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Nature spirits –my first recollections of photographic evidence.

{written by : Pictoriale}

Article word count : 561 -- Article Id : 2265
Article active date : 2009-06-20 -- Article views : 7487

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Article is about :
Recollection of my early days finding nature spirits unexpectedly in my photographs.

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I like to take photographs with my digital camera and noticed some years ago that odd things were showing up with regular frequency in my photography.
Close examination of the photographs revealed many odd things, which sent me scampering down different paths of reading material and took me to various locations to delve further into the phenomena. I tried to use known logic initially, but got stumped very early on with the images I was seeing.

As time went on I started to actually see phenomena without the aid of a camera and sense it also. I have also had audio phenomena, but more infrequently. This, what I call a "gift", appears to get continually stronger.
So what was this phenomenon I was seeing?

Initially I was seeing non-physical “little people” who looked very similar to human, but on miniature scale.
I was reminded of a book I read as a child "The Borrowers", a supposedly fictional story about little people living behind the skirting boards of a house, who would come out and "borrow" things from the humans of the house.

I then noticed other different sized people/beings appearing in the photographs.

I was fascinated and very intrigued. I started to read all I could about other people"s accounts of these beings - fairies, elves, gnomes, dwarves, devas, elementals.

As I read, I also realised that no two accounts were the same; it was definitely a personal thing. Classical names for these beings were used quite often and I got lost within all that terminology. I was not sure what classification I was seeing and as they appeared as people to me, "people" is what I tend to call them. For me to "know" about these things, was going to be by personal exploration, not just by reading other people accounts of the phenomena and what they had experienced. I also realised, these books did not contain real photographs of the phenomena, only artistic illustrations.

I was surprised though when I viewed my photographs, because the majority of the "people" tended to be looking at the camera. Often posing, smiling, and waving at me. I could see looks of amazement, some of shock, on faces. I could see I was also being pointed at, it was as if they suddenly realised, "Hey this one sees us!"

I also wondered how that worked, how did they know I was coming to take photographs in a certain area? I often found and find groups all huddled together as if wanting to get a group shot done. I guessed that since these beings were not of the physical world, did not appear to have a physical body; they were not constrained by the same laws of limitations that we are. They obviously work within a different framework, where time and space is not relevant to them.

I often have the feeling I am working with these beings, to bring forth these photographs for others to see.

I also realised a deep affection I had for them, they were friends. This feeling is just natural; I did not have to nurture it. I am never intimidated or feel frightened by being surrounded by these beings, they are just there and probably always have been, I had just not been able to see them, acknowledge them and wonder at them.

My journey continues.

Author Bio :
Written by Pictoriale,

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