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The Universal Medicine - Commonly called The Philosopher’s Stone

{written by : Jennis Strickland}

Article word count : 1109 -- Article Id : 2141
Article active date : 2009-05-17 -- Article views : 5997

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Article is about :
This formula was taken from a 16th century text. It has appeared in various places since then. There are a few words and initials in it that need better understanding, but there are no real barriers to anyone who takes the time and trouble to concoct it.

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THE PROCESS ____ In the name of God take the purest and cleanest salt, (sea salt) let it be dried on a warn stove, grind it into a stone mortar, as fine as possible to powder, that it may be so much the easier dissolved and taken up in Dew Water , which is thus to be had in the months of May or June: When the Moon is at the full, observe when the dew falls with an East or Southeast wind. Then you must have sticks about 18” off the ground when driven into the Earth. Upon two or three such sticks, lay some four square plates of glass, and as the dew falls it easily fastens on the glass like a vapour, then have the glass Vessels in readiness, let the dew drain from the sides of the glasses into your vessels. Do this until you have enough. The full of the Moon is a good season, afterwards it will be hard.

The solar rays descending from the sun carry with them solar sulphur --- the Divine fire. These rays are crystallized by contact with the lunar rays. The solar rays are also mey by emanations pouring upward from the Earth’s surface and are thus further crystallized into a partly tangible substance which is soluble in pure water. This substance is the “Magical Mountain of the Moon” referred to in the R.C. letter. The crystallization of the solar and lunar rays in water ( dew) produces the virgin Earth – a pure invisible substance, uncontaminated by material matter. When the virgin earth crystals are wet, they appear green, when dry, white.

Take sweet clean water and seal it in a large bottle, leaving about ¼ empty. Place the bottle in the sun for some weeks until it rots, showing precipitation in the bottom. This precipitation, when properly manipulated by distillation, will produce a clear, fiery, burning oil, the constituents of which are only known to the wise.

Now when you have enough of close your glasses exactly, and keep it until you use it, that none of it may evaporate, which may easily happen. Set it therefore in a cool place, that no warmth may ever come to it. Or else the subtle spirit may rise and be gone: which will not so happen if after you have filled your glasses with Dew quite full, you close them very well with wax.

Take this dew water as much as thou wilt, put in a clean dissolving glass, then cast a little of the aforementioned powder salt and continue to it in until your dew water will dissolve no more of it. Or until the salt lies four days without being dissolved, then it has enough, and unto your dew is given its proper powder. Of this compounded water, take as much as thou wilt. Take about a pound and a half and put it into a round vial with a short neck, fill it with our water and lute it with a good lute, a cover and stopple that fits it well, that the subtle and living spirit of the dew may not fume away. For if they should the soul of the salt will never be stirred up, nor the work ever brought to the right end. Let the lute dry very well of itself, and set it in the furnace of B.M. to putrefy. Make a slow fire and let it digest for 40-50 days, and that the fume of the water be continually round about it, and you will see your matter grow black, which is a token of its putrefaction.
As soon as you have taken it out, have your dry furnace ready. Set your glass with the matter into an inner globe to coagulate, give it a slow a slow degree of fire, continue it equally for twelve or fifteen days, and your matter will begin to coagulate and and to fasten round about your globe like a gray salt, which as soon as you see and before be two days slacken the fire that it may cool leisurely. Then have in readiness your putrefying furnace as before. Let it stand twelve days, and again you will see matter resolve and open as before, and open itself, but you must every time see that the lute and is not hurt. When you set your glass in the putrefying furnace, take care that the neck of your glass is covered with a wooden or glass stopper that fits it exactly, that the moisture of the water may not come at it.

When you see it black set your glass as before to coagulate when it begins to be of a grayish color and whitish, set it a third time to putrefy, and coagulate to the fifth time, until you see that your water in its dissolution is clean, pellucid, and clear, and that it appears in its calcination of a fine white like snow. Then it is prepared and becomes a Salt fixed which will not melt on a hot silver plate like wax: but before you set your salt out, set it again in the furnace of putrefaction that it may dissolve itself, then let it cool, open your Glass you will find your matter lessened by a third part. But instead of your former salt water you will have a fine Sweet and very penetrating Water which the Philosophers have hid under wonderful names ---- It is the Mercury of all true Philosophers, the water out of which comes gold and silver, for they say the father is gold, and the Mother is silver. Thus has thou the strength of both these Luminaries conjoined in this Water, most true, in its right Pondus.

Prescription: 5 Drops of this Water taken inwardly strengthens the understanding and memory, and opens us up to the most wonderful and sweet things, of which no man hath heard. Time and the holy use of this blessed Water will teach us as soon as you have taken it inwardly such influence will happen unto thee as if the whole heavens and all the stars with their power are working in thee. All knowledge and secret Arts will be open to thee as if in a dream, but the most excellent of all is, you will perfectly know all creatures in their Nature, and by means thereof, the true understanding of God, the Creator of us, heaven, and Earth, lie David and Moses and all the Saints of God, for the wisdom of our fountain of living water will instruct thee as it did Solomon and the Bretheren of our fraternity.

Author Bio :
Jennis Strickland is a practicing mystic among other titles. He became involved in channeled teachings in 1958. In addition he has engaged in remote viewing, astral projection, conscious dreaming, psychic photography, group healing, and has made a lifelong study of comparative religious philosophies. Currently he is working to re-open the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which contains the archives of antiquity and will extend mankind’s recorded knowledge to between 7 and 12 thousand years BCE. Reference for particulars.

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