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Self Creationism

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Article word count : 2710 -- Article Id : 23
Article active date : 2008-04-01 -- Article views : 7486

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Article is about :
You as a being, are totally in control of everything that happens to you. You have designed and created your life, in order for you to learn and understand what you need to, in order for you to get where you need to.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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This is probably one of the most powerful belief systems available to man's awareness, and it has basically one simple principle.

You as a being, are totally in control of everything that happens to you. You have designed and created your life, in order for you to learn and understand what you need to, in order for you to get where you need to. In order for you to achieve wholeness. You are the creator of your life in every aspect of it, the good and the bad.

Are you in control of your life?... No?.... Well thinking that you are not in control does not make it less so. I suspect that when you are considering the answer to this question however, you are probably simply considering your conscious physical life, and thinking. And if that is the only perspective from which you are viewing your life. Then I would agree, you are likely to have little control.

It is important however that you understand that you are in fact multidimensional, in that you have an actor (usually associated with your physical self and physical universe environment), and an observer / creator (usually associated with your subconscious or spirit side) all in you. The observer is constantly analysing your life, and seeing if it is on track to what it believes you need to experience, in order for it to create that which your actor needs to act out. This is normally very closely associated with your body and physical environment.

If this is considered from the perspective of life design and control (where the observer in you sits) the view will change significantly. You are able to consider the possibility that the life design and control is not necessarily made in the physical universe as you are consciously aware of it, but rather on a spirit level (which most of human kind has little awareness of). This would also suggest that the spirit level likely exerts some control over your life.

How much?... you ask... Well this will vary from person to person. A relatively simple way to measure this is to figure out the proverbial distance between your physical consciousness and your spiritual consciousness, together with your understanding of self creationism principles and your skill to manipulate your spirit side from a conscious level. And the more your skill increases, the more your conscious level control becomes. Sadly though you are likely to find that at this time, the majority of your life control is situated in the spirit level, and to top it off you will find that your spirit likes being in control, making it that much more difficult to manipulate at will.

But surely my spirit side knows best?.... Whilst this may be true to some extent, there is one specific issue which you need to consider when considering the knowledge of your spirit, and it's ability to do what's best for you. And that is that it is using experience and memories accumulated over many life times as a framework for the decisions that it makes for you, even in this life time. Unfortunately this does not guarantee the best outcome for you in this life time, as it will be influenced by others (which may have been lived by a totally different set of parameters). I would certainly prefer that I retain control over this life time, and that I decide consciously what happens to me in this lifetime. And noting that I do not wish to abandon my spirit experience totally. I just want the ability to choose which of the influences I will allow to influence my current life time. This is after all where I'm at right now.

Wow.... Quite a mouth full.... And you will definitely have to chew on this some. If some of these concepts seem difficult at this time I would suggest that you not worry about this too much, because this will become a lot clearer in the pages to follow. At this time I would merely like to make sure that there is some awareness of these concepts. Having awareness of this is but the first step in taking control of the observer and creator in you. Now that you know, you can actively start learning how to campaign your life design. That is if you do not simply want to "live out your life", but actually wish to choose to create it.

Self Creationism – multidimensional being

As suggested on the previous page we are in fact multidimensional beings. Understanding of this and how it all fits together is fairly important in the quest for creative control over your life. So.. here is a simplified representation of you. :

To make it possible to fully understand this representation I would like to introduce you to yourself. "SELF - Meet observer". "Observer - Meet SELF"....

Now that you have met your observer (your higher self) it should be easier to understand and realise that it is there, and exerts significant power over your life. This awareness will make it possible for you to start rebuilding yourself, and eventually make it possible for you to become the Observer, and through this the creator of your total life (consciously).

The first and most essential part of understanding all of this is to start becoming aware of the roles each of your parts play, and also how important each part really is. The most obvious place to begin, is with the body.

Lets define this. The body is essentially meat and bone. It has no life on it’s own, and needs the infusion of a soul / spirit to be alive. The body has a limited lifespan, and when the lifespan of the body is finished, the soul will leave the body, and essentially move on. Once the body has completed it’s lifespan, it will wither and return to dust. One question that one can ask is whether or not the body has any affect or power. On it’s own, a definitive no. With the presence of an associated soul, the body becomes a very useful tool. One which can be used for many purposes. This in mind one can draw but one conclusion. The body is disposable, replaceable and definitely only has value if there is a user. How important is it then? I do not believe this requires and answer from me.

The next logical step in this is the soul or spirit or being. This is you. Now this could mean a lot of things. The best way however to describe this, is to look at the physical universe model of a baby growing up and old. In old age this baby would have collected a huge amount of information, and memories. These memories will also make this person who he or she is. A simple way of looking at this is to realise that you as a person, are the totality of all the memories that you have accumulated over the duration of your life. Drawing this through to your spirit or being, this is what you are, except this stretches from the beginning of time and even before this, and will continue onwards for eternity. You are the totality of all the memories you have accumulated over time, throughout life times, in various universes, and experiences.

Another defining point in this instance is to make at least one comparison, between body and soul. The soul is a memory bank, it keeps memories, for reference in your lives, note the plural. The body has the ability to think and figure things out. Essentially the body, has interpretative abilities, which makes it possible for you to understand the memories accumulated and further use them as a point of reference when reacting, and responding to things that happen in your life. It must also be understood, that not all the memories accumulated over life times are in fact pleasant and positive ones, which may result in creation of bad things in this life. Things that are clearly not intentional. A simple and well known word that describes this is "karma", a subject which will receive some more attention further on.

