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The Future of Healing - To Vibrational Medicine and Beyond

{written by : Ramón Stevens channeling Alexander}

Article word count : 2476 -- Article Id : 2367
Article active date : 2009-07-25 -- Article views : 6883

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Article is about :
Excerpted from Spirit Wisdom II. As your culture passes through a transformational shift affecting every aspect of society, one of the most promising trends is in the field of medicine. Let us retrace the steps of western culture’s medical development, beginning with the philosophical and scientific building blocks of traditional...

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As your culture passes through a transformational shift affecting every aspect of society, one of the most promising trends is in the field of medicine. Let us retrace the steps of western culture’s medical development, beginning with the philosophical and scientific building blocks of traditional medicine, and project the developments to unfold in the future.

Phase One: The Sinful Machine

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the body is viewed as inherently sinful, carrying the stain of the Original Edenic Sin. For many centuries, the medical profession (such as it was) unconsciously accepted and operated from this perspective. For the last few hundred years the “body as machine” model has dominated the western approach to medicine and healing. Surgery and drugs are the tools of choice in repairing the body-machine when, like any mechanical device, it breaks down. This model has often been spectacularly successful in diagnosis of disease—determining the nature and origin of illness—but falls far short in stimulating and working with the body"s natural healing abilities or encouraging the sufferer"s active participation in the healing process.

Phase Two: Holistic Medicine

Throughout western culture, old cultural and scientific models are being superseded by deeper, richer, subtler paradigms grounded in holism. Holism, as a worldview, posits that living beings are more than the mere sum of their parts (the machine model); and that consciousness and spirit (free of religious dogma) are inextricably woven into the total being, whether plant, animal, or human.

While it seems second nature to you now to consider psychological and emotional influences on the body, this recent development, which is still being “worked out” through experimentation and clinical observation, broadens the picture to allow mental and emotional states to affect the body"s health. Broadening the picture still further is consideration of the larger environment—both its overt influences such as toxics and stress, and the more subtle effects of noise, personal relationships, and the larger networks, such as neighborhood and community, in which one dwells.

All this broadening of the traditional machine model of the body results in holistic medicine, which rests on a respect for the oneness of mind and body; the subtle but powerful effects of consciousness on matter; the influence of external agents, both physical and psychological, on one"s health; and the recognition that the human body is not a self-contained, isolated unit, but is embedded in a web of connections and relationships bearing heavily on one"s physical and emotional health.

This is holistic medicine; and, as we mentioned, the philosophy, ramifications, and techniques of this new approach are still being explored in a number of disciplines. A widely accepted medical doctrine rooted in holism still lies some time in the future.

Phase Three: Vibrational Medicine

As promising as holistic medicine is, and however great its theoretical leap from the machine model, it still represents but a step forward on your progress toward a radically enlightened medical philosophy and practice. It is human nature to evaluate new ideas through the prism of the extant worldview; thus, holistic medicine must prove itself through validation by the experimental method of science. This validation is hindered by the relative crudity of instrumentation available in medical research, especially with regard to the body’s subtle energies; and science can’t define or measure consciousness at all, placing an artificial limit on its experimental reach.

So although holistic medicine is a step on the path toward a more comprehensive medicine, it is but a step. Beyond holistic medicine lies vibrational medicine, a philosophy and practice of healing rooted in the awareness that the body is essentially energy, energy sculpted into a complex network of patterns manifesting as the various organs, tissues, and so on. Sound and light, being also energetic fields of vibration, are understood to interact with the denser energy patterns of the body and to stimulate healing when properly applied. Because this field is in its infancy, and because scientific validation lies years away, we offer here a brief overview of the basis of vibrational medicine, the energetic blueprint of the body.

The Body Electric

In deepest terms, the body"s blueprint lies outside the physical system. Every living being, plant or animal, springs from a nonphysical blueprint which pulses in and out of physical existence. Your senses cannot perceive this near-instantaneous blinking “on” and “off”; yourmind leaps the gaps of “nonexistence” and paints a sturdy picture of endurance and stability. (As an analogy, when you watch a movie in a theater, the screen is black between frames; but your mind leaps the gap and weaves an illusory “motion” picture.)

