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Empty Head

{written by : Virginia Parsell}

Article word count : 99 -- Article Id : 2669
Article active date : 2010-01-22 -- Article views : 6966

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Article is about :
My mind is too full.

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My mind is too full.
It has packed itself
With the detritus
Of the day"s issues
Until it is hard
As a cement rock
And as abrasive,
Too. Or so it feels.

I wish to be light
As air, light-headed
Really. Even more,
No headed if it
Comes down to basic
Fact. To my surprise
I see I am made
Of the obvious.

The hard stuff scatters
In a rush of flight,
Instantly settled
Back into the things
They belong to. Sofas
Are red, not me. Grief
Is the world"s, and life
Has its own back again.

Author Bio :
Written by Virginia Parsell. For more from this author goto The Headless Way is a site dedicated to awakening to who we all really are, using the experimental method of Douglas Harding.

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