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The Human Mind and World after 2012

{written by : Nikola Sabev}

Article word count : 1671 -- Article Id : 3097
Article active date : 2010-12-11 -- Article views : 2407

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Article is about :
What might possibly become of the world after the by now mythical 2012?

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Many people are interested in what is going on with the planet and are concerned about what we are all in for. What might possibly become of the world after the by now mythical 2012.

The first certain thing to say is that planet Earth will continue to exist, as will people on the planet. But a chromosome pair will disappear from DNA. This will obliterate racial identity. The profile of the planet will be retained. There will be no cataclysms for the chosen to survive. The chosen will keep their identity to keep the matrix intact.

The Earth will remain divided as currently into two hemispheres. Transport will not be a problem but people will mainly travel by water. The Atlantic will not increase its level dramatically. The melting of the ice cap will fall into its natural cycle and will synchronise with the general field of the planet.

The closed social area will abolish state borders and people will have no problem adapting to any conditions. Time will be the major factor in measuring success. The chosen who will not change their identity will be the indicator, the new standard for those undergoing change. This will not in any way obstruct their personal development – on the contrary, they will be diversity of behaviour and motivation to others. If all of this seems like a cosmic experiment, be assured it is not. It is the natural cycle in the development of human civilisation given the current conditions.

Another submarine will sink, this time of Arabic ownership. The desalination of water will reveal new sources of information on past worlds. Information in crystals will gain new meaning. Everything will lead to people"s averaging of their personal values, and personal achievement will only matter to the self.

Power will be relevant to the human world only to the extent of retaining rules and that only through sanction. Utilisation and organisation of the material environment will not bring civil wars or riots. Uniformity of the structure of people"s identity would not allow that.

The name of a river will be the name of an organisation which will introduce the new rules. People will make use of information from the past because there will be nowhere they could get new information. There will be no need for new information though for everything is already there in the earth"s field.

Children will be born with the ability to gain information. Parents will have to teach them the meaning of words, to speak and write. That will be all that"s needed for the child to develop. Bringing them up will be limited to children becoming aware of the rules and sanctions. The words for good and bad will be obsolete, having acquired new meaning. Thought will move linearly as defined by the matrix the child is born by.

Spiritually the church will be able to stand strong if it changes its approach to people. The main thing about it is that faith is not a feeling but the beginning of success, combination of awareness and desire. There isn"t nor can there be shedding personal responsibility or delegating rights and responsibilities of God!

Facts are not as important in this case as they seem. An interesting event that may be added will be the eruption of Etna. There will be talk of it being the sign of perish of civilised human beings, and where the beginning is will be the end.

Those capable of connecting to the beyond will not be getting new information. But there will be a rapid growth of contacts with deceased people who have not been reincarnated but remained within the information field of the Earth. Their information will be about the present and past because there will be no future in the common sense of the world.

New technical achievement will mainly refer to the already invented, i.e. development rather than novelty. Many people will choose faith and God out of the feeling of helplessness and inferiority. This of course is good for faith.
The other side of the coin though is that being connected to past worlds many will consider themselves symbols of justice and will strive to impose their own criteria of rules and norms. We would have to deal with this on our own because nobody would allow the system to be destroyed or the balance of general harmony fall apart. Equal as they are people will have the same positions which would mean they"d have the potential to solve the problem without needing cosmic help. But how did we get there?

For a very long time now the human world has been closed and isolated, regardless of who connects to whom. Those ruling the world use the field but cannot change anything about it. There is a defined energy structure called the social energy field made up of information, social interrelations at the level of the mind for which great aggression and particularity are typical. This structure is like a self organised, living organism attracting ever more conscience. The structure is powerful enough currently which leads to the energy dis-balance of the planet itself. Similarly to the human body the planet is reacting to the energy dis-balance, changing the indicators of its condition. What is the mechanism of this reaction?

The planet reacts through its physical core alone. The core is activated and as a result the earth layers move, volcanoes erupt, tsunamis occur, glaciers melt and so on. The goal of this shifting of matter is the break up of the energy core in the earth"s field and the restoration of its general energy equilibrium. But the core is very stable and the battle will continue for some time to come, after which the planet will achieve relative balance.

Neither pollution, nor the destruction of the forests are in the basis of all that, and although they do matter they are not material to the process. The major factor is human thinking, values and the current state of the human mind. The uniformity of thinking modes, points of view, values, common fears, the minds" conscious feeding enormous amounts of information leads to depriving the humans of the ability to adapt quickly and identify permanently. The lack of those keeps from the establishment of a stable psyche and sustaining the quality of the mind. All of these affect the disbalancing of the energy social core. And as a result the model of the human mind now is not helping, it is not contributing in favour of the human beings. Why is that happening?

The mechanisms of thought are for the sake of human beings; ability to adapt to new circumstances. These prerequisites are absent currently. The planet is closed. The energy field is over saturated. Readily available information is being used en bloc, stereotypes in behaviour are being adopted through socialising in the community. Society encourages adherence to patterns through forcing rules and sanctions. Intuitive orientation in man as the first step to thinking is subdued by the denial of new approach to issues. There is no demand for the formation of a new attitude for there is no new situation.

Everything is closed within a sphere where energy passes through the form of the human being and its field remains unchanged. Time within and outside our personal world flow simultaneously. Their values are equal. Personal motivation is a matter of personal comfort. Caring for the rest comes only if those are part of our personal world. The strive for world peace is personally motivated in that meaning alone. Humanity, compassion, empathy are words deprived of their general meaning – care and help. People use instead of creating. They mix up thought with adaptation and feelings but all of that is of no significance any more. Human behaviour in its mass is merely in the pattern of provocation/reaction. And since each has a personal view of the pattern it hardly takes long, painful consideration, awareness or planning of reaction and foreseeing the consequence. Unconscious action and reaction become dominant, the perspective of the focus of human attention is contracted to the particularity of the current and next day.

Revealing in this aspect is the example of human diseases. It is widespread belief that an organ would choose the disease, and that is not true. It is the disease that chooses the organ. Human beings are social memory, instincts and mechanisms of power, but also bodies. The body rules the mind through memory. The lack of clarity unleashes fear. Fear forms aggression. Fear at social level always unlocks auto-aggression. Or otherwise, the social element called self-control directs the aggression to the respective source – the respective bodily organ. Through prescribed mechanisms of transition to the beyond incorrectly called genetic heritage, social conscience uses it and unlocks illness. To an extent the description relates to the so called psychosomatic body or the psychosomatic reaction which accounts for some 70% of known ailments. The description of the diseases is indicative of the lack of a conscious attitude of the contemporary person to factors, provocations, unconscious identifications etc., I.e. to the flow of information flooding the social field. The social conscience does not create, it uses each of us.

People today are desperately looking for information to gain insight and stop worrying and being afraid. They seek clarity externally, instead of from within themselves, which many books of wisdom and messages of human history have indicated as the only correct path. Stepping outside of one"s self we end up forgetting ourselves and becoming trapped in the information dynamics and manipulation of the social energy field. Which is how we end up with the result of a dis-balancing energy field in the general field of the planet, a rebellious planet and unclear perspective. Everything is energy, and it demands balance and harmony. When that does not occur then cosmic rules are forced, a global solution by God"s will, overnight, regardless of our expectations or attitudes!

Author Bio :
The article is translated from Bulgarian. *Nikola Sabev is author of the books “Without Pain in the Closed World” and “The Impossible Person” Copyright © Nikola Sabev 2010

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