This blueprint is not simply a mirror image of the body, for it contains every potential form the body assumes from conception through old age. The blueprint is a bank of probabilities, then, which will be sequentially actualized and thrust into physical manifestation in accordance with the rhythms dictated by a species’ developmental template and each being’s private purpose. The blueprint can thus be thought of as a “master body,” from which each moment of a body"s growth springs in exquisitely detailed and precise form.

The human blueprint follows a standard template for the body"s growth and maturation, and thrusts into physical form with each new pulsation precisely the “coordinates” required to advance the body"s chronological age ever so slightly. These coordinates can be thought of as pinpricks of magnetic energy whose patterns precisely mirror the energetic patterns of earth elements.

You understand earth elements on the periodic table as having varying numbers of subatomic particles configured in a variety of patterns which distinguish their nature and behavior. Beneath these subatomic elements lies an energetic blueprint which dictates the size, shape, and pattern of each element; which we might term the “element” blueprint. A living being’s blueprint, then, is a tapestry of such elements woven in precisely configured patterns which, when thrust into physical existence, magnetically attract earth elements into place.

The “glue” binding these elements together is consciousness. The blueprint is not simply thrust into physical reality as an inert set of instructions, but is embedded in a matrix of consciousness apprising each earth element of the immediate structure it is contributing to, the larger structure (the body) of which it is a part, the purpose of the individual life, and the species of which the body is a member. In addition, a living being’s consciousness feeds a constant stream of information down to the cellular level, apprising the cells of environmental conditions and other developments; this information is then impressed, in attenuated form, down to the earth elements.

A living being"s thoughts and experiences thus blend with the consciousness carried by the blueprint to create a blended matrix of consciousness infusing every corporeal element. This stream of information—from physical and nonphysical realms—maintains the body"s integrity over time. Here is where your private beliefs about health and aging can affect the body’s blueprint—as your thoughts are blended into the matrix—and attract sympathetic events of health or illness toward manifestation.

With the understanding that the body is not so much “cells and organs” as it is matrices of consciousness and matter of varying complexity; that these matrices arise in the nonphysical realm and pulse into physical existence; and that each level of bodily complexity carries a commensurate degree of consciousness, the foundation of vibrational medicine is laid.

Vibrational medicine rests on the fundamental law of Nature: balance. When two vibrational fields intersect, their “differences”—in temperature, density, energy, etc.—tend to compromise toward a balanced synthesis. This principle informs vibrational medicine’s principal tools, light and sound. If an area of the body suffers from depressed or scrambled energy patterns, entraining the afflicted area to a field of similar vibrational pattern, especially of a higher frequency, spurs the weakened area back toward health and balance. It is vital that the energetic patterns used to effect healing be of a higher frequency than the body’s, for the urge toward balance encourages a compromise between fields of varying intensity. Thus the body “accelerates” to entrain with a higher-frequency field, and in so doing hastens its recovery.

The use of sound and light in vibrational medicine reflects this understanding—light and sound being vibrational fields of a frequency above the body"s rather dense vibration. On the one hand, this ensures that light and sound will stimulate the body toward an accelerated frequency; on the other, if the difference in frequency between the body and vibrational fields is too great, the body cannot entrain to the higher patterns and no compromise can occur. The body’s cells turn “deaf ears” to frequencies outside their perceptual range.

Vibrational medicine must therefore be grounded in a precise knowledge of the vibrational patterns of the body"s cells and organs, and the allowable “gap” between the frequencies of body and therapeutic fields. As sound vibration is of a slower frequency than light vibration, initial experimentation would be focused in this area as results will come more quickly and faithfully.

Visible light and audible sound are two narrow bands of the vibrational spectrum. A further refinement of vibrational medicine, then, would be to explore and harness the energies lying outside those frequencies perceptible to your senses; for you swim in them from birth to death. Doing so would require development of instruments which can render such frequencies in visual or auditory fashion, enabling you to manipulate them.

Sing For Your Life

One of the most powerful tools of vibrational healing is the human voice. Given that there must be “overlap” between vibrational fields for communication and synthesis to occur, it stands to reason that sound frequencies emanating from the human body will naturally entrain with other bodies. Not only is there an automatic sympathy of vibrational frequency, body to body, but because the “consciousness source” of the sound is another human body, the consciousness of the receiving body is able to link with it at all levels—the denser corporeal level and the higher consciousness level. Since every grid-point of your body carries both a physical frequency and consciousness, the richest bond will be with vibrational sources of sympathetic “matter” and “consciousness” patterns.

