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More thoughts about the Mayan end date

{written by : Joseph}

Article word count : 309 -- Article Id : 2499
Article active date : 2009-09-09 -- Article views : 3458

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Article is about :
Some further thoughts on the Mayan Calendar.

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Taking a further look at the Dec 21, 2012 horoscope a couple of ideas came to mind. First, by its self the chart is not really all that unique, as compared to the 2010 chart for example. With that recognition I need to point out that there are three primary ways to look at a future transit chart.

First one can simple analyze it as it presents itself. Second, one can take into consideration those aspects or particularities that historically stand out in a mundane horoscope. For example if we see Saturn square, opposed or conjunct Pluto we often can predict a great upset. An eclipse is always suggestive. Also Jupiter and Saturn have a conjunction every 20 year, opposition about every 10 years, and these events usually relate to historical events. But we see none of those things in the chart for 2012.

The third option is to compare the chart to another chart. Comparing the 2012 date to my horoscope for example, yields some interesting results. However comparing the 2012 chart to the most widely accepted United States horoscope yields lots of aspects. [US Mars conjunct Pluto, US Jupiter square Uranus, US Neptune opposed the Mayan Ascendant, US Uranus opposed Mercury].

What does all this mean? I don’t want to make specific predictions. But a couple points come to mind. First, nations will respond to these dates. Second, I believe that many people will find that these dates, especially the 2012 date, relates to their horoscope. Finally, I believe this suggests that as a human family we are being drawn to take responsibility for the world we live in. Many seemingly ordinary people are being called upon to roles of leadership. That so many charts reflect connecting points with these dates, significant to the Mayan calendar, suggests that many have a role in the healing the earth, and restoring the dignity of the human family.

Author Bio :
Article offered by Joseph

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