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7th Channeling of the Spring 2009 Kryon Festival - Sheldrak

{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig, Kryonschule}

Article word count : 1982 -- Article Id : 2209
Article active date : 2009-06-01 -- Article views : 7417

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Article is about :
Sheldrak talks about Atlantis and Lentos, the epoch immediately following that of Atlantis. He also tells us that there are no problems, there are only solutions. The spiritual world sees the strength of our intention all the time. The stronger it is, the more they can help us.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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I am Sheldrak and have received the status of a God, for in countless incarnations I was the Knight Templar, the warrior of the light, the dragon rider, the messenger of God, the herald. With the words OMAR TA SATT I bid you welcome.

I would like to say to Sangitar before I pass the messages on to you:
MONA"OHA. However, I would like to explain that what causes Sangitar difficulties is that she as clairaudient medium may not improve anything, but she has to repeat word for word what she hears. But Sheldrak, too, will not send words that will scare you for I am a loving God, powerful and full of energy. Power of radiation is generated when the words of Sheldrak fill the room. And yet I would like to guide you into remembering. To where you, too, worked in epochs. For you, too, are a warrior of the light, a priestess, the messenger of God, the Knight Templar, the magician, the healer.

The veil of oblivion still sits deep when it comes to remembering what you have experienced in various epochs once.

Firstly it is very important to understand that this epoch, the Golden Age, bears a very soft, a very loving, a very bearing energy and is the most important epoch of all. For with this epoch the Earth will enter into a new energy with various planets. But so many epochs were necessary so that this can happen here.

I go back into the epoch of Atlantis. The time of Atlantis was a very difficult time, for you have to know that the experiment almost failed there and God inhaled all planets with one breath. There was war between dark and light. Exactly in this time many in the deep duality had decided to serve the God Lucifer.

In deep closeness to the warriors of the light, Toth and Seth to name but two, it was prevented that God inhales.

But how were the warriors of the light in Atlantean times? The lightful warriors were full of love and intention, they had the power, the knowledge and the wisdom to fight for that. They wanted to save the life of the planet. They wanted to save the lives of the human beings and they were in such deep intention that they often gave their lives for it.

They gave their body, their life for it, to then renew themselves in the Halls of Amenti. They never tired of fighting, whatever the cost. For them there were no ifs and no buts. They were completely in service to do what their task was.

When it was decided that the basic energy in the Atlantean realm had risen and it became light on Earth these warriors, as well as the Knights Templar and the priestesses had brought the divine knowledge into dimensions where it is safe, for example in the pyramids. But not only in the pyramids in Egypt, but they have distributed the knowledge in many pyramids all over the Earth. They have written down the word of God in the lightlanguage and in Crystals, for they knew there would come a time where these truths will be deciphered and understood by human beings. For this knowledge is needed so that the Earth can immerse itself fully in the New Energy.

There are many warriors of the light among you, there are many magnetic masters, priestesses, Knights Templar. But Sheldrak would like to ask you, all of you who are present here: How deep is your intention? How deep is your intention? Is your intention so deep that, when you feel a Light Body symptom you turn away?

Or is your intention so deep that you know that much is necessary in order to bring the Earth into a new energy. It does not happen only with lightness. It is connected with all sorts of things.

Much of it you simply cannot understand yet because though this knowledge is embedded in you through words yet it will not be freed yet. But this does not therefore mean that this knowledge and the energetic pattern are not embedded in you.

Imagine how many jobs are necesssary to produce an motorcar? But the key, the sacred key so that you can drive off with the car, this you only receive when the time has come.

When the Atlantean epoch finished the warriors of the light and their entourage, as well as the high priestesses and the temple dancers returned for the first time - think about and call into your awareness what that means - for the first time back into the universe. And yet they went back on to Earth.

Now I will tell you a revelation, a secret, which up until now has never been written down or said through a medium:

There is an epoch after Atlantis which is called Lentos. It has never been mentioned before because as soon this is conveyed in words a certain energy is set free and this energy contributes very intensely, very lovingly, full of intention, but very powerfully to let the Earth float higher. Lentos was a very short epoch. The old Gods as well as the priestesses as well as you who are sitting on your chairs here, you returned as the heralds. In Lentos a new time energy was created. For the first time the duality was broken through a little and for the first time the veil lifted a little. The heralds have left their energy behind on the Easter Islands. There you are anchored with your energy. If one were to strive for measurings you would notice and know that this energy of the heralds on the Easter Islands lies between the pyramids in Peru and the pyramids in Egypt. These heralds have borne the New Age with a new energy further.

