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White Light Love and Healing - Part 2

{written by : Sonya Green}

Article word count : 2088 -- Article Id : 2445
Article active date : 2009-08-22 -- Article views : 3599

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Article is about :
Living in light - within the energy flow

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Another huge, but subtle Ah-Ha moment came to me sitting quietly and reflectively one day at the beach. I was looking out at the ocean and peacefully feeling a sense of wonder and awe at its power and magnificence. It was one of those times in which we relax into feeling connected with our environment and gain a deep sense of peace and clarity of thought.

I had a child’s small bucket and spade and gathered water from the ocean with the intention of building a sandcastle. I dipped my fingers into the bucket of water and just sat and watched as little droplets slid off my fingers and dropped back into the bucket. It dawned on me, that each drop was in its own right an individual - it was a drop. When it merged back into the bucket of water it was still a drop but was also now a small body of water. Looking out at the ocean. I realized that by throwing the bucket of water back into the ocean the individual drops would all reconnect and once again become part of the ocean.

I also acknowledged that my sandcastle, which had now taken form, was within its own right an individual. The sandcastle was also millions of tiny little particles of sand being held together to give it its shape and form. By stomping on the castle all those millions of little sand particles would lose that particular form and once again become the beach.

Drops in an ocean and sand on a beach. Finally, I understood the Astro-Physicist. We are indeed energy existing within a sea of energy. Every single one of us is connected to each other and as a whole we are the universe and the universe is us.

Over the years and in many different philosophies and theologies I have pondered these statements:

“We are all one and one is all” or,

“God is within us and we are God”

and, of course, the hardest one for me to grasp was, “Within every part is the intelligence of the whole”.

More recently, science has been able to further prove this understanding through the discovery of DNA, proving that within each cell of the body lies the entire intelligence of the body. The Mystics and Sages throughout the ages have believed that within every living cell is an intelligence that holds all intelligence.

It seems to me, and has been written by others, that DNA knowledge is only a small indication of what we will one day be able to prove, and that is, that every cell within every living thing will contain the entire intelligence of the universe. Imagine that! All the knowledge, every event, every memory – past, present and future - may very well be recorded within every living cell.

Throughout the years, these concepts have played in and out of many of the things I have been exploring. I had taken them at face value and accepted them, but not really understood them. The particles of sand and the drops of water were big insights for me, as they allowed me to see and understand myself as a source of energy within a physical reality.

We are spiritual beings having a physical reality, energy within energy, everything connected.

Many times, and in many modalities, there was this common thread. Often the titles or explanations varied but the basics were the same. Suddenly, terms like aura, causal and astral bodies, soul, Holy Ghost, spiritual energies, magnetic healing, telepathy, psychic phenomenon, sixth senses and e.s.p. All started to blur into this one basic concept. People will argue their case and get caught up with who is right and wrong, but to my understanding they are only arguing the names and explanations. Regardless of words or evidence, we simply need to experience this state of being to realize that within us all is an amazing potential or limitless power and a totally different way of perceiving ourselves and living our lives.

Telepathy is very real, our minds are capable of sending and receiving thoughts and feelings. Self-healing is possible because healing energy is directed by thought, intention or touch. We are all psychic, and probably most of our thoughts are picked up psychically but because we are unaware of this we dismiss it. How much knowledge we are picking up telepathically I can only wonder, but the potential is there to tap into an infinite pool of wisdom. Understanding that thoughts and intentions are energy, which can be transformed into physical reality, is extremely hard to comprehend or accept. I don’t have all the answers and find it very difficult to explain. Evidence is the proof, if you will just be open-minded enough and allow yourself to experiment and experience these things, then, how it works will be of little importance.

If someone has a dog whistle, and your dog hears it but you don’t, it is not because there is no sound, it is just that you cannot hear on that frequency and your dog can. Many years ago, people spoke of auras and some people could see them clearly but others could not. We now have equipment that photographs auras. We now also have machines that measure brain waves. Who could conceive that we would be using lasers or sonics in surgery. Thirty years ago we wouldn’t have believed a microwave oven was a possibility. And good on you if you understand emails and Internet downloads. I would love to have heard you explain those fifty years ago.

The Internet is a wonderful comparison or example, but totally incomprehensible only a few years ago. Even now with the proof of its existence we still find it impossible to explain. Imagine telling your ancestors that a machine would be invented which could pick up documents, pictures and music from the air and then be printed out on pages or compact discs.

When you can accept the concept that everything is energy and especially that your thoughts and emotions send and receive energy, you will begin to grasp the enormous potential to create and change your reality. No one can really explain exactly what the mind is and really, there is very little understanding of how the brain works but it is easy to compare the brain to a computer and the mind to the world wide web.

