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The Potential Extinction of the Human Race

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 739 -- Article Id : 3153
Article active date : 2011-03-08 -- Article views : 6553

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Article is about :
What we must explain to you with some urgency is the potential extinction of the human species and all vertebrate life-forms on Earth that is pending NOW. This is our purpose for helping to develop World Peace, to ensure our mutual survival in the face of this potential disaster.

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While beliefs about what Abrahamic traditions, particuly "Born-Again" Christians regard as the Apocalypse or End Days must also be addressed, it is not our purpose to examine those beliefs here.

What we must explain to you with some urgency is the potential extinction of the human species and all vertebrate life-forms on Earth that is pending NOW.

This is our purpose for helping to develop World Peace, to ensure our mutual survival in the face of this potential disaster.

The crisis unfolding now, is a product of something called the Atmospheric-Oceanic Carbon Cycle.

The carbon cycle is the means whereby the planet, to date, has managed to mitigate the emmisions of CO (carbon Monoxide) gasses as a consequence of our global reliance on the consumption of Hydrocarbon fuel sources.

We already have the technical capability to migrate our energy infrastructures to sustainable, non-polluting technologies.

What we must create is the political and economic will of our people to make the changes required of us asap.

The Atmospheric-Oceanic Carbon Cycle was discovered when scientists in the 1980"s were studying the total CO volume of all existing industrial and private sources of pollution.

The sum total was calculated to have already surpassed the degree required to poison us all to death.

These scientists went on to explore where the CO emisions were going, somehow, they were leaving our atmosphere.

As it happens, they discovered that cold ocean waters absorb CO from our atmosphere in signifigant volumes that maintain the total saturation of CO in our atmosphere below lethal levels.

However, there must be an oceanic saturation point for CO in solution which, when reached, will effectively stop our oceans from absorbing any more CO.

Investigators discovered that parts of our oceans were already releasing carbon gases back into our atmosphere.

When cold waters saturated with carbon gasses are warmed they release carbon gasses back into our atmosphere.

Fortunately, carbon gasses in solution in our oceans are being absorbed by phyto-plankton at the bottom of our marine biosphere"s food-chains. Our entire marine biosphere acts as a carbon-sink to absorb the potentially lethal carbon gasses that would otherwise build up in our atmosphere and kill us all.

Alas, 90% of our entire marine biosphere depends upon coral for habitat. Coral builds their shells by secreting a mucus-like substance containing calcium. The calcium is deposited around themselves to create their shells. Shell formation can only take place in a narrow PH band.

The absorbtion by our oceans of high levels of carbon gasses from our atmosphere has a secondary effect. Some of the carbon becomes carbonic acid. Our ocean"s are growing increasingly more acidic, the PH balance is shifting against the coral.

Already at least 25% of coral reefs all over our world have succumbed to acidification of our oceans by carbonic and nitirc* acids.

We have perhaps 50 years to get this problem turned around.

Part of the solution will be low orbital solar power collectors that beam energy to earth in microwaves that are converted to consumable electric power.

Each of the satellite arrays responsible for providing unlimited free power to our entire planet will be a WPM, a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

It is incumbent upon us, collectively, as a species, to build global peace so that all nations will feel secure with these weapons perpetually hanging over their heads.

We are talking about free energy from space, but the economic resources required to construct the neccessary infrastructures will bankrupt us as a global economy.

We must ensure we have the collective political will to convert all of our capital to this critical infrastructure project, its an all or nothing sort of deal.

If we can"t commit nearly all of our wealth to this purpose we will all die.

It is really that simple.


Some people have a plan to survive, a plan that requires the global decimation of our planet"s human populations. Ninety percent of all of us must die-off to ensure the survival of the rest of us under this scheme for our species" survival.

Anyone care to volunteer to sacrifice themselves for this solution?

We won"t.

We know there is a way to achieve survival for everyone on Earth, a way with peace, liberty, justice, and abundance for all, with no one left behind.

* We must also reduce nitrate run-offs from our agricultural and sewage treatment processes which acidfy our oceans with Nitric acids.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a distributed consciousness psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn. Please feel free to contact us any time. We love to write and to teach about world peace, spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: PeaceNext Blog For older work please look here: MySpace

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