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Transpersonal Synthesis: Procession of the Archetypes (Major)

{written by : Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.}

Article word count : 7396 -- Article Id : 2170
Article active date : 2009-05-25 -- Article views : 4053

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Article is about :
Symbology of the Twenty-Two Major Arcana Trumps in the Tarot. Imagery used in this analysis was drawn from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck; distributed exclusively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Intuitive interpretations by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D. Evolutionary Journey of The Fool through the World...

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0 - THE FOOL - Process of Transit from Ignorance to Awareness (Shin; Air, Uranus)

The Quest for Enlightenment....

Traveler setting forth on the journey of life - young, innocent, unknowing of pitfalls and temptations thereof. The sun, i.e. knowledge of his origin as a ray of the infinite source (God) manifest in human form to work through the physical plane, is behind him. He may know it is there but is unaware of its real meaning so therefore he is walking away from it. Before him is the precipice, trap of the material world, awaiting his step over the edge and fall into imbalance. But, he sees it not, as his eyes are upon the beautiful vista; illusion caused by inexperience and blindness regarding Universal Laws. The dog at his heels is bounding and appears to be excited about the journey and equally unaware of the pitfall ahead as he is in a leaping mode and following his master"s footsteps. The traveler is well-dressed, meaning that internally and externally he has everything he needs to take on this journey. He carries a purse on a stick representing his pack of provisions; resources or equivalent means to see his way through the travels ahead. Also, he holds a white rose signifying the eternal Life Principle which will bring him successfully through the trials he encounters during the course of his journey to the ultimate fulfillment of his destiny. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Joker, The Jester, The Cuckold, The Clown, The Piper, The Beggar, The Village Idiot, The Wanderer, The Hitchhiker

State of Mind: Thoughtlessness, Folly, Extravagance, Lack of discipline, Immaturity, Irrationality, Insecurity, Frivolity, Delirium, Frenzy, Enthusiasm, Naivete, Bad decision, Indecision, Apathy, Hesitation, Lack of consideration, Unrestrained excess, Carelessness in promises, Beginning adventure, Precipice of life, Excitement

1 - THE MAGICIAN - Mastery through Experimentation (Alef; Mercury)

Manifestation of the Elements....

The potential has been realized through trial and error with the end result being perfection of technique. The skill is there to bring plans to manifestation and therefore demonstrate Positive application. He is in total command of his environment both spiritually and physically; the Infinity sign over his head indicating that he is aware of Karmic Balance and has attained the mastery of the Elements represented by the four suit significators upon the table: Wands - Fire; Swords - Air; Cups - Water; Pentacles - Earth. His right hand holds a mentally charged wand aloft, pointed upward toward the sky as his left hand, via pointed index finger, is aimed downward towards Earth; this representing the Hermetic principle of "As Above, So Below". The Magician is the next step beyond the Fool, as he is the student of Metaphysical Science in pursuit of a Doctorate in his field; earning his degree through study, meditation, and application. He is able to instruct through Demonstration, using the tools of his profession which are laid upon the table. He once was ignorant but through the experience of taking the Fool"s "step of faith" over the edge and into the unknown he has made a decision to master the Four Elements and therefore seek to balance his personal Karma. He is making his way along the road toward eventual Spiritual Synthesis, i.e. The World, obedience to the Golden Rule being a learned trait and therefore the empowerment behind his applications. His skill in his practice of his Art is proof of this. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Juggler, The Magus.

State of Mind: Originality, Creativity, Imagination, Self-reliance, Spontaneity, Self-confidence, Ingenuity, Flexibility, Mastery, Self-control, Deception, Sleight of hand, Willpower, Skill, Initiative, Dexterity, Craft, Guile, Capability, Trickery, Misleading, Theft

2 - THE HIGH PRIESTESS - Intuition Spawning Spiritual Rebirth (Bet; Moon)

Influenced by the Etheric Realm....

The Spiritual Reality within the Soul of every individual incarnated and functioning through the material world. To pass beyond the cycle of physical rebirth, Spiritual rebirth must occur. She is the guardian of the Mystery Temple of Solomon; Protectress of the Secret Wisdom that lifts human consciousness from the depths of materialism to the heights of illumination. She is seated between two columns, or choices in life: Darkness and Light. Therefore she represents the eternal Balance between these two opposing forces. The veil is suspended between these two columns and that which is behind it is barely visible; i.e. a body of water. It represents the Inner Sanctum or "Holy of Holies". The only way to access the symbolic Mercy Seat is to undergo the true Baptism; total immersion and re-emergence, i.e. Spiritual death and rebirth while incarnate physically. This is the only means for breaking the Karmic cycle of reincarnation. The High Priestess reveals the truth of this reality via reflection in the cyclical nature of life, i.e. changes of seasons, alternation of Darkness and Light, and the phases of the Moon (represented in crescent form at her feet). The Inner Law, which is the true Tora shown by the scroll in her lap, is available to those who are ready to die to the material world and be resurrected into the Spiritual world. Her wisdom is the Key which must be understood for the Fool to comprehend meaning behind the experimentation of the Magician in order to advance toward Mastery; for blindness to become sight. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Popess, The Lady Pope, Pope Joan, The Virgin, Mary, Eve, Astarte, Evolved form of Hecate

State of Mind: Wisdom, Sound judgment, Common sense, Serenity, Objectivity, Penetration, Foresight, Intuition, Perception, Lacking Emotion, Platonic relationships, Ignorance, Shortsightedness, Selfishness, Passion, Acceptance of superficial knowledge, Improper judgment, Learning, Understanding, Hidden emotion, Reserve, Lack of patience

3 - THE EMPRESS - Generative Energy of Natural Creativity (Ghimmel; Venus)

Nurtured by Evolution....

