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Chaos and Order: Exploring Cosmic Geometry

{written by : Ramón Stevens}

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Article active date : 2009-07-04 -- Article views : 5998

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Article is about :
The universe is eternal and without beginning or end, in the sense that it was not “born” and will not “die”; these are anthropomorphic projections of your own mortality. Since ultimately all time is simultaneous,...

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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excerpted from Spirit Wisdom II

The universe is eternal and without beginning or end, in the sense that it was not “born” and will not “die”; these are anthropomorphic projections of your own mortality. Since ultimately all time is simultaneous, the universe has “always” existed as a venue of activity for bodies of consciousness seeking to explore matter-based existence. Like any physical structure, the universe must be organized into coherent, stable, self-sustaining patterns which endure through time, while allowing sufficient flexibility so as to weather the likely events and fluctuations inherent in the system. Thus, the placement of celestial bodies is not random, but follows patterns and principles ensuring the system’s stability and endurance.

The Cosmic Web

There are two basic types of celestial body: energy-absorbing and energy-releasing. We might call the former “sponges” and the latter “generators.” All solid objects are sponges: planets, moons, asteroids, human beings, etc. They absorb energy from the cosmos in far greater proportion than they release it; they transmute cosmic and solar radiation into the building blocks of solid matter.

All energy-spewing bodies are generators: stars, for the most part, with an occasional exploding supernova or meteorite flaming to earth contributing fleeting energy bursts. Some generators are stable throughout millennia while others are a brilliant flash in the pan. The “temperature” of their radiation varies widely, as does the strength and consistency of their emissions (some steady and invariable, others explosive and random). All these factors influence the extent to which nearby objects can entrain with the generator"s energetic shower.

Because the fundamental principle of Nature is balance, the universe as a whole, and its many smaller regions, must maintain balance between sponges and generators. Thus it is no accident that your sun is surrounded by planets, some with their own balancing moons, as well as several asteroid belts. A star must always be balanced by encircling sponges which absorb and neutralize the star’s furious shower of radiation. A universe composed entirely of stars would soon vaporize. Each star’s radiation must be contained within its local area and not spew into the universe at large, there to overheat other regions.

If you could build a three-dimensional model of the solar system, including the planets’ gentle north-south rocking and their orbits around the sun, the relative positions of the planets and moons throughout the year, and the flow of solar radiation, you would observe a highly efficient and intricate system in which a generator is surrounded by a network of sponges which absorb and neutralize virtually all of the sun’s radiation. Each planet, given its distance from the sun, absorbs a certain range of energy emissions, and uses its rotation and (with some) its north-sound rocking pattern, to prevent itself from being scorched to oblivion by the sun’s fierce heat.

Most of the sun’s energy spews from its equatorial region, along the plane where the planets lie. Solar radiation flowing from the poles tends to arc back toward the planets’ gravitational pull; and what little escapes this pull is easily absorbed by the meteors and cosmic debris swimming through the system, acting as a kind of “floating sponge blanket.” By the far reaches of the solar system, an average of 99% of solar radiation will have been absorbed by planetary, lunar, and other sponges.

The Lunar Connection

Earth’s central problem is that it is bombarded with solar radiation, which it absorbs primarily in its bodies of water, and this radiation must be “organized” into fields of energy which can either be released to the atmosphere or dispersed through bedrock. The frenzy of solar radiation is such that the Earth’s crust cannot offer a countervailing influence sufficient to decelerate and organize it; for one thing, there isn’t enough crust to do the job; second, the crust is largely soil, which captures and absorbs energy less efficiently than rock. Left alone, this situation would lead inexorably to a dangerous rise in aquatic temperature, along with a fierce atmospheric electrical static precluding development of complex life forms.

Into this quandary rides the moon. The moon is solid bedrock, free of soil, with a virtually cold core (unlike Earth). Its function is to balance and organize the shower of solar radiation bombarding Earth. The rise and fall of the tides is like a great breath—inhale, exhale—as the moon helps arrange scattered solar radiation into coherent patterns. Since most such radiation is absorbed in bodies of water, here is where the moon’s effect is most apparent. The moon suffuses Earth with a steady rhythm of tension and release— inhale, exhale—as the solar frenzy is captured and tamed in its rhythmic lunar cadence.

