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For the Most Prosperous New Year Ever, Be Sure to Clear Out Some Space

{written by : Christan Hummel}

Article word count : 541 -- Article Id : 3113
Article active date : 2011-01-12 -- Article views : 1888

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Article is about :
Space Clearing Drawing on an aspect of feng shui known as space clearing, expert Christan Hummel says that clearing away clutter around the house or office can produce major improvements by unblocking the flow of the invisible life energy - or Ch'i - through the space.

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It may sound woo-woo, but the anecdotal evidence proves otherwise: "When a group of us did a space clearing in the downtown area of San Paulo, Brazil, the traffic cleared up the very next day. All 77 people in the workshop arrived a full hour earlier as a result!" exclaims Hummel, noting that in cities where communities have done space clearing:

- the crime rate dropped 30-50% in a single month
- drug-related deaths fell by 25% (Frankfurt)
- three properties long languishing on the market unsold were snapped up for the asking price within a week (Sonoma, California)
- the polluted Salton Sea (at the time, North America"s most polluted body of water) improved so dramatically within months, that it was eventually found to be free of toxins (California)

"How you behave when you get home and how you arrange your home and office spaces can make a tremendous difference in the flow of energy," explains Hummel, offering these tips on Do-It Yourself space clearing:

PROBLEM: Bad thoughts = bad energy

SOLUTION: Be aware of the thoughts you bring into the home by respecting your own space. "Take off your shoes and leave them at the front door," says Hummel. "Consciously leave your worries of the day at the threshold and gain from experience and knowledge of the ancient cultures who left their shoes at the door as a potent symbol of leaving the worries of the day at the door, and not bringing them into the home."

PROBLEM: Lingering bad energy

SOLUTION: Clean up a room physically and then banish any lingering bad energy through ceremony, sage, smudging, intention & sacred sounds.

PROBLEM: Bringing work headaches home

SOLUTION: Even if we leave our papers behind, most of us bring the troubles & emotional upsets of the office home. To practice letting it go, try exercise, a luxurious bath, relaxing, meditating, or doing a cleansing ritual: when you shower or take a bath add your intention that all the stresses of the day go down the drain. Alternatively, light a candle at the end of the day to symbolically "burn" your worries and problems of the day.

PROBLEM: Lingering past actions/traumas/emotions

SOLUTION: With intention, these unhealthy feelings can be cleared. Try a simple ceremony designed to lift the old vibrations and leave the space clear to receive the highest intentions. With perseverance, you can slowly and steadily overcome the bad energy left by old battles, previous deaths, divorce, and family difficulties and other hardships.

PROBLEM: Clutter, clutter everywhere

SOLUTION: Think of your home like a body: it has a circulation system and when life energy flows freely, the environment is healthy. Clutter, however, blocks the flow. Since clutter represents postponed decisions, make the decisions needed to clear out & put things away. Once the physical pathways in your home are open and clear, the life energy can begin to circulate. "Do some emotional release work, a closure ceremony, perhaps one in which you feel gratitude, appreciation and love for the person in question, then let their items go," advises Hummel. "Keep one or two representative items, and give the others to special people, family members, friends, special organizations close to your heart. Let grandma"s cups circulate in the community, not stay locked up in your living room."

Author Bio :
The Do-It Yourself Space Clearing Kit by Christan Hummel is available at or

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