fond of large public events as his brother "Portal" but in order for "him" to transfer his beautiful energies, "he" sometimes needs to be with a large group of people and this is ok for "him". And last but not least, "Mozes of Peace" likes the water, rainstorms, snow storms, and especially luke warm water to bath in. "He" recently shared with me that we both have to do some work with the waters of Holland, but this is for the near future.

Author Bio :
Joshua Shapiro is a crystal skull explorer and has been investigating the crystal skulls since 1983. He is the co-author of two books, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (with Bowen & Nocerino) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers (with Katrina Head). The two key websites they have for their ownline services: and

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