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A small thank you note

{written by : Lumari}

Article word count : 2043 -- Article Id : 1793
Article active date : 2009-03-14 -- Article views : 12095

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Article is about :
Each time we say thank you, we acknowledge a connectedness in our world. There is such beauty in this simple phrase. It brings us into a higher state of awareness for the gifts and wonders in our lives. This is one small way I can share my thanks with you.

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Thank you.

Those simple words, spoken millions of times each day, are an extension of relatedness and appreciation. Each time we say thank you, we acknowledge a connectedness, a gift shared and received. There is such beauty in this simple phrase. It brings us into a higher state of awareness for the people around us. It conveys our hearts and spirits in a gentle flutter of relatedness and community. One person has given; the other has received it. One person has shared; the other person has acknowledged. This sweet dance of humanity moves with a simple rhythm that lifts us into kinship with everyone we meet. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing this great and abundant life. Thank you for choosing to live on this planet at this time so we may all create the magic and embrace the spirit that will light our world in profoundly new ways. Thank you for your amazing contribution to our world and our transition into the “new illuminated paradigm.” Your special gifts, your unique way of being, your individual talents, your gracious connection, your courage, your passion, your love, your growth, your spirit, your struggles, your brilliance and your dedication to this life, to your life has truly made it possible for each of us and our world to move into higher levels of resonance and Divine acceleration. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for actively being who you are and moving deeper into your personal resonance with the Divine. Your attention to the depths of your spiritual being shines a way for each person to grow into their own higher light. Thank you for holding to the truth that Divine grace and blessing will shine upon us and help us create a world where joy, freedom, creation, love, connection, harmony and abundance are the cornerstones of every building and every heart and every life. Thank you for opening to new teachings, new ways of being, new ideas, new areas of healing and new paths for growth. Your pursuit and exploration of spirit has opened the ways for so much celebration and expansion and healing. Thank you for your inspiration and creative attention. Your new innovations, successful experiments, explorations and new ways of addressing and changing the systems of our world have led to profound and uplifting changes in the healing arts, in environmental and earth friendly products and systems, in new models of community, in new methods of communication and in new systems of learning that help each of us share, and grow and steward our world into the higher vibrations and expressions we enjoy and celebrate. And they continue to do so! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for your dedication, your persistence and your devotion to your own life and your own calling. You have overcome obstacles that in the doing have paved the ways for advances in community, sharing, heart and revelation for each of us beyond the ways we know. You have raised remarkable children who will lead our world into a joyful transformation. Thank you for taking chances. Thank you for the millions of different ways you have taken a chance on life, on love, on speaking out, on speaking for, on holding a hand, on sharing a smile, on granting a gift, on receiving a gift, on being in silence, on opening to something unfamiliar, on pursuing something beautiful with no perceptible reason other than its beauty. Each chance you took and each chance you take has created openings for each and all of us to take heart and take small leaps into new possibilities and deeper presence. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for embracing other cultures, other views, other modes of thinking, alternative political possibilities, unconventional social models, other philosophies and pathways and untapped human potential for harmony. You have opened doorways for each of us and for all of us to learn and grow and heal and love and explore new and unfathomable ways of sharing our lives, and presencing the global world and loving the lives we have and share. In your embrace of the unknown, in your exploration of other models of being and thinking and creating, you have helped shift the focus of our individual lives and our global presence into a more committed community of awareness and inspired recognition that there is more, that there is an exalted path that shines for us to follow. You brought and bring new awareness, new methods and ways to expand greater harmony, potential, abundance, healing and flow. You have embraced and continue to embrace the actuality that all people can live a harmonious life filled with contribution, inspiration and personal fulfillment. You have lit the road with your embrace and we all receive the benefits of your light. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for your simple acts, your individual choices, your clear decisions, your acts of generosity and your small acts of support to people, situations and organizations that uplift our world. Every act of kindness you have extended uplifts our world and our lives. Every choice and decision made in clarity and greater perspective has opened the way for others to experience clarity beyond the confusion or rhetoric of our times. Every act of generosity and support for those people and organizations that uplift our world has helped us all rise into greater essence. These simple acts, choices and decisions change our world in globally positive ways that cannot be counted in numbers or effects for they lift us into places where the counting is meaningless - for the help and beauty is so much more profound. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for opening your hearts and perceptions to the many people and opportunities that life provides. Your love for others shines love into my life and into everyone’s life. Your open heart brings a greater heartspace into our world. Your open awareness, your ability to be receptive to new perceptions creates a world that is amenable to new possibilities, ideas, loves, thoughts and creative greatness. Your open heart and perceptions creates the opportunities that move through every segment of our world and create more fluid expressions and perceptions and openings for greatness. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being there, whether we ever speak or not. Thank you for your presence on this world and in my life. Thank you for being a comrade in this adventure on planet earth, on the Gaia World. Your very being has already shifted the polarity of our world into higher resonance and greater harmony. Your presence continues to illuminate our world and steer us into the future we long to live. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for being my clients. You bring me such joy, such gratitude, such an expanded life. You gift me as a client! Your life, your questions, your growth and your personal dedication are an honor to share, to help and to witness. I am honored. I am moved. I am filled with joy. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for attending my workshops and trainings. You bring such an amazing spirit, a true quest for the expansion of spirit and the endless possibilities of joy and love that you move me. Yes, your presence in my workshops, trainings and gatherings helps me, helps us bring these exalted frequencies of creation into our world. I am so moved by your presence and your acute attention and your willingness to expand, explore, and bring these levels of frequencies to our world with me. Are there any words to say? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for being my love. Thank you for your love that has lifted me, carried me, cradled me, strengthened me, nurtured me and supported me throughout this life. Your profound gift of love for me and with me has made this journey more abundant, more empowered, more inspired and more fun. I am so glad you chose to come to this planet and share life with me. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for being my friend, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my uncle, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather. Whether in the flesh, in the spirit or in the heart, I thank you – my family. You have shown me my greatest potentials and my most cherished liabilities. Thank you for being my family.

