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Finding Compassion

{written by : Rev. Judi A. Lynch}

Article word count : 461 -- Article Id : 2418
Article active date : 2009-08-11 -- Article views : 7238

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Article is about :
As enlightened beings it is hard for us to imagine how people can treat others with such disregard. Where is the compassion we are all supposed to have for each other?

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How many times have we found ourselves wondering "How did this happen?" after living through a certain event or witnessing a situation that has gone wrong. After all, we had the best of intentions when it started out. Maybe someone treated you with complete disrespect that was totally unwarranted or you see another soul having their heart broken by someone they love very much.

As enlightened beings it is hard for us to imagine how people can treat others with such disregard. Where is the compassion we are all supposed to have for each other?

There are many people who work in professions where having compassion would seem a requirement for the job.This is far from the case sometimes because of ego. If their ego has not reached the balance point, they can consider themselves far above those needing help. Irrationally thinking that the people they are helping deserve the situation they are in and need someone "better than they are" to save them from themselves.

Some people are taking out their past hurts on those who get in their way. They don"t always realize how their actions are the result of an unhealed trauma from their past. They may think it"s quite humorous or somehow elevates them above the other person in a game only they want to (and know how) to play. They seem to have a paranoia that everyone is against them and they have to strike first.

Everytime we experience lack of compassion in another, we have to remember that several things can be at the root cause. First, that this person has most likely been hurt by someone else and feels the need to lash out. Secondly that this person has not yet found the balance point in their ego for true understanding of unconditional love. It is something they may not be able to learn in this lifetime and we have to learn not to let it harm our own soul"s growth.

A child comes into this world feeling compassion for other children, animals, and even objects that get broken. Growing up they learn and experience many things that can chip away at those feelings of caring about others with the love and respect they deserve.

The hardest thing for us to feel sometimes is forgiveness for the person"s actions and to remember that there is always another soul out there who has been through something much more challenging to forgive. Reaching out to others who need your unconditional love can help to heal and release the hurt you have experienced.

When we find the compassion in our hearts to forgive those who lack it, we set our souls free from the hurt and help others to do the same.

Author Bio :
Rev. Judi Lynch is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. A non-profit charity dedicated to healing mind, body and soul. Judi is an internationally known psychic medium and Healing Light Energy channel.

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