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Proofs of the Afterlife - The most investigated medium ever - Part 1

{written by : Victor Zammit}

Article word count : 874 -- Article Id : 2859
Article active date : 2010-05-31 -- Article views : 7607

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Article is about :
For those of you who are looking for scientific studies and physical proofs to confirm the Afterlife, here is one excellent source that summarizes what are currently available. A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife Irrefutable Objective Evidence.

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“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

C. G. Jung

One of the most spectacular and outstanding mental mediums who ever lived was the American Mrs. Leonore Piper from Boston. No one, not even the most hardcore closed-minded skeptic, after investigating her mediumship for a period of almost thirty years ever suggested fraud.

Professor William James, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, personally organized séances for her for a year and a half. Then Professor Richard Hodgson, Professor of Law, the greatest and most notorious debunker in the world took over. And finally Professor James Hyslop, Professor of Logic and Ethics from Columbia University took control of the investigations.

Together they brought hundreds of sitters to her under false names, they hired detectives to follow her and intercepted her mail. She was taken to England where she knew no one and arranged for her to stay with members of the British Society of Psychical Research where she could be constantly monitored.

She would go into a trance, then a control—an intelligence from the afterlife by the name of Dr Phinuit—would take over and start to give a great deal of accurate information and messages from those who had passed on.

Just one example from the many thousands of examples over many decades where Mrs. Piper was deadly accurate in her mental mediumship was when the Rev. and Mrs.. S.W. Sutton participated in a séance in 1893. The Suttons, according to Richard Hodgson"s report, were highly intelligent people. They participated in a séance with Mrs.. Piper to see if they could contact their little girl who had recently died. Hodgson supplied a stenographer so that what was stated through Mrs.. Piper about the Suttons" little girl is now held in the archives of the Society for Psychical Research (see Proceedings 1898: 284-582).

Mrs. Piper was able to establish contact between the Suttons and their very much-loved little girl from the afterlife. The information left no doubt whatsoever that the little girl was actually communicating from the afterlife with her mother and father still living on the earthplane.

She confirmed that she used to bite buttons. She identified her Uncle Frank and a friend who had died with a tumor and made reference to her brother by his pet name. She made reference to her sore throat and paralyzed tongue and that her head used to get hot before her death. She referred to Dinah her doll, to her sister Maggie, and to her little toy horse. She also sang two songs, the same songs she had sung immediately before she died. The Suttons had no doubt that they had made contact with their little girl and were especially happy when she reassured them: "I am happy... cry for me no more".

One very important skill Mrs.. Piper was to develop was the ability to have two intelligences communicating through her at the same time. An investigator from the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) Richard Hodgson, stated in one of his reports to the SPR that he witnessed an intelligence from the afterlife communicating through Mrs.. Piper to a sitter while Mrs.. Piper was unconscious and at the same time her hand was writing a totally different message about a different subject to Hodgson himself.

Skeptics converted

Initially, there had been a great deal of criticism and skepticism about Mrs. Piper"s mediumship. But when the information and the messages from the afterlife were so consistently accurate over so many years, eventually even the second most skeptical member of the SPR, Richard Hodgson, formally conceded that Mrs. Piper"s mediumship was genuine and he acknowledged that the information was coming from intelligences in the afterlife.

Richard Hodgson had been expected by the SPR leadership to discredit Mrs.. Piper as he had tried to discredit all established mediums, including Madam Blavatsky and Eusapia Palladino. He had been especially chosen by the SPR and sent to investigate Mrs.. Piper"s mediumship in its very early stages. Before he went to investigate Mrs.. Piper he stated that he was going to show how she was able to use tricks so successfully, or in his own words, how Mrs.. Piper obtained information, "previously by ordinary means, such as inquiries by confederates".

Fully investigated

Hodgson was determined to expose Mrs. Piper. He engaged private investigators to follow her, to report on whom she met outside her home, to intercept her mail, to invite negative "dummy" sitters unknown to anyone to her sittings and to do everything possible to prove that Mrs.. Piper was not a genuine medium.

Despite all the opposition and all the obstruction and controls, the incredibly accurate information kept pouring through Mrs. Piper. Then Hodgson started to argue that her control, Dr Phinuit, was a "split-off " portion of Mrs. Piper"s mind. It was argued that since Dr Phinuit could not identify who he was when he lived in this dimension, he could not be real. Or that because he could not answer certain questions on philosophy then he really did not exist. Or that telepathy explained all. The imputation of these arguments of course is to completely deny the existence of the afterlife.

Author Bio :
Victor Zammit, Copyright 2006 From:

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