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Animal Reiki - Healing Pets Naturally

{written by : Rhonda Sandmoen}

Article word count : 467 -- Article Id : 1824
Article active date : 2009-03-17 -- Article views : 1737

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Article is about :
Reiki is an infusion of life force energy that can accelerate the healing process, ease pain, and restore balance and harmony when your pets' energy is low, without causing any stress or discomfort.

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A Gift Of Healing

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our pets is the gift of healing. Reiki energy provides that healing in the most loving and gentle manner. Most animals are very receptive to Reiki and respond quickly to the treatments. Using Reiki with them can accelerate their healing process, ease pain, and improve the quality of life, without causing stress or discomfort. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, bird, or ferret, they all benefit from this natural healing energy.

What Is Reiki?

The word Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy". It is a powerful yet gentle healing energy that works to alleviate the cause of disease and not just treat the symptoms. It is an infusion of life force that is needed to restore balance and harmony when your pets" energy is low. It is a wonderful way to reduce stress and pain and promote healing of the body. Reiki can be used to support and enhance both traditional and alternative medicine, often reducing the side effects and healing time of treatments.

A Reiki Treatment

Most animals welcome Reiki treatments and seem to intuitively understand the ability of Reiki to help them to heal. Reiki is gentle and can be done hands on or from a distance. With an in person session, a series of hand placements are used directly on or right above the animal. As the energy flows into your pet they will generally enter into a deep state of relaxation almost immediately. You might notice your pet stretch, yawn, or even fall asleep. They will also let you know when they have had enough by fidgeting or moving away.

A Distance Treatment is just as effective as an in person treatment but with many more benefits. Any animal can be treated in the comfort of his or her own home regardless of distance or circumstance. Distance sessions are often the best solution for pets that are old, aggressive or fearful of strangers, and can even be sent to the kennel to comfort your pet while you are away. In an emergency situation Reiki can be sent to your pet at the vets" office for support during surgery or treatments, and can help a dying pet to be relaxed and peaceful.

Some Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki heals on all levels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

· Relief of pain from injury or illness.
· Calming fearful animals.
· Accelerated healing of broken bones.
· Healing of Hot Spots and Allergies.
· Rapid healing after surgery.
· Eases the transition at the end of life.
· Strengthens the immune system.
· Improved hearing and eyesight.
· Eases the effects of chemotherapy.
· Strengthens the body so healing can take place.
· Calms a stressed or aggressive animal.
· Aids in adjusting to new environments.
· Helps to overcome the trauma of abuse.

Author Bio :
Rhonda Sandmoen is a very eclectic energy healer, teacher and ordained minister. She works with and teaches many different types of energy techniques for people AND their pets including Reiki, EFT, Sacred Geometry, Fifth Dimensional healing, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Dolphin energy, HPT, and Soul Language. For information about her In-person and Distance Healing Sessions and classes visit her website OR

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