Thank you. Dear spirit guides, dear devas, dear elementals, dear animals, dear sea mammals and creatures, dear plant and green world, dear nature beings who guide and guard our life on this planet. Dear ancestors and ancient ones, I thank you. Dear guides and guardians for our world and our lives, I thank you. I thank you. Thank you for holding the life force in each special segment of our world, as you know our sublime interconnectivity. Thank you waters. Thank you earth. Thank you air. Thank you fires. Thank you spirit essence. Thank you for holding to your own lives and presence on our world. Thank you for bringing new life, new creation, and new awareness to our lives and our world. Thank you for the gifts, the generosity, the patience and the knowing that you have always brought to our lives and our world. Every breath of your existence brings beauty and life into ours. Thank you.

Thank you. My guides, my Goddess, my deepest spirit beings who whisper or shout and show my ways of expansion, of healing or unlimited perspective for our world. I am honored and delighted to play. I am happy to share and feel the guidance and inspiration you bring. Thank you for the lifetimes of camaraderie, guidance and communion that we have shared, continue to share. Thank you for the gifts you bring me and that you shower into the greater Cosmic All. Thank you.

Thank you. As I reflect on these two simple words, Thank You, I feel their grace and power. Tears flow joyfully that I can say Thank you. The possibility of actually saying the words Thank you, are filled with meaning for the endless gifts. These are gifts that you, that our world showers upon us. You may be a client, a friend, a spiritual connection in my life and I may know you by name and spirit. You and I may have never met in person or by email or even by spirit. Yet, I thank you. I can feel the beauty and grace in these simple words. I am filled by the power and graced by your power. Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for sharing your life with everyone you touch. You have made my life so rich, so beautiful and so cherished! Thank you. You have made our world a better place for yourself and your family, for all of the children, all of the animals, all of the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and all of life on our world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are a gift beyond measure! Thank you. Thank you.

In offering this small thank you note, and in celebration of the pure joy of doing this, I’d like to suggest one thing.

Share this article with everyone! SEND THEM TO THIS LINK TO EXPRESS THE BLESSINGS OF THANK YOU. Everyone needs a thank you! You are part of the possibility of sending “a small thank you note” around the world to share in the bounty and beauty of our connection and gifts to each other. Everyone needs to feel and experience this small thank you traveling around our world countless times. Every person will find himself or herself in this email. You are here. Your family is here. Your friends are here. Your teachers and leaders are here. Everyone will know themselves in this thank you note and they will feel acknowledged for who they really are! Send this thank you note around the world and let us all share in the beauty of this very moment.

May you be ever-present to Receive and Create Miracles


Author Bio :
Lumari is an internationally known professional psychic consultant, life coach, author and teacher. Her profound guidance, special gifts and powerful insight will help you achieve new levels of joy, fulfillment and success. Individual and business clients benefit from her in-depth Psychic Readings, Spiritual Consultations, and Life Coaching services. Live Inspired! Receive Psychic and Intuitive Guidance for Your Growth, Awakening, Prosperity & Fulfillment. To learn more about her consultations: For information about Lumari's spiritual & healing workshops:

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