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Abundance - as a Spiritual Resource

{written by : Neal Ryder}

Article word count : 931 -- Article Id : 2615
Article active date : 2009-12-05 -- Article views : 2182

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Article is about :
Abundance is an inherent spiritual resource we all draw upon. We do this consciously or unconsciously. Everyone is abundant in one arena of life but abundance can be unconsciously channeled in the wrong direction, invested in negative areas, or show up in ways we don't expect.

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Abundance is a resource. A resource we all draw upon. It is not outside of us, nor is it a choice or a belief. It is energetic in nature. It is a knowing in consciousness. Similar to seeing the color of your eyes when you gaze into a mirror. No emotion, no fear, no doubt, no stress, you know the color of your eyes. This knowing of abundance is directed consciously or unconsciously into our lives. Most of us draw from abundance unconsciously at the moment.

Abundance is neither good nor bad. It is inherent within us. It is how abundance is understood that determines how this resource is directed. People are creative in terms of abundance, but it can show up in ways we don’t expect if we aren’t thinking clearly or understanding it.

To more fully understand and appreciate abundance it is helpful to define and examine. Why define? Defining describes a meaning, expands and increases understanding and clarity which helps us evolve as spiritual beings or soul. Everything is connected to soul and this is just one very small example of disciplining the personality is service to soul. It serves to physically spend the time to look it up the definitions online or in a dictionary around the home at a later time. The universe recognizes this as an investment in healing and clearing.

How do you define abundance? Take a few moments to do this for yourself.

Abundance can be defined as an overflowing fullness; more than enough; ample sufficiency, plentiful; wealth; and free found its way into my efforts of defining abundance. Aren’t those things in abundance free?

Everyone is abundant in one area or arena of life. Where is it present for you? Do you have an abundance of friends, support, love, strength, courage?

If you have trouble identifying where you are abundant in life let’s view abundance from another perspective. Abundance can be turned in on itself. Constriction can seep into abundance if we don’t monitor our thoughts. Some of us, and I’ve done this, can turn abundance into it’s opposite. We can have an abundance of poverty, or lack. We could have an abundance of misery or chaos. It has somehow been turned in on itself so that abundance feeds concepts of negativity, lack, separation or limitation. We can unconsciously channel abundance in the wrong direction, invested in negative places, which then feeds on itself.

For example, if we attempt something and have a negative expectation, the energy of abundance feeds it and the experience can become an abundance of negativity, hurt or harm. Abundance is always there, like air, and our interpretation can be unconsciously negative. If so, it then moves into belief systems which the abundance feed. So it gets more and more created, whatever the belief system.

Additionally, we have almost decided what is permissible for us in terms of abundance, even if it is all negative. What is permissible about abundance, or true for you? As beliefs and expectations are examined, the choice is then, do you want to keep them?

People can be abundantly intelligent, but not supported. Some have an abundance of hard work, fed by the energy of abundance. It is possible to work hard, work successfully, but never quite have success, even though you wish because of an unconscious belief that life is hard work. If you unconsciously believe you have bad luck, you have an abundance of bad luck. It is possible to have a lot of relationships and have them all be unfulfilling relationships due to unexamined, unconscious beliefs around relationships. It could be anything, but understand that beliefs are fed by abundance.

How can a beginning be made in examining beliefs? Begin with what is permissible about abundance, or true for you? Notice the tags at the end of statements. This is one example of why what we say is more important than what we think - at the moment. It is the little endings that change it, and that is different for each person. We will feed our deepest beliefs.

So, how can we begin to consciously draw from this resource of abundance?

The most readily available experience of abundance is through eternal qualities. All eternal qualities are part of abundance…Joy, Patience, Happiness, Compassion, Freedom, Truth, Beauty. Just to name a few.

First keep in mind abundance is a knowing and a resource.

Think about it, contemplate it, daydream about it.

Align with the Highest Good, harmless/compassion.

Ask for all the help you need an more.

Connect with the energy of abundance. Use the image of a river.

Meditate on it, allow it to flow into your life.

Abundance is everything. Not either/or.

Be thankful. When we are not thankful for what is abundant, the universe does not respond with more as it does when we are thankful.

Have Abundance and let abundance take care of itself.

Abundance and Gratitude

What are you abundant in? Are you happy with this sort of abundance in your life? You can change it.


In regards to alignment and “No, thank you.”

There is much discussion around the concept of right thinking or how we have to change our thoughts or beliefs. These suggestions are tools, beginning “how-to’s” and do not lose efficacy over time but instead expand in their healing potential and effectiveness. Application over time, time understood as years, will bear witness to the life changing power of these tools, though it takes only a handful of weeks to see a beginning.


Author Bio :
“Neal is a profound intuitive healer who has dedicated his life and training to bringing forth the Divine Radiance of his clients - not as a concept, but as a state of being - which infuses his clients with healing, wholeness and celebration.” - Angelic Testimonial. You can learn more at his website. I need your support in an authors competition. Please vote!

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