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Clearing Space Energetically

{written by : Konstadina Sadoriniou}

Article word count : 842 -- Article Id : 2740
Article active date : 2010-03-13 -- Article views : 3766

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Article is about :
What can we do though, if these negatively charged spaces are the places we live and work in? These places are where we spend most of our lives in and many times no matter how protected we keep our own being, it seems difficult to go beyond the impact that

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Often, when we enter an environment it immediately feels hostile, unfriendly, draining or uncomfortable. Possible reasons for this may be the accumulation of negative energies that remain in that space which influence its credibility, reliability and sense of safety that it can provide. In many cases these energies take even a more conscious form and feel threatening to one"s well being.

These energies can possibly have been created by people who have been staying in them and have been expressing negative emotions within that space i.e. anger, rage, revenge, sorrow, guilt, envy etc. It is also possible that a place carries such negative energies because one or more people have cursed that place - in other words have directed their negative energies through thoughts, words or actions towards that physical area or towards the people who live or have lived in that space. The longer that these attitudes and events are being occurred the stronger their energetic imprint remains firm in it.

It is important that when we are planning to enter into such places - or remain in them for a prolonged time - that we do so by protecting ourselves before hand, shielding ourselves energetically so these energies do not influence our well being.

What can we do though, if these negatively charged spaces are the places we live and work in? These places are where we spend most of our lives in and many times no matter how protected we keep our own being, it seems difficult to go beyond the impact that these energies have on us. People have reported being physically drained, being more accident prone, falling ill often, experiencing change in their personality and some even feel their own life being threatened. These energies can affect our happiness, our prosperity, our relationships, and our state of mind. Sometimes even our own negative energies of rage, fear and resentment that emanate through our being attach themselves energetically to the walls, the furniture, the things in that area, as well as remain within the air that surrounds that space.

So, if these unhealthy energies prove to be so detrimental to our well being and life, something needs to be done about it. In such a case, it would be advisable that one does what is known as "space clearing". There are various techniques and various tools or kits which have been created and used since time immemorial to provide such service. These range from the use of physical items, to ceremonies, to energy healing techniques.

"Space clearing"has been used by many civilisations, many cultures around the world and from people coming from a wide spectrum of educational and financial background. The various methodologies are used either by the people themselves who are interested in clearing their own space or by specialised professionals.

The aim of "space clearing" is to eliminate these negative energies, balance the energies of that space and in many cases charge it with positive energies. Many times it is also useful to use fengsui principles and re-arrange - if possible - furniture and the way the various things are laid around that place, so the flow of vital energy can move uninterrupted.

I got involved with space clearing when I needed it myself and for some members of my family. This need prompt me to experiment with various ways in achieving the ultimate results of "space clearing". At present I use higher level energies and the assistance of Beings of Light to clear spaces and this can be done distantly. So, although I don"t need to be physically present to the place that needs clearing, I project myself energetically and clairvoyantly go through a process of cleansing and re-energising that specific area. Although in the beginning I was just experimenting with these ideas, the successful results of this healing process proved its reliability and strength to me and others.

If you feel that in the place you live in or work, there are lots of problems which are being experienced by you or others sharing the same space, then you might like to consider clearing that space energetically - by yourself or with the help of someone else who knows how to do it. After clearing a space energetically people have reported having greater sense of freedom, peace, confidence and optimism in addition to not having the reoccurrence of previous negative experiences.

To maintain the good atmosphere that has been created, it is advised that regular practice of expressing positive feelings and thoughts, meditation, and anything that promotes peace and well being is being regularly practiced. Due to the fact, that we can not always maintain a positive attitude towards life, others and ourselves, it is recommended that we regularly space clear our homes and working places. In the same way these places need to be physically cleaned regularly, otherwise dust and cobwebs would accumulate, we also need to cleanse the same place energetically so possible stagnant or negative energies do not affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Author Bio :
Konstadina Sadoriniou is an Akashic Records reader/ channel and teacher, an international self-development coach & trainer, an experienced and qualified consultant, alternative & energy modalities therapist & teacher, visionary artist, author and interfaith ordained minister. Konstadina has been in this path for almost 20 years and presently she is the Director of the Centre of Specialised Therapies & Training operating worldwide. For more details you can visit her website

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