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The Human Journey

{written by : Dr. Alicia R. Marroquin, PhD}

Article word count : 1019 -- Article Id : 3266
Article active date : 2011-07-22 -- Article views : 5997

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Article is about :
Esoteric knowledge of the human being.

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The human journey is many veiled, many leveled and multifold. The first unveiling to discover is one"s own fourfold Self which bears our Spirit being, soul being, our life body and our physical body. Without this knowledge there is only the physical knowing and that means a delay in the progress of human evolution.

All worlds are many veiled and when we come first to know our own human beingness then one can begin to feel that we are part of a greater world consciousness here and in the expanse. From within the Earth"s nine layers upwards toward the elemental world to the fourfold nature of man to the spiritual hierarchies all is veiled. For the human, four veils of bodies and the six others which will develop over time through many future incarnations is the true reality.

The Planetary seven are mirrored within the human being as forces of which the end result are the seven bodily organs. The spleen is the cumulative force of Saturn, the liver is the organ of Jupiter forces, the gall is the organ of Mars, the heart is the organ of the Sun forces, the lungs are organs of Mercury, the kidneys are organs of Venus forces and the brain is organ of the Moon. Planets are the physical representations of Beings and their forces come from the cosmos to earth and influence the human being and all earthly life in time cycles, rhythms and health. Man develops in time cycles of seven.

Further still are the cycles of the Jupiter twelve and Saturn thirty rhythms. Every eighteen and one half years new birth impulses enter in for the human being. Current knowledge of ourselves and the world is limited to the intellectual accomplishments of humankind. We are stuck here because of the powerful depth that the roots of intellectualism has taken hold in the human being. The birth within man of the Intellectual Soul began in 800 BC progressing into the middle ages where it came to full capacity. Inventions, observations and experimentation of human endeavor came to its height around 1870. However mans evolving continues so in 1500 AD the seed of Consciousness soul imbedded itself. We are currently progressing in the Age of Spirit Consciousness or Consciousness soul and will continue thus for another 1800 years.

Living in the twenty first century we are still highly dependent upon our last development of Intellectual soul. We are clearly deeply rooted in what intellectual soul brought to our development. The intellectual mind has given us information about the physical world of nature and its laws but has yet to move beyond this knowledge to the Wisdom or Spirit behind these observations of the physical world. Wisdom and spirit knowledge can only be grasped when our “soul organs” have developed for seeing into this world through Imagination, Inspiration and true Intuition; when we comprehend through feeling-knowing, something the physical sensory brain-mind cannot partake in. The change from Intellectual to Consciousness soul was marked by events in England during the reign of Elizabeth I when mankind was given acknowledgment by the cosmos. In October 1579 a notable comet had appeared and the winter that followed were massive snowfalls not previously experienced.

At twilight on 6 April 1580 there was an earthquake. In theatres like the Curtain some of the audience were frightened enough to jump off from the gallery and zoo lions roared their response. Consciousness corresponds to Heart-Feeling-Knowing, Intellect corresponds to Head-Senses-Law. It is cosmic law that what is of a future age will be developing unconsciously in the current age. Intellectual soul was meant to be a brain based development where mankind would learn of the laws underlying nature, and its reflection thereof in physical man; only a shadowy image in the human being and only one part of our fourfold nature as beings of soul, spirit and formative life forces. Brain based knowledge is limited to physical nature because the brain itself is a physical organ it is only capable of physical knowledge of earth and man. That which it sees through microscope or telescope is its limit.

The concept of the Rule of Law is solely based upon perception through intellectual and physical laws. It is the soul, spirit and life body which are the bearers of higher knowledge and moral laws. Only through feeling knowing or consciousness can mankind develop further meaning of the worlds of life. Our veiled bodies are astronomic, geometric, arithmetic and musically harmonic. It will take time and experience for full knowledge to develop in humankind. True knowledge of the reality of the world is unspeakable and for now removed and estranged from man"s current ability to grasp. For man has not yet developed organs for seeing with the spirit. The mind in this time is overactive. Thoughts based upon physical daily activity is passive. True thought and the holding of memory must progress to pictures. The mind wants to grasp all knowledge, yet and soon it will come to limitation. Through it"s own limited capabilities it will come to understand its own limitation in that observation is the highest it can achieve, the next highest is understanding.

The beginning of the inner awakening and reception to worlds of living spirits and beings is the beginning of entering into the Spirit Wisdom behind all things. Those working now with the felt and unseen natures of human beings, earthly nature and cosmos are at the frontier of developing higher consciousness, a consciousness of soul that is felt and amenable to pictures as thought given to us by spirit worlds behind all activity. My heart is my knowing as therein resides my consciousness, conscience and destiny. To feel your own heart is to learn soul, to live in your own Will is to learn the depth of your spirit. The Observer and the Doer without interference from your persona is to observe Ego Spirit Self as observer and actor. Passive thought or belief that your brain mind is the singular cause is in no way correct. The brain-mind is merely a mirror and a shadowy reflection of true reality.

Author Bio :
Dr. Alicia R. Marroquin, PhD

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