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Shape-shifting animals

{written by : pictoriale}

Article word count : 611 -- Article Id : 2373
Article active date : 2009-07-29 -- Article views : 5997

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Article is about :
My two conscious experiences of animals who shape-shifted.

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Shape-shifting is a very common theme in folk stories and mythology. It appears to be the ability to change one’s physical form into quite a different physical form, whether that is a person, an animal, a bird, a plant or an inanimate object.

Many stories have been written with this topic as a central theme, such as -

Beauty and the Beast
Frog Prince
The Selkie

I am only giving examples of stories here, as I do not intend to go into any of these stories in any depth, this is not the reason for this topic. One theme that tends to prevail in them is the timing of day when the shape-shift takes place.

Usually around dusk as the sun sets in the evening as the light waves shorten.
There is the change back time also which tends to be at dawn as the first fingers of light come over the horizon, as the sun rises and the light waves lengthen.

My experience of shape-shifting animals.

Experience 1

My first experience was six years ago, whilst on holiday at the coast.

It was early evening time and I had gone for a meal with family to a bay area for a meal at a waterside restaurant. On the water next to the restaurant were floating wooden bays. Seals were in the habit of coming inland in the evening and hoisting themselves out of the water onto these bays, on which they spent the night and returned back to the sea again in the early morning. I was taking photos of the sunset and the seals on the bays and the light was dimming as the sun set.

I noticed I had what I call “judder” on my photos, which appears like a motion blur. I know that when this happens usually, there is some kind of energy disturbance/activity going on in my immediate vicinity.

I had to wait till the next day when I could get to my laptop and upload the photos to examine them to identify what the energy disturbance was about. Closely examining my photos, which was not that easy because of the poor light conditions at dusk, I could however make out that in the place of some of the seals there appeared human type faces and bodies on the bays and they were looking in my direction.

Experience 2

Three years later on another holiday in a different location I happened upon the shape-shifting once again.

This time this involved a small herd of deer.

The lodge where I was staying was next to a large field and wooded area where deer would come in the evening. One evening I noted that the herd had come in close around dusk time, so I started taking photographs of them as the light faded. I sensed something was happening, but in the fading light it was difficult to see clearly.

I went immediately inside and uploaded my photos on my laptop and discovered that I had been privy to witnessing shape-shifting, but was not completely aware of it.

This time the shape-shifting was different as I could see the deer did not change from one thing into another. It seemed each deer were made up from different small beings, I would imagine that some people would say these were faeries. Each deer facade seemed to dissolve and the faerie forms stood in its place. I hurried outside to see if I could see the deer, but not a trace of them was to be seen.

Should you wish to see photographs of these events, you can visit my website and will find them in “Shape-shifting animals” Gallery.

Author Bio :
Written by Pictoriale

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