Creative Force; the Female Principle. Reproduction, Fertility, Regeneration and Renewal. Mother Earth; Nature. The Empress is seated in the midst of natural abundance with ripened wheat at her feet, a forest behind her, and the River of Life to irrigate both. The hieroglyph of Venus, symbol of the Female principle, is inscribed on a heart leaning against her throne. She is the image of Fertility; the creative Life Force that perpetuates the continuity of life forms on the planet. The twelve stars in her crown signify the twelve Houses in a natal Horoscope, the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, the twelve months in a year; corresponding to the complete cycle of all the astrological influences as they apply to the seasonal changes effecting Earth. She is Mother Nature; guardian of the natural process and rhythms of growth and procreation. The globe on her scepter is the Earth and application of renewal through natural germination; regeneration being represented by the scepter itself, as the Empress is ruler of these elements and symbolic embodiment of natural law in human form. Her beauty is that which is reflected in the products of Nature; the trees, the flowers, the birds, animals, and also human evolution. The impulses of attraction, procreation, nurturing of babies, raising children, guiding through adolescence, and leading forth offspring as adults for continuation of this process; these all being aspects of the Empress" domain as preserver of the Natural Cycle that perpetuates Life on Earth. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Virgin, The Great Mother, Mother Nature.

State of Mind: Fruitfulness, Accomplishment, Female Influence, Ability to motivate others, Practicality, Vacillation, Inaction, Lack of interest, Lack of concentration, Delay, Anxiety, Infertility, Action, Development, Progress, Fertility, Attainment, Subterfuge, Tears, Harassment, Nagging, Sensuality

4 - THE EMPEROR - Manifestation in Time and Space (Dalet; Aries)

Bounded by Limitation....

Cyclical Process: The Time Element which is the counterbalance of Life growth; that which represents the authority of the axiom, "A Time to be Born, a Time to Die." The regenerative Force behind The Empress. Elemental Energy which motivates the expression of Nature; the Male principle. Time and the limitation it implies; the authority of physical and mental forces which offset those of The Empress. Terms of life; i.e. all that is born into Nature dies and is returned to the dust from whence it came. Entropy as the opposite of creativity, but the "silver lining" of this is the seed of new Life impregnated into Nature which perpetuates the process of Life. The Active principle as opposed to the Passive principle of The Empress. He is seated on a stone throne, which represents Authority and all the implications thereof. He is the representative image of Father Time; in charge of the seed and the withdrawal of the Life Force when the period of Life is done. The ram"s heads on the back and arms of the throne are symbolic of the astrological sign Aries, being the sign at the cusp of the Vernal Equinox; initiator of a new Cycle as indicated by the Four Seasons commencing with Spring. Male reproductive energy impregnating the female vessel for procreation which assures the continuity of Life. The Emperor"s left hand holds the Globe, instead of the right hand as shown with The Empress, and the Globe is resting in his palm with scepter separate and held in his right hand, instead of atop the scepter as The Empress displays it. This demonstrates male protective energy generated by the presence of this Archetype. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Father of Civilization, Father Time.

State of Mind: Realization, Accomplishment, Worldly power, Wealth, Stability, Authority, Indomitable spirit, Endurance, Leadership, Male influence, Direct Pressure, Dominance, Lack of consideration, Confidence, War-making tendencies, Domination of intelligence and reason, Conquest, Victory, Government, Energy, Megalomania, Rashness

5 - THE HIEROPHANT - Outward Instruction of Inner Truth (He; Taurus)

Taught through Ritual....

Religious Doctrine: External Symbols of internal Reality. The only way to see beyond the outward form of the Hierophant"s teachings is to change one"s perspective, i.e. Inner Truth being the hidden cause behind manifestation in outward reality. This Archetypal Figure represents the external Form and function of the internal Mysteries. Also known as The Pope, he stands for established religious practice, ritual, and fundamental principles thereof. The Triple Cross in his right hand is an outward symbol of The Christ; Crucifixion of Body, Soul, and Spirit to be resurrected as Body, Soul, and Spirit in union with God. The left hand signifies the distinction between revealed and concealed Mysteries. For those who are in the world and have yet to realize the Hermetic principle of "As Above, So Below," the major religions and basic, or fundamental Teachings serve as a signpost for entry through the Gate of personal commitment to be instructed by God via internal Illumination. The Crossed Keys are indicative of the Written Teachings, i.e. Scriptures, and ritual Ceremonies of religious practice and Doctrine intersecting with the intuitive Guidance of the Universal Source from the center of one"s Being. One key is external and one key is internal; one being the function of the other. The Hierophant stands as a barrier to those who are yet unable to comprehend the True creative Life principles and therefore the External Teaching is all that they receive. However, if they can pass beyond the Form via choice to join the Spirit of Illumination radiating from within their Souls then the High Priestess is waiting to reveal the heretofore hidden Mysteries inscribed in the Scroll she is holding in reserve for those who are truly ready. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Pope, The High Priest.

