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Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace, Part Twenty – Revelations

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1523 -- Article Id : 3191
Article active date : 2011-04-27 -- Article views : 3576

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Article is about :
Revelations were foretold in perhaps all of our ancestors’ holy scriptures and ancient legends. ... The brotherhood worked effectively to see that the Revelations of enlightenment would always be present in every culture. ... Revelations told the same story in each different culture, even in very modern cultures.

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Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace, Part Eight – Memetic and Noetic Sciences


Revelations were foretold in perhaps all of our ancestors’ holy scriptures and ancient legends.

The brotherhood worked effectively to see that the Revelations of enlightenment would always be present in every culture.

Revelations told the same story in each different culture, even in very modern cultures.

In science fiction, Phillip Jose Farmer portrayed an excellent vision of mechanisms for assuring the salvation of the entire human race in his Riverworld series of books, while the metaphors of The Matrix began to lay the foundations for a deeper collective human awareness of the very real cybernetic behavior of the deepest underpinnings of the foundations of our civilizations and all of our realities.

Myths about Revelations were being spun to appeal to UFO buffs and New-Age believers alike.

Myths about Revelations were being used to unite two traditionally opposed groups, fundamentalist Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians, in a common cause to blame the Jews and Zionists for all their worlds’ injustices.

New myths regarding Revelations became the domains of nut-jobs, like yours truly, we ourselves, or the domains of other popular conspiracy theorists and revelationists.

Some of the versions of Revelations currently popular in our ancestors’ times agreed with each other very closely, even when compared between eastern and western religious traditions.

Many of the versions of Revelations currently popular in our ancestors’ times were frightening stories about an Apocalypse, Armageddon, or a time called The Tribulations or The End Days.

Many traditions measured time in aeon long periods that all agreed that in the year 2012 the end of the Age of Pisces would usher in the Age of Aquarius.

The details of this transition were some of the primary domains of Revelations.

Humanity was following a roughly 2150 year cyclical change in its relationships to the heavens overhead. This schedule of events placed the next change in the year 2012 AD.

Sanskrit, Hindu, Mayan, and Egyptian cultures and their calendars all agreed on this scale of time and the events that unfolded with the passing of each age into the next.

Each passing age was represented by a human civilization at its pinnacle. Sometimes those civilizations fell into ruin with their passing ages; sometimes they survived, particularly in our most ancient myths and legends.

Our ancestors represented an emerging global civilization such as might never have existed before outside the orders of the brotherhood or the domains of the ruling elitists of their worlds.

Many religions across our ancestors’ worlds were emerging as global cultures because immigrants to foreign nations distant from their homelands were maintaining or re-establishing their cultural identities and sharing them with more and more people all the time.

Our ancestors were poised on the penultimate step of a miracle that may never before have been possible for humanity to achieve in any preceding era.

Our ancestors had a very well-crafted opportunity to establish a united world of liberty, peace, justice, security, diversity, and abundance for all people on Earth, with no one left behind, ever.

Resurrection was possible on a scale few people clearly understood, in spite of the descriptions of events expected to transpire in the times of Revelations as portrayed in Christian New Testaments and in the Abrahamic traditions’ old testaments.

Reincarnation was a fundamental principle of most of our ancestors’ eastern religious traditions; however, even in our ancestors’ eastern religious cultures apocryphal stories about the spiritual awakening of the entire human race were known.

Reincarnation and resurrection were both active principles in many eastern peoples’ beliefs.

In western traditions, however, reincarnation was regarded as a belief that was competitive with or hostile to western beliefs about resurrection that were being successfully exploited by many of the western religious authorities in power.

Resurrection was big business to be protected for the sake of the profits to be made.

However, more importantly, the legends of the Resurrection of Christ popular in western religions were stories about a real manifestation of a real human being’s Divine Immortality and Resurrection.

There were real spiritual truths being conveyed by Christianity, regardless of how reprehensibly some Christians’ methods of spreading their good words with swords might sometimes have been regarded.

But then, most cultures on Earth in our ancestors’ times were responsible for equally brutal tales of injustices on a daily basis, whether they were crimes created by individuals, states, communities, religions, families, or other social or cultural institutions.

It does not matter who is a sinner, we are all sinners in our own hearts and we all always know this to be true.

It does not matter what our sins are, we all learn to faithfully punish ourselves and to faithfully punish each other for our sins, our individual sins and our collective sins.

The only thing that really matters is that we must all learn to collectively forgive everyone for all of our sins at all times if we are ever to learn to forgive ourselves or enable ourselves to accept our forgiveness from our Divine brothers and sisters and our from our own Divines for our sins.

This is the message of Revelations, a message that Redemption is always possible; a message that Redemption will always be a choice that all enlightened people may always freely make.

Because the principle of Redemption is a fundamental part of the enlightenment movement it is fully, unanimously supported by the higher principles of the higher collective consciousness of the entire human race.

Redemption is always merciful and just, Redemption can never be denied to any person, ever.

Any plea for spiritual help will invoke the will and authority of Their Redeemer; any who beseech Their Redeemer are restored.

This is an eternal promise between all of our Divines and all humans in creation, the mutual, individual and collective Divine Will of the entire human race and their Divines.

Our ancestors were only scratching the surface of the Revelations portended by all of their various worlds’ cultures’ various religious testaments and ancient legends.

Because fear ruled our ancestors’ worlds, nearly everything they were learning about Revelations was tending to fuel their fears and anxieties.

Revelations was a highly marketable product, many people were eager to learn what to believe. The theories underlying popular beliefs about a possible forthcoming Apocalypse or End Days were very attractive to many people of many different cultures.

Any product that could excite fear in the masses was a strong candidate to be used to brainwash the masses; popular theories about Revelations were full of juicy things to fear with which to manipulate and exploit the gullibility of the masses to maintain an iron grip upon their respective collectively perceived cultural realities.

Revelations was a tailor-made vehicle for mass media distribution of important information the entire public would need to know.

The dream of transparency in government and all social institutions was becoming a reality with the advent of the information age.

Transparency was emerging as a dominant theme in radical calls for changes in governments all over the world in our ancestors’ times.

Revelations polarized the masses making them more alert, more fearful, more readily condition-able to follow whatever scripts for hidden agendas the elitists who ruled our ancestors’ worlds might have had in mind.

While our ancestors’ ruling elitists were building a Revelations-based media event for their own purposes, to help themselves survive the coming holocausts regardless of the costs in billions and billions of peoples’ lives to the rest of their worlds, the brotherhood was planning to spin the elitists’ media event out of the ruling elitists’ control, in order to give the event to the entire soon-to-be free world to decide how to proceed from there.

Only an enlightened, united humanity ready to liberate themselves from the tyrannies of their respective governments and societies could freely choose to take their individual worlds forward to a better future than the many possible holocausts our ancestors were all poised to embark upon in their very darkest hours.

The truth of everyone’s very real immortality and the powers of the potentials of the emerging enlightenment sciences such as manifestation, memetics and noetics were being made known through Revelations, along with the promise of eternal Redemption or Salvation for all people in all times, everywhere they may be, with no one left behind, ever.

To be continued…


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a distributed consciousness psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn. Please feel free to contact us any time. We love to write and to teach about world peace, spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: PeaceNext Blog For older work please look here: MySpace

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