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The Court Cards as the Roles We Play

{written by : Morgana Dragonfly}

Article word count : 889 -- Article Id : 2734
Article active date : 2010-03-07 -- Article views : 4485

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Article is about :
Find your friends, family members and the many roles you play in the Court Cards.

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Many new students to Tarot make the mistake of seeing the Court Cards quite literally as Royalty or Simi God/dess having much higher social status than they will ever come in contact with. This is not meant to be the case. The Court Cards represent the people you see around you everyday of your life, and the roles you play to these people. In the characters of the Court Cards you will find your friends, your family members, your children and coworkers.

You will also find yourself among the Court Cards. Don’t try to pick just one card and say “This is me.” It doesn’t work that way because you play many roles in your life. To your mother you may be the Page of Cups, to your sweetheart you could be the Queen or Knight of Cups, to your children you might be the Queen or King of Pentacles, and to your coworkers you might come across at the Knight of Swords.

Look around you. Who do you see? Can you describe them in terms of one of the court cards? The simplest of descriptions would be that Kings and Queens are mature adults while the Knights and Pages represent youth, innocence and inexperience.

To take your description a step further you could say the Cups could all be blond haired and blue eyed. The Rods being fiery would have red hair and green eyes. The Swords could have black hair and dark eyes, and the Coins might have brown hair and brown or hazel eyes.

Then you can add a bit of personality to these descriptions by giving each the attitude detailed in their suites. Pentacles would be earthy and practical. Cups are emotional, sensitive. Wands might be ambitious and courageous. Swords are intelligent and communicative.

Now put these all together and you have a fairly detailed description of the kind of person that Court Card represents. But remember before you get too frustrated because you can’t find an exact fit for the people you know that there is no such thing as an exact fit. Because obviously a blond haired, blue eyed person will not always be sensitive, nor will a brunette always be practical.

For instance, if I were looking across the room at a good looking stranger that I was attracted to but knew nothing about other than his physical appearance I might use what ever court card best represented his looks and age. If, on the other hand, I were trying to describe someone I know very well I might use the card that most closely represented their personality regardless of their physical appearance.

A good exorcize for getting acquainted with the Court Cards is to look for the members of your family, your coworkers and friends among the cards. With the people you know you would use their personalities to make your choices. Then go out on the street and use just the physical appearances to choose a card that will represent them.

Then just for the fun of it let’s look at a couple of public figures. I’m thinking of Hillary Clinton. She’s blond, but I don’t think of her as emotional, so I wouldn’t choose Cups as her suite. She is passionate though in her run for office so I think I’d call her the Queen of Wands. While her direct opponent in the Democratic Party, Barac Obama with his black hair and dark eyes is also very vocal and intelligent so he fits nicely in the King of Swords role. Can you find a fit for some of the other presidential candidates?

Now sometimes when you’re laying out a card spread it gets really annoying if too many Court Cards turn up. This can make it really hard to get a clear reading. Kind of like trying to read a sentence that’s full of proper nouns with no adjectives to describe what they’re doing. A Readers nightmare is too many Court Cards and too many Major Arcana.

It makes no sense at all to say the King of Swords is in your past, the Queen of Cups in your future, the Page of Pentacles at your feet and the Knight of Rods at your head. This just looks like a really crowded party with a lot of clashing personalities all intent on getting the subjects attention. So let’s see if we can make some sense of it.

These cards don’t have to all represent different people. They might represent different rolls the subject is playing at different times. For instance, the subject may have been very vocal and demanding in the past (King of Swords), though now inwardly he’s feeling not quite so sure of himself while looking for an opportunity to advance his objective (Page of Pentacles) while outwardly he’s rushing passionately forward (Knight of Rods). And what does this all lead to? In the future we see him meeting his Queen of Cups as a love interest forms.

How would I read all this? I might say “Just keep doing what you’re doing if you want to fall in love in the future.” Then again, I might not read it that way at all. How would you read it?

Author Bio :
As a professional Taroist I have been reading and teaching Tarot sense 1984. I am also a Neo-Pagan Priestess and have been following the Pagan Path sense the late '60. Just one old witch, I love life and nature and know that everyone of us is full of Magic just waiting to be discovered and used. For info on what else I do and teach see my website

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