State of Mind: Ritual, Mercy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Compassion, Servitude, Inactivity, Timidity, Overt reserve, Captivity to one"s own ideas, Tendency to cling to outdated ideas, Conformity, Good advice, Alliance, Humility, Divine wisdom, Teaching, Help from superiors, Patience, Organization, Peace

6 - THE LOVERS - Decision as the Exercise of Free Will (Wau; Gemini)

Presented with Options....

The principle and process of Free Will; the ability to deal with choices, especially regarding human Love with the understanding of both Positive and Negative aspects of the possibilities thereof. The concept of human Love in the Divine sense, i.e. the complete cycle of Innocence, Fall into Temptation, and Restoration. This is symbolized by the Man with the Tree of Life; one in union with God but without recognition of the concept of Free Will. Also, by the Woman with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; whereas Free Will is exercised through experimentation in the material world; i.e. Trial and Error, Cause and Effect. These energies are joined by the angel hovering above them, indicative of God"s ultimate provision of the way of Return via internal Illumination, i.e. recognition of the regenerative Power of God within the center of human Consciousness because we are never separate from our Creator in Reality. The Separation is an illusion generated by our choice to experience the understanding of Free Will; a God-given attribute of humanity. The reason behind the division of human Souls, reflected in Male and Female Form, is the evolution of this understanding through Reincarnation; successive procreation of the Human Race generation to generation, being the physical equivalent thereof and thus perpetuating the existence of human Life on Earth. The mountain in the background is a physical symbol of the Holy Mountain, i.e. Sinai where Moses received the Tablets from God, as a directional for keeping the Mind aspiring toward Spirit. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Marriage, Adam and Eve.

State of Mind: Love, Beauty, Perfection, Harmony, Trust, Romance, Deep feeling, Optimism, Freedom of emotion, Struggle between sacred and profane love, Unanimity, Trials overcome, Confidence, Temptation, Infatuation, Tendency toward optimism, Oblivious to possible consequences, Openness to inspiration, Intelligence, Attraction, Self-contradiction, Superficiality

7 - THE CHARIOT - Control of the Material Elements (Zain; Cancer)

Manipulates the Physical World....

Physical Mastery; the Forces of Nature are under control, but the Spiritual drive behind them is not understood. An invisible barrier stands between the mind of Man and the Mind of God, and this blinds the Charioteer, thus preventing his conscious realization of union with the Source, Victory in the material sense, on all levels. Mastery of the Elements, but not the Spirit which Guides them, therefore the Chariot rides in service to a higher authority even though the driver might presume that he is in complete control. The external manifestations of the World are his domain and the travels thereof and successful pursuit of aims within it are shown via this card. Triumph in this arena is within the Charioteer"s grasp. The Dark and Light Sphinxes that draw the vehicle are beyond the drivers ~ control, as there are no visible reins connecting the Charioteer to his means of locomotion. Therefore he is unaware of the True Guidance involved in his travels. The colors of the Sphinxes, which are representative of this, show the natural physical perception in the light of the White Beast yet the blindness regarding Spiritual matters in the darkness of the Black Beast. The Castles behind each Sphinx represent the Kingdoms thereof; the ramparts of the Fortress, his reality, shown behind the White Sphinx and the Castle of Peace, without ramparts, behind the Black Sphinx. God"s Reality, as known by the Spiritually aware remains hidden from him. The Charioteer may stand before the Hierophant, but not in the presence of the High Priestess. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Car, Ezekiel"s Chariot, Apollo"s Chariot.

State of Mind: Adversity possibly already overcome, Conflicting influences, Turmoil, Vengeance, Success, Possible voyage or journey, Escape, Rushing to a decision, Need to pay attention to details, Urgency to gain control of one"s emotions, Difficulty, Trouble, Outside factors, Perplexity, Triumph, Failure, Defeat, Chaos, Fleeing from reality, Obedience, Faithfulness, Health

8 - STRENGTH - Transmutation of the Elements (Kaf; Leo) ~ Alternate: 11

Invokes Mind over Matter....

Power in Harmony. The True Balance in Nature; Spirit over Flesh, Mind over Matter. Strength over material Weakness inherent in the Body. The power of Mastery of the Elements as directed by the Spirit within; symbolized by the Infinity insignia above the Woman"s head. She is keenly aware of the Psychic as well as Material realms, for the knowledge of Occult or Metaphysical Science (as understood by the Magician) is within her. She would be unable to physically subdue the Lion, symbolic of the physical nature of consciousness impregnating matter, without Divine assistance guiding her. The trials of material existence would be too great for her to oppose. Yet, the image presented shows the Lion already subdued and the Woman is in control of the situation. The wreath and garland of flowers adorning her represents the harmonic Balance of the creative process; another indication that the Spirit of Universal Mind guides her actions. All power is accessed from within, and it can therefore be seen that She and the Lion are One. Her Animal Nature has been tamed and she is able to walk through Life victorious. The senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are directed by the sixth sense, intuition, thus resulting in perfect Harmony. This is the True Meaning of Strength or Fortitude. Aliester Crowley"s use of the word "Lust" to describe this Archetype can be confusing semantically but in actuality means "Drive." PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Fortitude, Force, Lust.