Relaxing the body and mind changes brain waves, or if you prefer, aligns your brain waves with similar frequencies. Visualization is the mind’s natural language; using imagery to send and interpret information. The miracle of this is, that you can magnetize knowledge or events to yourself as well as repel or block influences.

In our ever so limited and physical reality, we have been virtually retarded and completely lost within layers and layers of conditioning and erroneous belief systems. For most of us, we enter adulthood completely programmed to run on automatic pilot. The beautiful, wondrous curiosity and creativity of our childhood having been stifled. Our sense of being connected and our innate security has been lost.

If we are very lucky, we may encounter accidental glimpses of our natural state of being. We probably just dismiss them as great but fleeting moments or perhaps for a while we might even play with the idea that they could be a state of being in which we could actively pursue their nature.

I believe most of us have experienced a spontaneous religious experience or a spiritually enlightened state, which we may refer to as experiencing euphoria. I have been lucky enough to have entered this state many times and have a deep sense that this experience of being is my true self.

I have spoken about this with many people, and most will remember having had this experience. Most often, they will recall a love affair and recount a sense of being filled with light, a silent gentle laughter flowing within the body, colours being brighter and a sense of loving everyone and everything. For some there is a sense of timelessness and a secret knowing of things forgotten. Senses become heightened; taste, sound, touch and sight become exquisitely expanded and magical. Sunlight seems to be filled with diamond dust and silence sounds like music. Everything you ever believed possible about yourself is reflected back to you from the eyes of your beloved. We physically act, look and behave younger and more vibrantly. We call it love and we want to say the word and we want to share what we feel. Deep within us we hear a voice whispering, “You are home”.

Usually, we attribute this state of bliss with some magical force being exuded from our perfect lover. We state that this person is indeed our ‘Soul Mate’. We are convinced our coming together is destiny. Anyone who has ever been truly, deeply, in love, will make a connection on some level that something spiritual has created this state.

Personally, I do like the idea of soul mates, but I also acknowledge that having the experience of meeting one doesn’t necessarily prove that they are in fact perfect, pre-destined life partners. I doubt if anyone has ever lived in that euphoric state indefinitely. Obviously, we all come back to Earth and no matter how heady the initial days of falling in love may have been, we all level out and find our soul mate is ‘Not all that’.

Chances are, the lover had little to do with your blissful experience other than acting as a catalyst for you to explore your own ability to experience spirituality and love.

It is my view that euphoria is a spiritual energy and that, that energy is love.

Again, we look at all the teachings of all the Sages, the philosophies, religions and theologies and always they come back to this one belief, that ‘Love is the Answer’.

My personal belief in the soul mate debate is that a soul mate is a person with a very precise combination of similarities and oppositions to ourselves. The sense of magnetism and fascination with our lover is undeniable. Perhaps due to these similarities and opposing forces, the frequency of their energy is so finely tuned that it perfectly matches our own personal frequency. I believe that it is not necessarily the lover creating the euphoria, but the magnetic alignment which allows us to give love and then ultimately to receive it. The soul mate experience allows us to feel safe and to trust. We drop our defences and explore the possibility that we deserve love and are capable of giving and accepting love. In essence, a meeting with a soul mate is a meeting we have with our true spiritual self.

Euphoria is a state of acknowledging ourselves and loving ourselves. At this level, we become the drop merging back into the ocean, And we hear that whisper once again, ‘You are home’.

Although I have referred to euphoria in the context of ‘Being in Love’, I have only done so, as unfortunately for many people, the experience of being in love is the only recollection they have of this state of being. Euphoria is not dependent on being in love with another person at all, it is generated by allowing love to fill you. When you allow yourself to be filled with love, then you have aligned yourself with the highest possible energies. At this level, you experience your own true nature as a spiritual being and your connection with all of life.

Being relaxed, free minded, present within the now moment, connected with your environment and allowing loving thoughts to flow through your mind can also bring you to this state.

Meditation is commonly practised with this purpose in mind, and for most people, the whole purpose of meditation is to consciously and deliberately bring about this state. Many religious rituals also bring about a state of euphoria. Quite often music can take you there, or even a walk in a forest or a swim in the ocean.

Being spiritually connected is, after all, a natural state of being. Right now as you read this it is quite possible for you to simply decide you want to be there and you could, by will, take yourself there. Depending on how far off course you have been blown, you may need to practise a bit, but boy, even a little bit there is worth it, isn’t it?

Author Bio :
Copyright Sonya Green. Sonya is the author of a book called Reinventing Myself, and also offer some Guided meditation C.D's focusing on Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Healing and Personal Growth, How to get what you really want and need.

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