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Animal Reflection Readings

{written by : Carolyn Page}

Article word count : 2043 -- Article Id : 2230
Article active date : 2009-06-06 -- Article views : 1599

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Article is about :
Animal Reflection Readings can help us to get to the crux of a matter when we are having difficulty understanding the nuances of any situation.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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There are a number of ways to do a reading: Use your imagination to create the 26 Animal Reflection Names. You may choose to create a deck of cards; or slips of paper with the Animal Reflection Names written upon them and keep them in a favourite jar or bowl. If you have made your own cards make sure that the names are folded, or turned down, so that your choice is randomly selected. If however, by gently allowing your eyes to lightly move over the 26 Animal Reflection Names below, you feel especially driven to choose a particular animal, then by all means allow yourself to be guided in this way.

Alpaca: Anteater: Antelope: Ape: Armadillo: Badger: Bat: Beaver: Camel: Capybara: Cow: Coyote: Deer: Dog: Fish: Fox: Giraffe: Hamster: Hedgehog: Hyena: Kudo: Lion: Meerkat: Moose: Otter: Panda

Select just 1 animal reflection for a quick insight into what drives the situation.

Select 2 animal reflections for an understanding of (1) The present and (2) The possible outcome.

Select 3 animal reflections to gain understanding of (1) The past (2) The present and (3) The possible outcome.


Gee; not such a long way to go! Bet you thought there"d be more to us than that; huh? No, we"re pretty ordinary folk who just want peace and quiet. Yeah. Just peace and quiet.


Well, well, well; so you think that life is easy? Well, well, well; no, it is not for the feint hearted. Needs courage to get through; yeah courage and a lot of good luck! A time to be healthy, dear heart!

Healthy means in good temper, both physically and mentally. We see you a little unhealthy, at this present moment. We ask that you allow health to prevail. See your current situation as bringing either health or un-health to you. Courage, dear one; courage and a good deal of luck is what will bring rewards.


A hop, step and a jump away from having it, dear heart. Yes indeed. It is almost yours. Be patient. That"s right. Patience. Do we need to say more? Patience is indeed a virtue.


Chicken feed; hens teeth and chicken feed. What"s this you"re giving me? Don"t you know it"s wrong, wrong, wrong? Don"t give me chicken feed.
Sometimes we allow others to say and do those things that can bring harm. Sometimes, there is a need to tell others that this just won"t do. A time to speak up.


A need to protect oneself from the torments of life. Harden up!!

We all need, at times, to look at our self-protection. Do we need to adjust our outlook to accommodate the times? Certainly we do. We must not allow outside appearances to fool us into believing that all is well.


Up in the morning off to work. (See The Dolly Parton song Working nine to five.) Wow, what a heavy burden it is to have to do everything! Life just isn"t fair...


Correct position in life; this is what is required.
Often times, we find ourselves in the wrong position and need to investigate our rightful position. Do we belong where we are? Do we need to take stock of what we are doing? Do we believe that with a little inner investigation we may find that things are not quite as they should be? A time to ponder our position.


What! Lots to do! You say we"ve got lots to do! Yeah, that"s life. Yeah, that"s to be expected. Did you think that life was to be easy? Yeah? No; life is for working hard in whatever manner is right for you.


Straight shooter. No nonsense son of a gun. No deviations. A straight course for me. (I have a goal and I will quietly achieve; for I have strength of conviction as my guide.)
Focus and power, forthrightness and diligence are what are required. Waiting about for someone else to take a stand is not what is needed at this point in time.


Hello there! My name is Capybara and I have a tale to tell. No, it"s not a long tale; for I am succinct, you see. I thrive in order. I enjoy pleasure. I am likeable, loveable; it"s true.
And this is what we say to you. Order is the only way. If we are not ordered in our comings and goings, then we shall have chaos, yes chaos; and this certainly won"t do.


How about a life, dear one? Have you got one? Are you doing the best with it?
These are questions which you need to answer for yourself. Don"t think that others know best. No, dear heart; they do not. YOU know, dear one, what is best for you.
Think. Think. Think. What, in your heart of hearts, do you really want? that"s right. What do YOU really want? Only you have that answer.


Around and around and around we go; where she stops, nobody knows. Life"s a bit like that. Around and around and around it goes; where it stops, nobody knows. So why are you worrying? Stop worrying. It will happen!


I"m free; free as the wind. I see with eyes of love; for I"m free; free as the wind. I am love and I see through the eyes of love. So gentle and sweet is love. So gentle and sweet are we.
If it is freedom that you want; you will need to attain it inwardly first. Once you have done this, there will not be a need to fly away; for you will be safe within.