State of Mind: Strength, Courage, Conviction, Resolution, Defiance, Confidence, Zeal, Matter over mind, Mind over matter, Fortitude, Fervor, Physical strength, Use of magical power, Control of the life force, Weakness, Pettiness, Impotence, Sickness, Lack of faith, Abuse of power, Succumbing to temptation, Indifference

9 - THE HERMIT - Introspection and Internal Illumination (Teth; Virgo)

Seeks Wisdom of the Source....

The Light shines from within the Soul; the view from the Summit which puts life into its proper perspective. This vantage point is accessed via looking to God who dwells within us; the infinite Creator being the reservoir of all the answers which the Seeker pursues. Each one of us is symbolized by the Lantern image; God"s Light of inner awareness being the Candle Flame. Wisdom is the transcendental interpretation of knowledge as illuminated by the Light shining within one"s Soul. All barriers of the material World are beneath the Cosmic Consciousness of the Hermit who has already traveled his Path of Quest. His search has led him to the Summit of his own perfection. Now, from this great height he can see 360 degrees without obscuration. His Lantern is held high as an inspiration to all who aspire to attain the Wisdom which he has come to realize during the process of his own Soul journey. The isolation and abstinence image sometimes given to the Hermit is one of the past; a glimpse of his travels through the physical and emotional wasteland where the misrepresentations of life as seen through the perception of the Physical Plane have been experienced and eventually transcended. This Archetype passed through a period of solitude and alienation during this walk through the proverbial "Valley of the Shadow of Death" that could have driven him Mad had it not been for the Light in his Lantern penetrating the Darkness and illuminating his Soul thus granting him hope of deliverance. The Hermit has indeed been carried through this initiatory Journey via his unwavering Faith in the Universal Source who Teaches and Guides all of us internally. The Lantern which he carries symbolizes his inner Vision provided via his "Third Eye" (Candle) which grants this Archetypal traveler a keen sense of Spiritual insight. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Sage, The Old Wise Man, The Wandering Friar, The Lamplighter.

State of Mind: Counsel, Knowledge, Solicitude, Prudence, Discretion, Caution, Vigilance, Circumspection, Self-denial, Withdrawal, Regression, Annulment, Tendency to withhold emotion, Fear of discovery, Loner, Insensitive, Expressionless, Misleading, Misguiding, Illumination from within, Divine inspiration, Retirement from participation in current events

10 - THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE - Cyclical Path of Evolution (Yod; Jupiter)

Progresses through the Law of Cause and Effect....

Karma; as the Law of Cause and Effect applies to rebirth. This all Souls must experience for the purpose of teaching each Incarnated Being their True Nature as an Aspect or Ray of the infinite Universal Source. Symbolic of the rhythmic workings of Karmic application, the Wheel depicts the Cycles of Life, the individual Incarnation, journey of the Soul, and the greater Cycle of Evolution regarding the Life Wave of Humanity. This ultimately manifests as the spiral progression of the unfolding Universe. The counterbalance of Night and Day, and to a greater extent passage of the Seasons, is indicated. However, more importantly, the Cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is depicted here. This is symbolic of the proverbial "Phoenix Principle." Also, the Positive and Negative panorama of interactions filtered through the Five Senses accepted by a mind focused upon outward manifestation, which confronts this processional Drama during Incarnation in human form. This is the Riddle; shown on the Wheel symbolically by the Serpent, the Jackal, and the Sphinx. Descent into material Life and the challenge to rise to Spiritual understanding, which breaks the Cycle of rebirth, is indicated in the clockwise rotation of "Taro" and "Rota" (the two poles of orientation) on the Karmic Wheel. When a human being makes the conscious decision to focus Reality inward, allowing God to reveal the Divine purpose of his/her Soul journey, and then manifest this purpose on the Physical Plane the Soul"s Karma releases this Individuated Aspect from bondage to cyclical Incarnation. The Wheel of Fortune is therefore a microcosm of the entire Procession of Archetypes in the Tarot Trumps Major. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Fate, Destiny, Karma, The Phoenix Principle, The Law of Rebirth.

State of Mind: Destiny, Fortune, Fate, Outcome, Culmination, Approaching the end of a problem, Good luck, Bad luck, The course of events from beginning to end, Advancement for better or worse, Felicity, Inevitability, Godsend, Conclusion, Result, Broken sequence, Interruption, Inconsistency, Unexpected events, Outside influence not contemplated, Karma, Phoenix principle

11 - JUSTICE - Restoration of Balance (Jeth; Libra) ~ Alternate: 8

Experiences Unconscious Adjustment....

