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{written by : Joseph}

Article word count : 1001 -- Article Id : 2463
Article active date : 2009-08-27 -- Article views : 3640

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Article is about :
When I look at upcoming demanding horoscope charts, it seems painfully clear that huge disruptions in human life styles or routines are upcoming. How will humanity respond? Do we have reason for hope?

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I thought that it might be a fun exercise to “guess” or predict future events. When I look at upcoming demanding horoscope charts, it seems painfully clear that huge disruptions in human life styles or routines are upcoming. How will humanity respond? Do we have reason for hope?

My Predictions, perhaps you may have a few of your own to suggest!

There are many snakes on the path that leads to the US presidency, thus making it difficult at this time to “pin it down”. Dissatisfaction with the process may spark initiative in the near future to create other political parties. Based on the horoscopes of the individuals involved, I would suggest that Mr Obama is the most likely winner. However, there is reason to believe that illegal events may take place that may impact upon the election results.

Investments in water and minerals will be worthwhile. Anything connected to the earth will maintain and increase in value. (As compared to intellectual products, and technology)
Water issues will continue to grow and impact everyone’s life. The price of water and sewage treatment will climb to unbelievable price points.

IF the US government was wise it would build desalination plants, this would help during upcoming periods of crisis due to drought and limited water supply due to contamination.
We have the technology available now to rid this nation of foreign oil supplies. Are our national leaders willing to try a different way to supply energy, or will they continue to allow large energy corporations to squeeze the last drop of profit out of the traditional energy supply system?

Epidemic viruses will pose treats from time to time, possibly the cause of many deaths at global hot spots.

Due to world wide pollution, evidence will show that human DNA has been damaged. What will be the long term results of this damage, and will it be possible to heal the damage?

Effort to build the wall between the US and Mexico will continue and will cause ill will between these two nations. As less and less immigrants will be available for farm labor, the cost of produce will increase as citizen labors demand greater pay. The cost of water for agricultural use will also be a continuing factor in the cost of farm goods. Imported goods may be less available due to the dramatic increase in transportation costs. This in turn will result in a every expanding demand for US farm products. This demand being made upon a shrinking area of farm land. This continued loss of farm land may wake up US politicians to impose farm zoning regulations. Wise property owners will learn the value of a backyard garden.

The divide between the have and have nots will continue to grow. But concern about wide social unrest may result in improved health care and other social services.

There will be a significant loss, turn around, of membership to all organized religions. Church membership will dramatically decline.

Former church members will seek spiritual guidance from less confining spiritual viewpoints. Realizing many of the so called church moral ideals are more aligned to political and group believes than a universal moral code.

Vast numbers of people will report a connectivity to spiritual beings or spiritual energy, and indicate that their needs are being met by extraordinary means.

The tremendous level and availability of new technology will force manufactures to improve the quality of their products, including items such as cars, furniture, computers, and appliances.

Independent firms will transform traditional products into innovative products, leading and demanding change from the mainline companies.

Long term financing will extend to many of these products are they are being designed for longer use over a longer life. Long term financing also suggests organizations maintaining detailed financial and medical histories on each individual.

In the US, business managers and owners will re-evaluate their view of the working class. Because of the increased complexities of work sites, and training, benefits and hourly wages will increase. With that increase in expense, managers across the nation will be forced to adjust their view, and value employees more. Work sites with large labor turn overs will be forced to examine and restructure.

It will become more difficult to replace workers. So more care will be taken to maintain a positive relation with employees.

Global warming issues will continue to be evident. Erosion of the coast lines, and weather threats to coastal cities will require dramatic plans to protect human life.

Science may offer large scale solutions to halt global warming, but ineptitude among world leaders will prevent early adoption of such measures.

Large scale popular movements will arise to force “leaders” to take the necessary steps to save our mother earth.

Even though we will continue to have a huge world population, world wide it will be recognized that the most valuable resource of all, are the members of the human family. Resulting in a greater appreciation of the individual, and the contributions each person can make to the social fabric.

Non traditional skills will be increasingly appreciated. Artists, Astrologers, Healers and gifted Psychics and others will be have a valued place in the community circle. Their gifts enabling others to find their potential will be seen as the cement that holds the structure together and gives it form.

The public educational system in the US will continue to decline in effectiveness in spite of massive effort to improve the system. Social and spiritual groups will initiate cooperative school projects based upon spiritual principles and respect for each individual and their unique life journey.

Spiritual interest for many will relate to rites that honor and respect the earth. Shamanism will be appreciated by expanding social groups. Healing related to herbal practices and naturalistic resources will increase and the related knowledge will expand.

A dramatic sense of brotherhood will be necessary for survival of the human family. We will be forced to see that all the people of the world are one family.

Author Bio :
Article offered by Joseph

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