This was known to many cultures, among both ancient civilizations lost to time and contemporary indigenous peoples. When shamans and healers sing while they work, they use deliberately crafted pitches, tones, and pauses to mimic healthy vibrational patterns of the afflicted area. This “rounds out” the healing power of substances such as herbs applied to the afflicted area, for while a physical substance entrains with the body’s cells, the shamanic song entrains with the body"s consciousness. This is a multileveled, powerfully comprehensive approach to healing.

Even more powerful than a single human voice is communal singing. Among ancient civilizations, such healers would work by sitting a dozen to a circle with the sufferer lying inside the circle. Through exquisite control of breath and pitch, invisible matrices of vibration would be woven around the afflicted; powerful clouds of song invigorated the body while the loving intent carried on the breath stimulated vitality and a lust for life.

In turn, these song healers took their cues—literally—from the songs of the cosmos, which they perceived in meditation. Each individual in the group tuned to a planet, the moon, the sun, or a gurgling waterfall, and brought forth in vocal form the equivalent vibrational patterns. Thus all of the elements of physical life—the cosmic, telluric, solar, and lunar energies—were woven in song carrying the force and imprint of the entire universe. How could the body not respond with vibrant health to such a cosmic symphony?

In your time, with the emphasis on external agents as healing tools, and the deprecation of native wisdom, the power of song in healing has been lost. Yet, as with any other potential, it lies latent in full vitality, awaiting a spark of interest to resume its place in the healing repertoire.

Your technological sophistication allows you to build on the principles of “song healing” and evolve an even more elaborate, sophisticated, and accurate system of healing with sound. As instruments of sufficient sophistication are developed, the human body can be “mapped” as a grid of vibrational patterns, each organ or fluid singing in a unique voice. These vibrational matrices can be precisely duplicated in digital form, and the body immersed in a sonic cocoon of healing energy.

The vibrational energies emitted by the body"s cells not only “sing,” they glow. While invisible to all but the rarest of eyes, the body"s energy fields emit a constant stream of radiation. This radiation largely lies outside the visible spectrum, yet it carries filaments inside that range. These are so slender and attenuated that they pass undetected by all but the psychically gifted. These energy patterns carry profound clues as to the health and vitality of the body. As with sound, each organ and fluid of the body glows in a distinct hue when healthy. Instrumentation (or a trained psychic eye) can evaluate this radiant information and detect disturbances in the body’s health and vitality.

Phase Four: Conscious Medicine

As your species evolves, its focus will be less on employing earthly life as a primarily material realm of experience, and more on adventures in consciousness gently rooted in physical life but not tightly bound to it. Thus, the emphasis so many place today on using their bodies as vehicles for learning and growth—through sickness and in health—will be forsaken in favor of enjoying the body as a gentle feedback instrument reinforcing the lessons learned in spiritual, mental, and emotional experience.

When this stage of human development has been reached, the whole medical establishment will be sloughed off, for an understanding of the body"s design and healthy functioning, and the power to heal incipient illness through love-focused touch, will largely obviate the need for dedicated healers. Beyond vibrational medicine, then, lies conscious medicine in which one"s awareness of one"s body—and others’ bodies—is so thorough and richly detailed that no ailment could far proceed before being detected and cured either through private affirmation or the loving touch and song of another.

As always, fragments of the future tumble backward in time to prepare your species for growth. When you sing a child to sleep with a gentle lullaby, when you croon romantic verses to a loved one, when you “whistle while you work,” you lay the groundwork for the era of vibrational medicine, glimmering in tantalizing promise across the chasm of social transformation. Know that each time you use song and loving touch to ease the suffering of another, you bring the mighty promise of vibrational healing that much closer to your experience.

Author Bio :
Excerpted from Spirit Wisdom II: The Enlightened Warrior’s Guide to Personal and Cultural Transformation. Ramón Stevens has been channeling Alexander for over 20 years; their collaboration has produced five books. Website:

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