Balancing of the Scales; Involuntary recompense. The unconscious adjustment of Karmic debt, i.e. via the Law of Cause and Effect or Purgatorial experiences between Incarnations as opposed to voluntary Balancing of the Scales via keeping the True Law in one s Heart (inscription on the Scroll held in the lap of the High Priestess). The Dispensation of punishments and rewards according to the precepts of Karmic Law, which is represented on the Physical Plane by external legal systems: lawyers, courts, prisons, etc. However, it is the Spiritual workings of an involuntary nature of which this Archetype speaks. Specifically, the adjustment of weights regarding Good and Evil during the time-frame of an individual Incarnation or that which is between individual Incarnations, i.e. the Purgatorial realm. One must pass beyond the need to be set into Balance via involuntary means in order to break beyond entrapment in the Karmic Wheel of rebirth. The "Law based" religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism represent the lofty ideals of living a righteous existence. Yet, the entropy of the material world enslaves humanity for the most part. Therefore, the Dispensation of involuntary recompense is a requirement for continued Spiritual evolution, along with the necessity of Reincarnation. Mystic understanding of the True Law accessed within one"s heart, the Way of the Christ, brings voluntary Harmony with the Balance required by the Source of all Life whereas bondage to involuntary Justice, as shown in this Archetype plainly by the upraised Sword, is no longer necessary and the Soul is thus liberated from the Cycle of rebirth. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Balance, Adjustment, Equilibrium

State of Mind: Justice, Proper balance, Harmony, Reasonableness, Equity, Righteousness, Virtue, Honor, Just reward, Eventual outcome, Equilibrium, Poise, Fairness, Self-satisfaction, Sincere desire, Good intentions, Well-meaning actions, Advice, Adjustment, Suspension of action pending decision, False accusations, Intolerance

12 - THE HANGED MAN - Suspension and Mental Transition (Lamed; Water, Neptune)

Reverses Mental Polarity....

Reversal of perception; The process of an alternation of orientation regarding Belief. A mental Focus Shift from external images to those generated within one"s True Self, the Mind of God of which we are all Aspects. The upside-down position of this Archetype signifies the Method of changing one"s perception from that of receiving external guidance to receipt of insightful Instruction from God"s Presence within one"s Being. The figure depicted is in reverse, whereas if he were looking at the reflection of the surrounding landscape on the surface of a quiet pond it would appear upright. This is the True position of Reality, and the external representation thereof is in actuality the world viewed through reflected Light. The Hanged Man shows reversal of mental polarity; one must literally "hang upside down" in order to change one"s thought patterns from receipt of what they believe as True that is offered via outside sources, i.e. other people, individual life events, etc. Images presented by others and external events are varied in degree from Negative to Positive in random sequence. Belief in this incoming information creates a proverbial "roller-coaster ride" through Life with highs and lows; the degrees of elation or depression dependent upon the quality of the images received. The Halo around the figure"s head is the Meditative state of Mind representative of suspended animation which opens the door to receipt of internal Guidance and creative motivation directly from the Universal Source. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Meditation, Suspended Animation.

State of Mind: Life in suspension, Transition, Change, Reversal of the mind, Reversal of one"s way of life, Apathy and dullness, Abandonment, Renunciation, The changing of life"s forces, Period of respite between significant events, Redemption through Sacrifice, Repentance, Readjustment, Regeneration, Approach of new life forces, Surrender, Abeyance, Indecision, Lack of progress, Outside factors having strong influences, Suffering, Unwillingness to make the necessary effort

13 - DEATH - Total Transformation through Dramatic Change (Mem; Scorpio)

Releases and Regenerates....

Metamorphosis and all of its implications; a New Beginning. Life, as it has been perceived undergoes a complete change and therefore transforms the Reality of the person who experiences the impact of this Archetype. Transformation via Dramatic Change, as symbolized by the image of physical Life being terminated and the Afterlife commencing. Therefore, a sudden pole reversal occurs, i.e. orientation or circumstances change is indicated. That which was the order of things has been totally shattered. Yet this is not an Archetype signifying the End, but rather the Beginning of a new personal Epoch. The Black Flag (i.e. Death) contains the White Rose (Life), indicative of rebirth, so the Mystery of Reincarnation is described. However, the True Meaning is to be applied in its symbolic sense. The Sun rising between the distant towers is another signification of the New coming over the horizon as the Old is trampled by change. Change is an integral part of the Life process, so the Black Knight"s Horse is ever moving forward. There are two ways to look at the passing of the Old to make way for the New. One is to refuse acceptance and be unwillingly crushed by the movement inherent in Transition (shown by the fallen King beneath the horse and his Crown removed by this action) or to embrace the evolutionary Reality of change by submitting to its course (shown by the Bishop in front of the approaching horse with an open acceptance of this coming alteration of his traveled Path). Transformation is the Key presented here and is the most positive application of this Archetype regarding change, which is inevitable as Life is not Static. Resistance to change, if taken to the extreme, could result in actual physical death. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Grim Reaper, The Black Horseman of the Apocalypse.

State of Mind: Transformation, Clearing away the old to make way for the new, Unexpected change, Loss, Alteration, Abrupt change of the old self, Ending of a familiar situation, Ending of a friendship, Financial loss, Beginning of a new era, Illness, possibly death, Surprise event, Failure, Destruction, End, Finality, Deep influence, Permanent mental scar, Inertia, Narrowly avoiding a serious accident, Stagnation, Immobility

14 - TEMPERANCE - The Art of Combination bringing Realization (Noun; Sagittarius)

Undertakes Alchemical Transmutation....