This process allows solar radiation to be “cooled down” to the point where Earth can effectively handle it. One of water’s greatest strengths is its ability to disperse radiation rapidly and in all directions, minimizing its potential danger to life. Earth’s crust pulses with a deep, steady rhythm, further slowing solar energy to rhythms compatible with life. What energy cannot be neutralized through water and bedrock is released to the atmosphere, where electrical storms flare without cease, dispersing highly charged energy with minimal risk to living beings.

The moon passes through a 28-day cycle of waxing and waning, during which it reflects lesser or greater solar energy onto Earth. In a sense, this reflected solar energy serves as an “attractor” to solar radiation swimming within Earth’s seas, “beckoning” solar energy to entrain to its patterns. Because those patterns are heavily weighted with the moon’s bedrock stability, solar radiation trapped in the Earth system is slowed and organized into quiescent, cohesive fields.

Chaos and Order

Essentially, the entire universal system boils down to the tension between chaos and order. This is the fundamental dynamic of any physical system, and it not only pervades celestial bodies such as planets, solar systems, and galaxies, but is the root dynamic of every life form. Within the solar system, and the larger universe of which it is a tiny corner, the tension between chaos and order plays out on a grand scale. The sun is chaos—a fierce, blazing shower of incendiary radiation. The planets and moons are order—stable in their sizes, their orbits, and their cores, even as their surfaces play host to the eternal dynamic between chaos and order. The aim is balance: finding the proper mix of generators and sponges to ensure the system is continuously invigorated with fresh energy and yet stable enough to endure through time.

Planets and moons forge pathways of energetic communication across the solar system as a way of strengthening the sponges’ power to neutralize solar radiation. Basic geometric shapes are often employed—circles, squares, especially triangles—as a way of transmitting and dispersing solar energy. The shapes employed, and their relative sizes, change with the planets’ rotations, bathing Earth in a dynamic energetic “atmosphere.” The essential meaning of the universe, then, is the dynamic interplay between chaos and order: finding the proper balance ensuring both stability and flexibility.

Cosmic Geometry

When the astrologer-adepts of advanced societies turned their gaze skyward, they observed consistent patterns in the heavens which correlated with consistent patterns in human personality and events. One of the most readily observable patterns in the night sky, and one with apparently consistent effects on human life, was the complex energy matrices arising whenever celestial objects formed geometric patterns. The basic patterns are the line, the circle, the square (rectangle), and the triangle. Because the cosmos was perceived as an ocean of energy, its individual bodies were not accorded the importance they hold in popular astrology; rather, individual objects were seen to contribute characteristic ingredients to the greater cosmic soup. It is the soup, the blending of discrete vibrational flows into a richer stew, that impresses its patterns on all bodies within its sphere of influence.
The most basic relationship between bodies is the line, a simple flow between neighbors. The first factor defining a linear relationship is whether the flow is unidirectional or bidirectional. A unidirectional relationship almost always arises between a sponge and a generator: the sponge can only passively absorb the generator"s fierce shower, offering but a thin vapor in response. The generator cannot perceive this slight responsive mist over its own cacophony. This is, indeed, the fundamental relationship in the universe: between an object generating energy and another absorbing that energy. A simple, one-way, straight line links these two objects.

Bidirectional relationships almost always arise between bodies of the same basic type: two generators or two sponges. It is rare for generators to share a strong two-way flow as the intervening sponges mop up most of their flow. At best, there might be a slight, regularly updated “awareness” of each other, like receiving a Christmas letter from someone with whom you share no real emotional connection.

It is between sponges, which are far more numerous, that genuine two-way relationships can develop. Such relationships can be classified, first, as either coequal or dominant-submissive (now the connection to human life becomes clear!). Bodies of similar bulk and constitution emit energies of relatively equal intensity; while between bodies of different sizes, the larger dominates its “submissive” partner, with a stronger flow of energy and gravitation. There is no real sense of power or domination involved here, simply the physical fact that a larger body emits a stronger flow of energy and greater gravitational pull than a smaller one.

A linear relationship is further defined by the nature of energy exchanged: either sympathetic or discordant. Sympathetic bodies share a mutually stabilizing core vibration. When one suffers a temporary fluctuation or weakness, the other offers a “helping hand” of restorative energy, pulling the weakened partner back to its native pattern. Discordant relationships are between bodies of markedly differing energetic qualities. The most obvious is between a sponge and a generator, but even among sponges the vast range of vibrational qualities ensures that some will clash and grate against each other.