Ever true. Faithful. Loving. Loveable. A true servant, humble and willing.
This is true for the dog family, however; are you going a little too far with your love? Do you think that your love is being abused? Could you be over indulging your loved ones? These questions need your concern, at this moment in time. We ask that you investigate how much you are giving to others, and see if perhaps, just perhaps, you are giving too much.


How"s about going out and finding out what"s what!? Why sit at home wondering, when there"s so much to know; so much to do!? Yes; life can be difficult at times. However, are we going to take the bull by the horns, or are we going to whither and die? The choice is always ours.


So much to do, so much to see. Don"t stand still. I see all that"s about me for a metre or two; then up I look to see what"s new. Down again to the left, to the right; over the fence and turn to the right. Did I hear something? Only just you! Somewhere up there, is where I want to be; somewhere, somewhere, even there; no there, there, there or there. Is this where I"m meant to be?
Nervous energy abounding at this point in time. Garner it in else it seize you with its electricity of misfortune. You would do well to sit awhile. Stop thinking, thinking, thinking, and allow the lighter energies to have their way with you. That"s right; allow the calmer energies to have their way. When you do this, you will begin to think more clearly and with a brighter note!


Woops! Got over that one. Woops! Got over that one too. Woops here comes another one. Guess I"ll get over that one too. Life has a way of handing us situations and conditions that we feel we cannot cope with; this is compulsory!
No-one has an easy life. No, no-one gets it easy. It is not what comes around that bears us down, but how we deal with it. There is a wrong way and a right way. Know that you will find the right way to deal with this situation, and that you too will be able to say. Phew; I got over that one too!


There is a need, dear heart, to investigate the inner working once again. Why carry such pain around with you when it is soooooo easy to let it go. That"s right. It is soooooo easy to let it go.
Just ask us, dear heart, and we will assist in the removal of the pain that you carry within your mind. Just ask, dear one; and if you are sincere in your desire to be free, then so be it...


Day"s end. Can"t wait for day"s end. Giving up, dear one? Are you going to give up on living a life that suits you? It doesn"t have to suit any other person, dear heart, this is true; as long as it suits YOU.
Think upon this, and see if what you want to do, and what others want for you to do, is one and the same? Then think upon the matter of whose life are you living?


I get bad press you know. Could it be my looks? Is there more to me than what one can see? Is there a deeper more personable character that no one knows; just me? It"s true, I don"t care for silly games; for those things which the masses expect and desire. No, that"s not me. I just want to live my life as it suits me; not bothering anybody; unless they bother me. No, I just want to live my life as it suits me, and those I love. Is there something wrong with that?


How are you? Never mind the rat race; it won"t go away! Never mind the things that bother you; they won"t go away! Better to accept all things; don"t rebel, don"t object. Better to remain at peace; at peace where you do best.
There are those times when all we need to do is to accept. It won"t mean sacrificing your integrity; it simply means allowing others to think and do as they see fit.


Had a nasty thing happen yesterday; something; somewhere; somehow. Heard a rumour; it wasn"t good; these things happen somehow. Thought I knew what life was about; guess I"m not so smart. Heard a nasty rumour yesterday.


Look about! Look about! Look out, for there are predators about! Yes, my friend; it is a time to look out; for there are those who do not have your best interest at heart. You would be wise to refrain from action, at this point in time, and allow the dust to settle. When it has settled, in a day or two, you will see more clearly the action that needs to be taken.


Hi there! Just as cute as a moose. A favourite saying of mine. Just as cute as a moose. It"s worth repeating don"t you think?
A need to think a little more kindly about yourself. You are doing the best that can be done under the circumstances. Yes, there is always room for a little self analysis; if it is of a positive vibe. However, to feel constantly self critical is another animal, so to speak. Lighten up, and see the positives.


Catch me if you can. Now you see me. Now you don"t. There is a time for coming and going; for evolving, for resting; however now is the time for quick movement away from the oncoming danger. Be as the otter and dart about with great agility in order to confuse your foe!


I"m miserable, and then I"m happy. I"m miserable, and then I"m sad; I"m miserable and sad. I"m sad and miserable.
Well, dear heart, what is it to be? Will you sit in doom and gloom, or will you allow the lighter energies to have their way? It is always a choice, dear one. We hope that you choose a brighter note. However; as has been said, this is always a choice.

Author Bio :
Carolyn Page and The Collective Consciousness work as one bringing new understandings of 'life as spirit' to the forefront. Visit her website ABC of Spirit Talk - Animal Reflections

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