Everywhere on Earth there are places where God"s energy is anchored. Everywhere there are these places where the secret codes are embedded, the keys of the truth. You are told again and again, and the Pioneers among you know it exactly, that the message, whenever it rings out, is the words. Never can words describe what is really happening. It is the energy that stands behind the words and which is pouring into you. These energy patterns are changing very much at present and the currents, they are being anchored deep in your consciousness.

You have heard, again and again, that there are so many paths in order to awaken, to find the divinity within, and that is important, it comprises the truth. But you here have chosen this path, the path of the 48 Steps which guide you into awakening. About this Sheldrak would like to convey a few more messages.

Many who take these Steps naturally feel the energy and hear the words from the spiritual world. They are deeply touched and feel the change, but even here it is the case that with certain Steps a certain energetic pattern is embedded that flows into your Light Body and into your merkabah. I would like to tell you, with Step 10 your intention is tested. With Step 24 the redemption energy of Christ is released in you. With Step 28 patterns of wisdom are embedded in you. Step 37 contains the pattern through which your merkabah activates itself. With Step 44 your DNA is decoded. From Step 44 till 48 you receive all the patterns that comprise your task. It is of great importance to Sheldrak to make this known to you.

With the Pioneer Steps the patterns are strengthened. The car is made, but the niceties are improved here. The energetic patterns are brought even deeper into yourself.

A very important epoch for many of you was Avalon. Avalon was the epoch of love and freedom, but also magic. Many students have gone through magic rituals there. Whenever you connect yourself with Avalon the magic pattern is activated in you.

The Golden Age, the redemption that Jesus, the Christ, has brought to Earth lets even us, who have been elevated to the status of a God, kneel down.

For Jesus has achieved something that is so important and so full of love that there are no human words for this. In some writings it says that Jesus had 12 disciples. In reality, however, it was 12 different frequencies with whom Jesus has taken his path. Bearing for this was the golden-blue frequency. He has once, like you, taken these Steps of realization and his intention was so deep.

When your intention is deep, when you feel that your intention gets deeper and deeper, then power develops from that and with this power you can move mountains! The difficulty - it has already been mentioned - always lies in the fact that you doubt yourself, that you think that you are not good enough.

But Kryon has told you once - and hear this message - there are no problems, there are only solutions. We bring you the golden tray. There the solutions are, but you focus on the problem. Many who are present here have understood this. They have changed the focus and the consciousness. They look at the solution and consequently have changed their whole lives. When you ask yourself in the human everyday life in the duality: the way it is in the duality, why does it work for one person and not for me? Then look at the tray of solutions, for that is what these human beings have done. For as long as the duality exists there will always be something like stumbling blocks. But you have the power and the might to push these blocks aside, and with each block that you push aside you become stronger and stronger and yet stronger.

But never make the spiritual world responsible for your life.

We give you everything and bring you a gift with each word. But you decide whether you would like to accept it or not. Sometimes perhaps you do not agree with some of the messages the spiritual world passes on, but believe me, even - Sangitar has to let it through - even if it sounds harsh, it does not matter whatsoever. Words can never express what really happens. They are very, very limited.

And I would like to tell you that we always and always at any time see your intention in your Light Body. Naturally we love everyone, we love everybody the same. There are no differences in love with us. In the divine love there is no difference. The one is not loved more than the other. And yet there is a difference, namely that of the intention. And naturally we turn towards those more whose intention becomes stronger for we need strong Lightpioneers, we need strong light bearers in this time. When we see that the intention drops, we love you immeasurably, we have deep compassion and still we turn towards those who are full of intention and full of power.

I would like to emphasize once more here for all of you: everything is possible! Everything is possible! If something is not possible then only because you limit your mind and lock up your vision, because you are afraid and worry. Gain the freedom for yourself to do that which is intended for you with joy and lightness.

I would love to tell you something about the medium Sangitar, but she does not permit it.
Thus, as warrior of the light I will say goodbye to you with the words

The words of the lightlanguage of the Elohim used in this channeling mean:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworkers" greeting, energy of welcome
MONA"OHA - trust
A NI O"HEVED O"DRACH - you are being loved immeasurably
AN"ANASHA - gratitude, balance between giving and taking

Author Bio :
Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - The Spiritual Course of Awakening'. Once a month she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim which is also published on the Kryonschool website. You are welcome to browse the website, please click here

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