This brings about the next step. Infusion of the soul into the body. Keeping everything in mind the soul, being the keeper of memories, has to link up with the body, in a way which would make it possible for the memories of the body to be transferred to the soul for future reference. In order for this to happen, channels of communication between body and soul are opened, well totally. Everything that the body experiences, sound, images even smells, are recorded by your soul into it's memory banks. These memories then become keys to certain, sometimes unexplained responses. Ever wonder why you sometimes get angry for no apparent reason. Now although the normal everyday memories that are recorded do not have a significant impact on your life, there are memories that will. These are usually the ones charged with significant energy, as a result of a significantly intense experiences that were recorded into memory.

A little confused?... Do not worry... More detailed explanations following now... (noting that you may want to come back to this some time)

Let us start again with the image above and follow the arrows:

  • The "body" is a biological construct of what your physiological ancestry (genetic memory engraved in your DNA) considers the best qualities you could have for the purpose of survival of that body. It is the actor and essentially lives as much as as it can, and under instruction from the;
  • "Brain" which is merely a switchboard, with certain abilities which enables us to think remember and control our bodies. These abilities are controlled by three very unique and individual aspects;
    • "Conscious mind" - This is where we think, and interpret. What we want is that we are able to control our lives from this level and essentially be able to have our lives be the way we think it up to be. This aspect helps you think and makes introspection possible, as well as interpret experiences and memories. This is also the place where we are able to will something, and with decision manage some control over our bodies.
    • "Memory" - This is merely a very sophisticated recording device which records everything that happens to you (sort of like a video tape, or these days a DVD). This aspect however has a further ability in that its methods of filing are by association. So a specific memory will be filed in your mind by whatever association has been made as a reference (an image of a face will recall a name etc..). Of interest is that the memories stored in this part of the mind will always be associated with some reference or another. You will however find that some references are so subtle that these memories will become vague, and recall will be difficult. It is also important to take note that this aspect will only store memories of experiences you've had in this life. No memories outside of this will be stored here. Also do not forget the sophistication of the memory, which is totally extraordinary in respect of the things it is able to remember. It is able to remember (and recall) physical pain, as easy as an image of the last sunset on the beach you've watched, and as easy as remembering your home phone number. It can also remember solutions that you had for problems you've encountered, etc..
    • "Emotional mind" - also known as the instinctive mind. This part of the brain is responsible for the survival of the body, and will act purely based on its perceptions of what it deems necessary for the body to survive, by the use of chemical secretions which it uses to control the whole body. This is where most of the action happens as this is where control is maintained over your body (with or without your conscious approval). This is also the autopilot for you body, where trained actions (like walking, and talking) are performed from. This is also one of the more life destructive parts of your mind, and as such we will be spending a lot more time here, in future.
  • "The senses" are merely devices used by the body to interpret it's surroundings so that information can be sent to your emotional mind for reaction, and only once you emotional minds deems this to be safe, will your conscious mind have an opportunity to think about it, whilst at the same time your memory banks will associate and remember these.
  • And the most important part of you "Spirit / Soul / Being / Subconscious" {Noting that in some schools of thought the subconscious are considered the physical memory banks. This may be merely a difference in terminology and should therefore be viewed in context of the image above.} Moving on though the soul is essentially the larger you, well in fact it is all of you, by virtue of the fact that all your soul lifespan memories are recorded here, and in a similar fashion as your physical memory (by association) this is the total accumulation of you, and everything that you are as a being. This is where your overall life design and influence over your life is exerted, as accumulation of memories affect your universe (this will be explained more detailed in further chapters).

For ease of understanding I would suggest we follow the arrows now from the bottom up.

  • The senses detect and information gets send to your instinctive mind, for reaction if necessary.
  • This information detected by your senses also gets sent straight into your higher self memory, without any interpretation.
  • Once the instinctive mind had a chance to decide what actions to take and what associations to make the conscious mind will get a chance to think about it and if necessary interpret it.
  • The associations made in the conscious mind and instinctive mind will then be used for referencing and filing of memories in the physical memory bank.
  • Following back from the higher self memory. The memories accumulated over your soul lifespan will have a distinctive influence over your life by exerting itself onto and through your emotional mind, also by association mostly. This will be similar also to the power exerted on your emotional mind by associations and memories from your physical memory, but only with a much larger scope. The higher self will also, and as a result of all the accumulated memories exert influence over your general life design.

Self Creationism – controlling

So far I suspect you have gathered some useful information in the journey of self control training, but you have not yet been shown the steps to follow for life design creation. Whilst this page may not teach you exactly how to do this yet, it will at least tell you which basic steps you need to follow to get there. So here they are....

    • Step 1
      Take control of your instinctive mind - You will find that this is one of the hardest things to do, possibly that you have ever done, simply because most of this is chemically controlled, and since this causes so called automatic reactions. Ones over which you are likely to have little control at this time. And the way in which to do this is to teach your instinctive mind not to feel threatened, whilst at the same time satisfying it's needs for survival.
    • Step 2
      Take control of your memories - Essentially create memories that suit you in your conscious life design. And whilst this is not as difficult as one would think, (as memories can be created at conscious will and by utilizing associations), the more complex aspect of this step is to know which memories to create in order to ensure your conscious life design is exerted.
    • Step 3
      Evaluate and Observe your progress - This is merely to make sure consciously that your life design is on track, and to make sure that you are where you consciously want to be. And if you find you are not, then simply start at Step 1 again.

Author Bio :
The author, Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master who maintains both sites Learn how to meditate as well as The Order of Perfect. In both instances the sites are dedicated to enlightenment and the spread of knowledge to all who wish to learn.

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