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Symbolism and Use of the Hands

{written by : The Circle of Good Will}

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Article is about :
The right use of hands is an important aspect on the spiritual path. The hands have great power, which we should use only for acts of good will and not for egoistic purposes. They also are of great importance in healing.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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From the Series „The Lunar Messenger“

The Number Consciousness
The human body is a model of perfection, an excellent and complex equipment. We, the souls, have come into the bodies in order to experience the world. But as soon as we enter into the body, we forget our identity and take on other identities. We have assumed a name and a form, we identify with a race and nationality. On a daily basis we have to recollect that we are not the different identities or the body, but the soul which has emanated from the one truth, and that we belong to it.
Creative intelligences and potencies have brought forth the forms according to a pattern that existed already before the shape. They exist in eternity as seeds of creation and evolve into the workers of creation. They ensure that only a man is born out of a man, that always the same pattern is created. How do we know how many teeth or fingers we have to grow? The shape-consciousness and the number-consciousness make that we have two hands and legs, with 5 fingers or toes each, a nose and two nostrils, a mouth and 32 teeth. As cosmic intelligences number-consciousness, shape-consciousness and mind-consciousness exist in space and cooperate with the reproduction of the frame and its growth. Numbers are not man-made. What we call a number is the form of the number and not the number itself. Even without a form the number consciousness is already existing in us. In the Eastern wisdom it is called Kapila, the first teacher of the science of eternal wisdom.
In the wisdom teaching number 5 is the number of man, since he is the soul, the heavenly Son of God living in the fourfold nature, the mental, emotional, etheric body and the physical coat. Eastern wisdom calls number 5 the most secret and significant number of relative perfection: 10 is considered to be the number of perfection, of God, and 5 the number for the Son of God or the soul, in which Father Spirit and Mother Matter unite. Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, stands for the birth of the son. The fifth house represents the children and the love of the father, by which he raises and protects them. Leo loves to protect, to guide and to govern people. Leo therefore is called the king of the signs. He stands for overcoming of obstacles and on the spiritual path for overcoming the lower nature. 5 stands for the fingers of the hand which grabs and holds with a firm grip. The personality wants to hold others in its grip, the hand of the soul or of the teacher guides, protects and keeps people in freedom.

The Energy of the Hands
The hands carry the energy of ruling and protecting; the head is the priest, the teacher or the spiritual man. The stomach is considered to be the businessman, who receives energy and distributes it to all parts of the body, whereas the legs are the workers. Strong legs are good for physical activity, a strong head for subtle activity. Often people who work with the feet cannot work so well with the head. The head supports the feet, also in running; it causes the functioning of the limbs, it is not the other way round. From the esoteric point of view games with the hands are to be preferred to those with the feet, meaning play tennis in preference to football.
The right use of hands is an important aspect on the spiritual path. We are urged not to touch everything indiscriminately, since we receive energies via the hands. “The ancients advised the placing of one"s hand upon the needles of the young cedars, in order that the condensed prana might penetrate through the fingertips.” (Heart, 14) A frequent washing of hands, as the doctors do when they are working with patients, is not only a question of hygiene. Washing purifies, in order to take in again fresh energy. Disciples in the ashram are urged to wash their hands with pure water after each act of benefit to the world. In this the energies of the head and the heart are consciously invoked into the hands, so that they can be distributed. A hand that gives is a divine hand. It can distribute material things, but also healing energies or blessing. The hands have great power, which we should use only for acts of good will and not for egoistic purposes. They also are of great importance in healing: “During the laying on of hands one should not think of sickness, but should try to unite oneself with the Highest.” (Hierarchy, 132)
Throat and hands are closely connected, therefore we make different movements of the hands when speaking. The throat is the source from which the energy flows to the hands. If we speak flattering ourselves and critical of others, we distort the energies we transmit. Many lose energies for nothing through their speech. Our speech must become substantial and constructive, then we can also transmit healing energies.

Opening and Locking
When not used, the hands should be kept together, either with crossed fingers or with one hand in the other. You can also rest the palms on the knees. This would enable closing of the energy circuit for better preservation. In the book “From Intellect to Intuition”, p. 220, Master D.K. says: “The hands should be folded in the lap, and the feet crossed. If the western scientist is right when he tells us that the human body is really an electric battery, then perhaps his Oriental brother is also right when he says that in meditation there is a bringing together of negative and positive energy, and that by this means we produce the light in the head. Therefore, it is wise to close the circuit.”
When travelling we are strongly recommended to keep the hands together and to cross the legs at the ankles or knees. When we meditate, we should thus lock the energy circuit, so that the energy we invoke during meditation can replenish us. In this you can keep the right palm in the left one, meaning that we are seeking ascent, higher energies. The ends of the thumbs are brought together: the right thumb belongs to the soul, the left one to the personality. When using our hands and feet during the day we can distribute again the accumulated energy.

Transforming Vibration
When we do a group prayer and form all together a circle, we can join the hands and invoke the energies, so that the group can reach certain common goals the group members have set themselves. During a meditation in a circle we can also put both feet side by side. When we are distributing the soothing energy of a meditation or a mantram into the surrounding, we can hold the hands in a way that they indicate the distribution of the energies. This we can do when a group work is done to benefit a place or a particular situation. The Great Ones have magnetised the places where they are by their feet; their touch is of salutary nature, through their speech they transform the surrounding. Often they also prepare dishes and distribute them. We should not refuse them and also not care for the taste, but for the transforming effect of the vibration. This is also true for objects which have been magnetised through their touch.
The meaning of the postures of the hands is a science by itself, it is called the science of mudras. When a disciple has reached the necessary purity, the teacher can convey certain effects by means of gestures, grips and mental words. In eastern representations of the Divine Mother she gives protection with the right hand, while with the left hand she grants blessings and fulfilment on all planes. In this the palms radiate Light. We can contemplate, how the Light shines down to us and fills us.

Author Bio :
Sources used: K. P. Kumar: Mantrams. Their Significance and Practice / seminar notes / E. Krishnamacharya: Wisdom of the Heavens. The World Teacher Trust - Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India ( A. A. Bailey: Esoteric Astrology, Lucis-Trust, London ( Heart / Hierarchy. Agni-Yoga Society, New York, (

The Circle of Good Will works for the spiritual synthesis between East and West, on the basis of the teachings of Eternal Wisdom. Monthly newsletter; Publications; E-Cards; Blog; Website in English, German, French and Spanish.

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