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Does the Zodiac really begin with Aries?

{written by : John David Brodie}

Article word count : 291 -- Article Id : 2151
Article active date : 2009-05-19 -- Article views : 7603

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Article is about :
As a student of astrology for many years, my mentor never told me the Zodiac could be wrong in its order of signs but it could be.

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The Zodiac actually may begin with Leo ruled by the Sun, when you think about it Aries ruled by Mars, how would that kick things off in Zodiacal terms. Wouldn"t it make more sense to have the Zodiac begin with the sign ruled by the Sun. Golden Dawn and the works of Crowley felt this way and thought the Zodiac began at either 0 degrees or 12 degrees of Leo which has linkage with the helical rising of Sirius. Considering the Egyptians profound Lion symbolism all over their ancient ruins as well as the half Lion, half Hominid face on Mars there may be something to this after all. Astrology in my opinion is the most difficult and profound of all the occult sciences.

Vedic astrology is completely different then Western. Everything is 24 degrees back and they do not even take into account Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Arguments over which planets have affinity with which signs have raged for centuries. For example Cancer: does the Moon really rule Cancer? According to my studies, it does not. Actually Neptune or the Sun fits Cancer more or perhaps an astral planet that we are unaware of. When you look at Rahu and Ketu the North and South moon nodes, I think these are astral planets. Also, no one takes into account Maldek, the planet that was between Mars and Jupiter before it was destroyed. I think all astrologers should keep an open mind and realize that our science is the most difficult of them all. Like my teacher said once: "I have been studying astrolgy for 25 years and have barely scratched the surface". I would like to hear other astrologers views on these things. I wish all who read this peace on every level.

Author Bio :
Student of astrology, Tarot, comparative religion, philosophy and Kriya Yoga initiate. I was initiated into the Tarot the old Atlantean/Egyptian way, where you live the Major Arcana for 22 weeks. Tarot was made for initiation not divination. I am a writer, producer and film maker as well as a student of astrology.

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