The Process of awakening Spiritual Reality through material experience in a manner of moderation and self-control which brings one toward eventual Cosmic Consciousness. The Combination of Spiritual forces, represented by the Right Foot in the water, and physical forces, represented by the the Left Foot on the land. Note that the liquid passing from Chalice to Chalice appears to be water, indicating that the Spirit is animating material substance with Life; this being shown by vegetation on the land. The Road passing from the water"s edge winds upward to the distant mountains where the Mystic Spiritual Crown is shown. This is the Path from a Primal Spirit, unaware of creative process, passing through successive Incarnations to acquire experience that leads toward eventual conscious Spiritual realization. Temperance, i.e. the balanced management of Life taking all things in moderation, is the means of maintaining steady progress during humanity"s long Search through Limitations of material existence for eventual Transformation into Divine Beings of Light. The Angel is symbolic of the next evolutionary Stage and the Sun signification (Astrological hieroglyph) on this figure"s forehead indicates the Origin of our solar system and Earth, as understood Spiritually as well as physically. The Square on her breast area is indicative of the Four Elements in stabilized formation (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth) and the Triangle within it shows the threefold nature of Incarnated Human Beings (Body, Soul, and Spirit). To establish perfect Balance, one needs to master the Elements through the Art of Temperance. This is the Mystical Path from humanity to Divinity. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Art, Fusion, Alchemy.

State of Mind: Moderation, Patience, Accomplishment through self-control and frugality, Accommodation, Harmony, Mixing or bringing together into perfect union, Management, Fusion, Adjustment, Good influence, Consolidation, Successful combination, Frugality, Reflection, Friendship, Compatibility, Ability to compromise, Acceptance of reality, Realization, Action based on accurate calculation, Economy, Success after elaborate maneuvers

15 - THE DEVIL - Interference due to Separation (Samew; Capricorn)

Encounters Obstruction....

The Appearance of bondage to the concept of being Separated from God; the illusion of self individually detached from the creative Source and in turn separated from other selves. This mirage is the root cause of Egotism which generates competition and strife among human beings. The visual representation of this card is the antithesis of The Lovers, with the sixth card in particular shown to be representative of the human condition before the Fall that caused expulsion from Paradise. The tails of the Man and Woman are lesser indicators of the respective Trees, i.e. Life and the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and their bondage to the pedestal upon which the Baphometic figure sits shows the results of partaking in the Forbidden Fruit. The Separation into materiality is the means of taking the Divine Spirit through a multi-faceted projection into individuated Souls whereas each Ray is obligated to re-discover its creative Origin in the Source of all Being. Herein lies the symbolism of the personal Ego, an illusion in Truth but the specific obstacle all Incarnated Beings must overcome in order to reach liberation from the Karmic Wheel, i.e. the Cycle of rebirth. All of the strife, greed, prejudice, hate, selfishness, lust, and Evil intentions of all kinds imaginable are the result of personal Egotism; individual manifestations of unbelief in the unity of all Consciousness within the Mind of the Source who dwells within all of us. Each incarnated Being has the Key to open the Door of Realization regarding this Truth, yet the Understanding that material existence (solidity) is an illusion must be recognized first. The obscuration of this Reality is the role of the proverbial Threshold Dweller represented on this card. Transcendence of Limitations is the act which sets us free. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Mephistopheles, Satan, Baphomet.

State of Mind: Subordination, Ravage, Bondage, Malevolence, Subservience, Downfall, Lack of success, Weird experience, Bad outside influence or advice, Black magic, Unexpected failure, Inability to realize one"s goals, Violence, Shock, Fatality, Self-punishment, Temptation to evil, Self-destruction, Dependency upon another person, Blind impulse, Obsession, Endurance

16 - THE TOWER - Dispersal Resulting from Catastrophic Impact (Ayn; Mars)

Collapses in Chaos....

Sudden impact shattering a system of perception whereas the falsehoods are laid bare and the resulting confusion requires acceptance of truth. False perception and interpretation of God and the Universe, as viewed intellectually, is the symbolism of the Tower. This structure is built on a foundation of misrepresentation, i.e. incorrect doctrine. Eventually, such orientation is shattered by intrusion from an unexpected source. The impact of Cosmic "Reality check" can be like unto being smitten by a bolt of lightning. All which appeared solid and of sound organization crumbles upon contact by such a thunderbolt so confusion, disorientation, and chaos result. The two figures plummeting on either side of the struck tower signify the transcendental Word of God fossilized by fundamentalist Belief in the heart of the Believer and the rigid interpretation resulting from such a narrow perspective. When the Truth hits home the House of Belief built by such distorted perception is suddenly shaken to its very foundation by the explosive shock of this experience. The parallel between conversion of an Atheist or Agnostic to Born Again Christianity is one example of this. Another, perhaps more appropriate, is the conversion of a fundamentalist follower of any particular religious doctrine to a transcendental understanding of the universal Oneness of all Spiritual Belief Systems, thus melting away the concept of Separation and the misrepresented idea that one Belief System is superior to all others. This specifically describes the cataclysmic nature of impact presented by the presence of this card in a formal pattern. The Heavens, so to speak, are "rolled up as a scroll" thus totally altering one"s sense of perception. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The House of God, Tower of Babel, Tower of Destruction.

