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Yuan Qi and the Problem of Communication with Later Heaven

{written by : Micheal Winn}

Article word count : 1070 -- Article Id : 165
Article active date : 2008-07-21 -- Article views : 26644

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Article is about :
The process of stepping down of Early Heaven qi into the third heaven, Later Heaven (hou tian), is described by Lao Tzu as giving birth to "the ten thousand things". Later Heaven includes the planet Earth on which humans live.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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The process of stepping down of Early Heaven qi into the third heaven, Later Heaven (hou tian), is described by Lao Tzu as giving birth to "the ten thousand things". Later Heaven includes the planet Earth on which humans live. This stepping down is where communication problems within the Dao seems to first arise. The qi field of the physical realm has evolved to embody great extremes of polarity. Hatred, suffering, disease, and death co-exist with love, pleasure, health, and creative life. In humans the jing manifests itself as the reproductive power (gene code, in modern terms) within the sperm/ovum, the qi as breath, and spirit degenerates into ordinary mind/imagination.

Humans struggle with life and feel separated from their Early Heaven aspect because they lack enough yuan qi to communicate with it. This makes it difficult to harmonize the yin-yang polarities facing them, so they get shaped into rigid dualities, conditioned patterns of belief and behavior in worldly life. This energetic rigidity is the underlying cause of most physical realm death. Without clear communication with the yuan qi, the cellular, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a human being cannot easily rejuvenate or rebirth themselves.

To get a clear picture of humanity"s spiritual crisis relative to yuan qi, I shall assign numbers. Primordial Heaven is 100% yuan qi, a clear light and silence so pure they disappear as if into a void or invisible space. Early Heaven is 50% yuan qi, making the yin and yang qi luminous in their harmony. Later Heaven has 10% yuan qi, thus its physical plane is very dense with a 90% yin-yang polarized qi field.

But Humans, who in Early Heaven are androgynous or internally bi-sexed etheric beings, at physical birth are split into male and female sexes, causing them an unforeseen and severe loss of yuan qi. Mythically, this is a "fall" into physicality. Humans have further exhausted their parentally inherited yuan jing (original essence that becomes sexual power) over eons of procreation and division into 6 billion people. So humans today might be born with only 1% original qi, and 99% yin-yang qi. This dwindling middle ground accounts for the battle of the sexes. Lack of yuan qi may explain why so many humans feel cut off from "God", the jing-qi-shen trinity of their own original nature. They feel alienated from nature and each other, and easily believe their limited, dense physical body (from lack of yuan qi) is all that exists of their self. Lack of yuan qi is synonymous with the experience of life as struggle.

This weakness of natal yuan qi is further compounded by social conditions. The acceleration of technology has created physical and psychic pollution in the planet"s qi field far more severe than existed at the time ancient or medieval daoists taught and wrote. Global wars and mass killings with weaponry have multiplied the field of hungry ghosts manyfold. These fragmented spirits cannot escape Later Heaven, even by death, and driven by fear of slow dissolution they band togther to form large powerful half-entities. Lacking any yuan qi with its regenerative powers, these "demons" survive as low astral plane parasites, stuck between Heaven and Earth.

Functionally, these clustered hungry ghosts become negative thought forms that encircle the planet like a dark cloud, sustaining their existence by feeding on human ignorance, greed, violence, etc. that they incite or encourage through their ability to resonate with the fragmented mind of humans. Invisible, they infiltrate humanity by resonanting with the unconscious aspects of their mind. They manifest themselves in business as greed, sexually and emotionally as violence, in government as the hunger for power, in religion as guilt and fear of death, in science as the need to control through external technology. In general these negative thought forms foster paradigms that separate matter from spirit and deny the aliveness of Nature.

Human addiction to technology has grown so powerfully that "Technos" has begun to function globally as a kind of semi-conscious deity, feeding on that desire. The question is -- what is that deity"s intent? Is it communicating with the organic wholeness of the Dao? An excessive reliance on technology seems to have the unfortunate effect of separating humans from the core rhythms of natural life: artificial weather in homes, processed food with no qi in it, overuse of cars weakening our legs, genetic engineering disturbing the personal essence (jing) in our DNA, splitting of atoms ripping the matrix of cosmic jing and leaving toxic radiation. Perhaps the worst is electronic pollution. Currents of AC electricity wrap the globe with a polarized electrical field. AC electricity has postive/negative flow with no neutral ground, disturbing and weakening the DC current flowing through the liquid crystalline cells and tissues of humans. This electronic pollution is amplified by tv, radio and microwaves that constantly bombard living creatures and further polarize the planetary qi field, disturbing human ability to communicate with the universal qi field.

This lack of coherence in both the human and planetary qi field makes communication between Origin and Later Heaven (Earth) even more difficult, igniting a spiritual crisis for humanity. Fortunately, the original qi field of Nature is a unified continuum and so by definition never loses its overall balance. The very severity of false yin-yang qi imbalance on Earth is triggering a spontaneous awakening to counterbalance it, both within humans and within the collective planetary consciousness of the Earth"s spirit (in chinese myth, Pangu).

This may trigger severe climate changes as Earth purges itself of the psychic and physical pollutants choking it. The need to maintain harmony between humanity and the earth"s qi field, was emphasized in the oldest daoist alchemical text, the second century Triplex Unity (Cantongqi). It warns that lack of human virtue may cause disturbances: heat in winter and cold in summer, sheep running madly about, followed by floods, droughts, and earthquakes. Coming one of the world"s oldest traditions that advocates a deep earth ecology, modern Daoists face a daunting challenge to integrate the global worship of technology into the harmonious flow of life. Does internal alchemy, as a deep language for communicating with nature, have a role to play in this? I will examine the broader process of alchemical communication with the qi field, and then show how nei dan restores yuan qi within human nature by offering a practical process of balancing yin and yang qi at a deep level.

Author Bio :
Micheal Winn, president Healing Tao USA offers : Qigong exercise for health. Top Tai Chi, Qi Gong, & meditation exercises on dvd, audio-video,or at healing week long retreats.

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