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Actually Changing the Past - Part 4

{written by : Joanna Cherry}

Article word count : 368 -- Article Id : 2579
Article active date : 2009-11-05 -- Article views : 5454

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Article is about :
Mankind has always been fascinated with the possibility that we could go backward or forward in time. Many books and movies attest to this, including the recent movies Back to the Future, Timeline, and the Butterfly Effect. We have heard that all time is simultaneous; the past, ...

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How to Change Your Past

Do you need to see past lives in order to change your past? How is it done? Here are a few thoughts and suggestions.

1. If you do not yet have a clear working connection with your spirit or higher self, see about creating that. Ask inwardly for your spirit to come forward and help you do that, or receive help from someone.

2. Ask your spirit if you are ready to change your past, and if it is a good project for you now.

3. If you get yes to both, perhaps it is not necessary for you, as it was for me, to actually see past lives. If it does seem helpful, ask to see one life and be told what to do with it. If it doesn"t, simply ask your spirit how to proceed.

4. If you are guided to go back and speak with a past self, always give love first, and identify yourself as that same self from the future, here to help. You may need to be a bit patient, as it will be a new experience for your past self. If a past self cannot hear you, at least not yet, do not try to force a change.

5. If you are working with a particular life, realize that the more difficult the life, the more likely it is that many changes may take place over time, not just one.

6. Forget entirely about past lives-many teachers suggest this anyway-and simply create your new reality. The speed of your manifestation will depend upon how clear and ready you have become.

7. All sincere meditation does gradually clear the past.

Changing the past for the better is an enormous gift to every one who chooses to accept it. Changing the past, we change everything else right up to the present moment, not only for ourselves but for many many others. We literally change the world for the better, a great deal faster than it would have changed otherwise.

If the above processes for changing the past are not best for you, be shown different ones, or rest assured that all is being cleared in its own way.
Blessings to you upon your path!

Author Bio :
"©2008, Joanna Cherry. Ascension Mastery International P.O. Box 1018 • Mount Shasta, California 96067 USA Phone 530/926-6650 • Fax 530/926-1828 • E-mail "

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