State of Mind: Complete and sudden change, Breaking down of old beliefs, Abandonment of past relationships, Severing of a friendship, Changing one"s opinion, Unexpected events, Bankruptcy, Loss of stability, Loss of security, Disruption, Adversity, Calamity, Misery, Ruin, Termination, Events left behind, Quarrel, Combat, Danger, Destruction of plans, Escape from prison and all it implies, Sudden impact

17 - THE STAR - Inspiration through the Indwelling Spirit (Phe; Aquarius)

Opens to Illumination....

Indwelling Spirit; like unto the solar system illuminated by a central Sun, God shines within us, granting us Hope, Faith, Inspiration, and the clarity of Vision which reveals inner Truth. The Light within us shines to illuminate our lives and gives us Hope. The card, via representation of the Eight-Faceted Star prominent in the heavens with Seven Lesser Stars surrounding it, indicates the symbolic illumination of the Seven major Planetary Influences upon humanity as energized by the Sun"s radiance - and the Eight Points signify a New Beginning in store for all who choose acceptance thereof. The naked Female Figure represents the nurturing natural Life Energy, i.e. Mother Spirit indicative of Earth-based religious Belief Systems, and the waters in the Vessels she releases onto the Earth and into the Stream are in Truth the waters of Life Spirit animating the Material Plane and Astral World with Divine guidance which contains the power to lift one beyond all Limits. With the Life perspective as shown in this card taken as a basis of Reality for an individual, the Seeker finds the solution to material existence to be the unity of all created Life Forms via the One indwelling Spirit. Note the Lesser Stars, Seven in number to indicate complete Creation, are exact duplicates of the central Star, yet the Yellow brilliance shining from the greater luminary in this card is added for the purpose of revealing beyond a shadow of a doubt that all illumination of Incarnated Beings originates in the creative Mind of God, and the White center of the central Star corresponds to the whiteness of the surrounding Stars. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Sirius, The Guiding Light.

State of Mind: Hope, Faith, Inspiration, Bright prospects, Mixing of the past and present, Optimism, Insight, Good omen, Spiritual love, Astrological influence, Fulfillment, Pleasure, Proper balance of desire and work, Proper balance of hope and effort, Proper balance of love and expression, Satisfaction, Destiny, Easily influenced, Preparing for new horizons, Culmination of hard work, Unexpected help, Clarity of vision

18 - THE MOON - Deception by the Illusion of Separation (Sade; Pisces)

Becomes Lost in Reflection....

The World of externally-based Reality, i.e. materialistic existence and all of the subjective Fear contained therein. Life based upon illusory fantasy rather than Truth found in God who dwells within us. This card signifies the illusion of the Separation which ordinary waking consciousness accepts as Reality. Such is the Nature of reflected Light, i.e. that of the Sun when Mirrored to Earth via the Moon. To place one"s acceptance of a Reality founded on reflection, i.e. external perception, puts one under the deception of fantasies, like unto mistaking the Moon"s Light for that of the Sun. In Truth, Earth revolves around the Sun, and in turn the Moon rotates around the Earth, so understand that this is the Reality and therefore dispel illusion. The path leading from the Watery Depths, between the Two Towers and to the Mountainous Heights beyond their Threshold represents the Road into the Mysterious Unknown, according to one whose basis for personal Reality is the World of reflected Light. To take this Path would shatter the illusion and allow the One Spirit of the Creator to Illuminate the Soul internally. The Fears generated in the process of deciding whether or not to take this Road must eventually be faced and overcome because, in the End we shall all pass beyond the barriers of deception. These Fears are represented by the Two Canines, one Wild (Wolf) and one Domesticated (Dog). They both share a common urge to bay at the Moon because they represent our Link in the evolutionary process through Matter; the Canines signifying two stages in this process. The Crustacean Form rising from the depths only to fall back into its watery realm represents a much earlier evolutionary Form and suggesting the most basic and vile human tendencies, i.e. the Dark Side. The Sixteen Greater and Sixteen Lesser Rays around the Moon in this card show a State of Separation as compared to the Eight Rays shown in the Star. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Luna, The Mirror.

State of Mind: Deception, Twilight, Obscurity, Intuition, Disillusionment, Danger, Bad influence, Ulterior motives, False friends, Selfishness, Deceit, Craftiness, Disgrace, Slander, Libel, Superficiality, Unknown enemies, Caution, Scandal, Error, Trickery, Madness

19 - THE SUN - Renewal via Recognition of Internal Illumination (Cof; Sun)

Acknowledges the Source....

