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Feng Shui and the Flying Stars

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

Article word count : 615 -- Article Id : 2900
Article active date : 2010-08-15 -- Article views : 1929

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Article is about :
The Flying Stars is a term or expression used to describe a specific School of Feng Shui and also a specific type of energy that exists in every structure. The Flying Stars represents the magnetic field of the space.

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When I first started studying feng shui, I was living in a house that indicated strongly a propensity for the occupants to argue. That we did. It also indicated based on the location of our bed, that I would be vulnerable to a miscarriage, which I did have. As well, there were unseen energies at the front door which implied that the occupant could be crazy prior to 1984. We bought the house in 1989 and next door neighbors confirmed that the previous owner was a man who could be heard talking to himself and who severely neglected taking care of the property. It was also a house type that can attract occupants who will ultimately be betrayed by a religious leader or guru…and that happened too.

Many feng shui enthusiasts still have no idea how personal and specific the information can be in a proper feng shui analysis. All of these aspects to the house I was living in were not in any way obvious visually, certainly not the kind of information you can read about in books. But the way these details are revealed, is from evaluating a house based on the most advanced method, sometimes called the “Flying Star School.”

Back in 1992, when I was first studying with Master Sang, we referred to these calculations of time and space as “floating the numbers.” Whether one is “floating numbers” or “flying stars,” it is the same process. Numerical calculations can be performed on a house based on when it was built (the Construction Number or Period Star), what direction the house is sitting and facing (the “mountain star” and the “facing star”), as well as the current annual influences (the yearly stars). It may sound complicated, but if you can add and subtract, with patience, these calculations can be done easily without a math degree!

When you hear or read about someone practicing the Flying Star School of feng shui, it is an indication of higher learning, more advanced training, and the ability to track the good and bad fortune of a building over time. It also gives practitioners the ability to accurately place corrective elements (such as water fountains) in the best locations. As well, the Flying Star School blends inherently with Form School feng shui. This is the branch which interprets both natural and man-made features in relation to a structure.

As an example, if there is a mountain (form school) in front of a West-facing house (directional), in a certain year (time), then events can be predicted in terms of how that mountain will affect people. Another example: if you have a swerving road (form school) veering towards a Southeast door (directional), in 2003 (time), this could trigger and actual car crash right into the property or cause the occupants to leave their home and be involved in a car accident elsewhere.

On a positive note, if someone has an East front door (directional), with a large water fountain in front of it (form school), then in 2003 (time), it will attract a lot of romantic opportunities or solidify a relationship. When I go back in time and calculate the house I grew up in, in the 1970’s, I met my high school boyfriend in the year that my bedroom had the “romance” yearly star. I got engaged in 1984 when this same “romance star” was in my bedroom in the apartment I was living in at the time. I have found this method to be very accurate and personal. With the Flying Star School, events can be predicted down to the year, sometimes even the month and day they will happen. This is why I call The Flying Star School, “astrology for architecture.”

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond has authored numerous books and ebooks and is considered a master and authority on classical Feng Shui. She consults with people world-wide and is very accessible. Visit Kartar's website at Kartar also endorses the custom-made elegant wood fountains at

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