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Divine Guidance

{written by : Neal Ryder}

Article word count : 716 -- Article Id : 2747
Article active date : 2010-03-16 -- Article views : 1403

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Article is about :
Guidance is always available but offered only when requested. Our ability to receive and recognize guidance can be nurtured and developed. Exercises are suggested.

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No matter where you are in your journey everyone is connected to guidance all the time! It is simply not recognized and there are a number of factors that contribute to that none of which are fixed or concrete. Everyone can learn to develop and nurture the gift of guidance we already possess.

Guidance is about the whole of self, it cannot be separated out as a thing unto itself. Here is why. Guidance is an aspect of the whole of self that speaks to us of connectedness, unity and is representative of our ability to be guided and allow guidance in our life. Connection to what? All that IS. It is our sense of loving kindness to self and others which allows a type of compassionate magic within our world which we call guidance.

We receive guidance from Angels, guides, our Higher Self all the time. Whom would you like to receive guidance from? All that is required is to ask. However guidance must be requested. Free will assures it would never be forced upon us.

We then engage a consistency of practice that nurtures and expands it. The belief that we could ask once then do nothing is simply not accurate. It is not true in the material world, nor is it true in the spiritual world. Guidance is collaboration.

Why is a consistency of practice is necessary? The process of living life produces bumps, bruises, and challenges; physically, mentally (beliefs) and emotionally. The events of our pain can generate something like an energetic sludge which leads to being more dense, energetically. This feeling of heaviness slows the vibratory nature of our energy field, then our physical cells, which over time can affect many areas of life. We can however remove this sludge and increase the vibratory nature of our of physical body. What moves in is a clearness and pureness of information, thought and energy which raises the vibration of self to allow more. It lifts the density and helps us to get to a higher vibration to attune and align with better and more and to understand self as more than just a personality.

What can we do to become more finely attuned? To remove the energetic sludge and build up finer vibrations in the body?


Meditation, Imagination, Daydreaming

Walking with Intention

We can breathe using an 8-12-10 count. Inhale for 8, hold for 12, exhale for 10. Five or ten sets; two or three times a day. This simple exercise will increase the vibratory frequency of your body, making you less dense. Breathe with intent, the intention to build psychic energy. The power and effectiveness of these exercises should not be underestimated. As a by product this may also produce a physical clearing. do not let fear stop you. Breathing raises vibrations, bringing in energy makes you finer, allowing you to access a clarity of guidance on your own. Obviously, the more you do it, the more benefit you receive, though not necessarily more quickly. Effort and outcome are distinct issues. Be attached to your effort.

You could also use a 10-14-7 count for the same process.

If you daydream, you meditate. Begin with the concept you are comfortable with. Imagine yourself as a light being. The body itself is light. Bring light in through the top of your head, breathe and circulate this light throughout the body and be sure to include your entire body, your arms, legs and the souls (sic) of your feet. This exercise helps things get lighter. A minimum of twice a day, and spend 10-20 minutes with it.

Walk with the intention of dropping density or heaviness with each step and being finer. You could include inhaling light / exhaling heaviness. However you approach it, set your intention and then simply walk with that intention.

These suggested exercises are simple but the discipline to use them each day is not easy. If you begin and then find that you have dropped the practice of it, simply begin again. There is no judgment nor it is about worthiness.

This is merely a thumbnail of what we can do to develop and allow more guidance in our life. The next question may be, how do you recognize what is guidance and what isn’t? We’ll tackle that in another article.

Author Bio :
“Neal is a profound intuitive healer who has dedicated his life and training to bringing forth the Divine Radiance of his clients - not as a concept, but as a state of being - which infuses his clients with healing, wholeness and celebration.” - Angelic Testimonial. You can learn more at his website. I need your support in an authors competition. Please vote!

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