The World of internally-based Reality, i.e. Spiritual existence, and all of the serenity of God"s True Inner Light which Illuminates our Material World, being a mirror image of Spiritual Reality. As the reflected light of the Moon represents the delusions caused by the Separation, so the direct light of the Sun, in turn, indicates the ultimate destiny of liberation from bondage to materiality and also realization of Life in the Spirit. Furthermore, a perception change is indicated whereas the physical Sunlight that warms and vitalizes the Earth is understood as an external representation of the Spiritual Sun of internal Illumination inherent in humanity and all other Life Forms in the natural Creation as well. The Child on the White Horse signifies the open state of mind required to transcend the limited physical perception of ordinary consciousness, like unto the accepting mind of a child. All the building blocks of a separated existence based on randomness, i.e. chance, must be set aside. Spiritual building blocks of a union in Spirit with all created Life must be used toward the understanding of our True Nature; thus the Child is riding away from the Walled Garden from whence he came. He is Naked for he is all-accepting of the Truth with no clothes of the past illusion to obscure it. The sense of True prosperity in the Light of right perception is indicated in this card, and though the usual divinatory meanings of this image in a Spread suggest success, happiness, etc. pertaining to material matters, it is the Spiritual basis for said prosperity and happiness that gives this card its True significance. When One knows in one"s own heart our True Spiritual Origin and lives daily in this understanding, all good fortune is seen coming from God. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Sol, Apollo"s Chariot.

State of Mind: Accomplishment, Contentment, Success, Favorable relationships, Love, Joy, Devotion, Unselfish sentiment, Engagement, Happy marriage, Pleasure in daily existence, A good friend, High spirits, Warmth, Sincerity, Pleasures derived from simple things, Achievement in the arts, Liberation, Glory, Gain, Triumph, Manifestation

20 - JUDGEMENT - Regeneration through Initiation (Resh; Fire, Pluto)

Crosses the Threshold....

Initiation of the Aspirant after fully learning from the inner Teacher that all Life is Spirit made manifest through physical Form and that perception change in each individuated Soul on Earth, through the process of Life experience, is the Divine purpose for existence. The culmination of the Transformation process. The Path from orientation toward reflected Light (the Moon) has been fully traveled and the Adept now stands in realization that True Illumination is internal. This card is the Final Decision regarding the Past, thereby a Future totally New lies ahead, so this card can be heralded as the signifier of Initiation. All of the preparatory steps have led to this outcome. The Angel and Trumpet, calling forth the Dead to rise from their graves, is an accurate representation of of the Mystic symbolism behind the concept of resurrection. As we die to our material nature and desires, We are reborn into Spirit and Divine understanding of the process and purpose of Life. The Death and Resurrection of Christ set the great example for human perception change. The analogy of the mirror image of the World as seen revealed on the surface of a quiet pond, being reversed whereas the original image is the one reflected on the pond"s surface, is the True Reality (Spiritual origin). The World perceived externally through the five senses is a mere reflection representative of Spirit manifested in physical Form. The five senses aligned via the sixth sense, i.e. intuition (the Third Eye), is the transformational Key to Initiation and Spiritual Metamorphosis. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: Time, The Aeon.

State of Mind: Atonement, The need to repent and forgive, Accounting for the manner in which opportunities have been used, Rejuvenation, Rebirth, Improvement, Development, Promotion, Desire for immortality, Legal judgment in one"s favor, Considering the effects of present actions upon other people, Determination, Decision, Result, Outcome, Apology, Opportunity, Readjustment, Final decision concerning the past, New current for the future, Taking a definite step, Initiation

21 - THE WORLD - Transpersonal Synthesis (Tau; Saturn)

Enters the Cosmic Dream....

Synthesis is complete and Spirit indwelling the material Form has totally overcome all restrictions, so freedom of expression is unlimited in every way. The result of Initiatory Passage beyond the Threshold or Day of Judgement into the Cosmic Dream. Synthesis is completed in the symbolism of this card, and material existence is totally impregnated with the essence of Divine origin and awareness of Spirit. Evolution through successive incarnations has brought the Soul through the Fire of Purification, represented by the Four Apocalyptic Beasts of Ezekiel"s Vision and the rewards of perfect Balance, indicated by the Wands in each hand of the Dancing Figure, become manifest. The Garland of Life is an ellipse vertically oriented around said figure with Scarlet Cross-bands at Top and Bottom, which show the Mystery of Christ"s Mission in the Mind of God (Top) and revealed through the physical manifestation of perfected humanity on Earth (Bottom). The Hermetic axiom: "As Above, So Below" is indicated here. Success, triumph; the end result of all efforts of the individuated Soul to complete its personal Mission as a Ray of Universal Spirit indwelling material Form is signified by this card. The World of the five senses, illuminated by the Third Eye or sixth sense, having fully transcended Karmic limitations by passing through the Judgement process is fused with Divine Spirit. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Universe, Synthesis.

State of Mind: Completion, Perfection, Ultimate change, The end result of all efforts, Success, Synthesis, Fulfillment, Capability, Triumph in undertakings, Rewards that come from hard work, Eternal life, Admiration of others, Assurance, Significant influence, Preponderance, Favorable outcome, Inertia, Imperfection, Failure to complete the task one starts, Lack of vision, Perseverance, Crystallization of the whole matter involved

Author Bio :
Author Bio : Joseph H. Bryan-Royster received his Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science and also a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics. His specialization in this field is Archetypal Metaphysics, Research & Synthesis, which examines symbolic imagery emanating from higher planes of existence and how it can affect the physical manifestation of events.

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