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Book Review: An Exchange of Love by Madeleine Walker

{written by : Carol M. Upton}

Article word count : 278 -- Article Id : 3218
Article active date : 2011-05-08 -- Article views : 989

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Article is about :
A review of An Exchange of Love: Animals Healing People in Past, Present and Future Lifetimes by U.K. Animal Intuitive Madeleine Walker

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"The more I learnt, especially from horses, the more amazed I was at their insight into their owners and the deeper implications of their messages began to dawn on me; that there was an exchange, a two way healing." ~ Madeleine Walker

Equestrians are definitely embracing a myriad of ways to better understand their horses, whether to improve show performance or simply enjoy a more pleasant trail ride. In this book, U.K. horse and rider trauma consultant Madeleine Walker draws on her extensive knowledge to help readers gain insights into the links between past trauma / lives and present behavior.

Walker shares compelling true stories from her daily practice and she puts forth ideas that require the reader to see unlimited intuitive connection possibilities.

“When trust is established, even the most apparently aggressive and dangerous animal relaxes, and communication begins,” says Walker.

Walker can heal both horse and rider on many different levels and help us change what we see as ‘misbehavior’ in our animals. Rosie, a mare who was rescued just hours away from slaughter, could not be shoed or touched near her girth. After discerning a terrible past, Walker helped Rosie become a well-balanced saddle horse for the rest of her days.

Walker employs various forms of energy healing such as chakras, visualization, and soul retrieval to help discover emotional issues an animal may be carrying. Her central theme is that animals are our teachers and we have only to listen with open minds. There is so much we can do instead of giving up on a horse with challenging behavior. This book will appeal to all animal lovers, but particularly trainers and those presently involved in rescue.

Author Bio :
Carol M. Upton offers personalized publicity for animal-related authors and healing artists through Dreams Aloud Promotions. Short, free email consultation: Check out Dreams Aloud Animal Book Buzz on FB – a free service for animal-related authors and book lovers: When not in front of the computer, Carol can be found playing with horses or following her dogs along the beach.

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