Discordant relationships between sponges tend to weaken their energy fields. Particularly in relatively coequal relationships, where each gives as good as it gets, the constant bombardment by a foreign and discordant vibration forces protective measures which drain energy and stability. In a dominant-submissive relationship, the submissive partner suffers under the constant strain of trying to maintain its native energy under the ceaseless onslaught of inimical energies. Even the dominant partner suffers to some degree, as there is no reinforcing flow from the submissive partner: energy released is energy lost.
There are further refinements to relationships between sponges, but we will not delve into them here. The point is to recognize that the dynamic of “order versus chaos,” which suffuses the universe and all its inhabitants, holds true for relationships between celestial bodies as well. A mutually reinforcing bond of common vibration strengthens and stabilizes both partners (order); while a discordant clash of antagonistic energies weakens them (chaos). From here, more complex relationships among celestial bodies arise.

The next step up in complexity is the triangle. Here, three bodies join in a tridirectional flow of communication. Each body shares linear relations with the other two, while subtly aware of the flow between its partners. Complexity arises because the three bodies may not lie in the same plane. The rhythmic waves suffusing the universe are built in “layers” of diverse qualities; bodies immersed in a given layer are imbued with its flavor. Thus, a triangle may contain three bodies lying in the same plane, two in one layer and the third in another, or all three in different layers. Communication across layers is more difficult than within a single layer; this complicates the original dynamic among the triangular partners.

As with linear relationships, triangles offer a spectrum of relationships, from the tight cohesion of three partners in the same layer sporting equal size and constitution; to the chaos of disparate partners in different layers engaged in an endless turmoil of dominance and submission. Here, two partners may “gang up” to offer mutual reinforcement while besieging the third; or one (particularly if a generator) may dominate the others, while the two submissives transmit reinforcing energy to each other.

(We should note that we are projecting anthropomorphic qualities of personality onto nonhuman celestial bodies simply to ease your understanding. There is no real “antagonism” or “dominance” among celestial bodies; we are simply describing the nature of their energy flows in familiar terms.)

Squares offer still more complexity in that, in addition to each body having linear relationships with two partners, there is a fourth partner with which a body has no direct contact. (Opposite partners could forge a direct linear bond, but then the “square” would devolve into two triangles!) The residue of the fourth partner"s influence on the other two bodies may insinuate into their flows, but only as a subtle side effect. A four-way relationship multiples the possible combinations of relationship type: from four congruent, reinforcing bodies to a cacophony of dominance and submission.

The final elemental shape is the circle. Here again, partners could simply form linear flows between themselves, but there is a special strength derived from more complex constructions. A circle"s energy can flow clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both directions simultaneously. Each body receives energy from its nearest sending body, flavors it with its own unique vibrational essence, and passes it along to its neighbor on the other side. Energy flows quickly and smoothly within a circle; a continuous rush of vibration. Circles are where the cosmos comes to dance.

Whatever the configuration among celestial bodies, the fields created among partners hum with the essence of their energies. The field inside a triangle racked by dominance and submission is choppy and unstable. The field inside a square of sympathetic partners is smooth and steady. The field inside a circle of blended sympathetic and discordant energies fluctuates dynamically between chaos and order.

Every celestial body is simultaneously engaged in many relationships. A given star, planet, or moon is a participant in linear, triangular, square, and circular relationships, all at once. The entire universe is packed with three-dimensionally overlapping relationships forged among far-flung partners. Further, as the fields within each shape blend or clash with intersecting fields, the cosmic soup becomes ever more complex.

What does this great cosmic stew of overlapping planes, angles, and fields have to do with you? The answer is that you are simmering in the stew at this moment, have done so since conception, and your life is inescapably colored by the flavor of the cosmic energies in which you swim. Your body is not merely the flesh and bone your senses perceive, but carries larger energy fields which form the complete “body.” Being of electromagnetic energy, these fields are exquisitely sensitive to the influence of other such fields. Even the distant relationships among stars and planets outside your solar system can be picked up in trace awareness, slight as their influence may be. And the dynamic, ever-fluctuating patterns and relationships forged among the partners within your solar system can carry significant effect indeed.

Author Bio :
Excerpted from Spirit Wisdom II: The Enlightened Warrior’s Guide to Personal and Cultural Transformation. Ramón Stevens has been channeling Alexander for over 20 years; their collaboration has produced five books. Website:

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