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The Importance of Having an Accurate Floor Plan in a Feng Shui Analysis

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

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Article active date : 2011-09-07 -- Article views : 7299

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Article is about :
Space can be defined and interpreted in a Feng Shui audit and this is why a floor plan needs to be accurate. The larger the space, the more crucial it is for a professional to work with the precise dimensions because the correct placement of remedies is reliant on that.

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It might seem obvious that a floor plan is needed to evaluate a space since Feng Shui deals with how people are affected by the architecture. And yet, many Feng Shui practitioners try to wing it and advise clients without a drawn floor plan to refer to.

Firstly, we need to have a to-scale floor plan sketch in order to accurately divide up the areas into directional zones. We have mathematical rules about how to divide up the spaces. Since we use elements strategically in classical Feng Shui, it should be unthinkable to risk placing an element in the wrong area. And yet, some schools rely heavily on “intention” and cultural placebos to modify spaces. I would agree that if this were a practitioner’s only source of recommendations, that the precise placement of them may not be their concern. But in classical Xuan Kong Flying Star School, we are attempting to change the magnetic field of certain areas, so the boundaries of each area have to be recognized. As an example, if you intend to place water in the east sector of a house, you need to make sure it is not actually in the Northeast or the Southeast. In the same way that an acupuncturist does not place needles randomly anywhere on the body, we have to know the correct locations for placing such elements as water, wood, fire, earth or metal.

Without an accurate floor plan, it is also going to be haphazard to track how the air currents flow through a space, especially a large space. And yet it is so easy to see it all at a glance with the floor plan in front of us. In fact, we can even forewarn and advise a person regarding a house not yet built, if we have a floor plan to refer to.

Another critical reason for having an accurate floor plan is in the circumstance where a home has been remodeled or added on to. In some cases, a house with an addition might be considered more than one house, technically, when we evaluate the addition on its own terms. If an addition constitutes more than half the square footage of the original foot print, then this may justify calculating the entire house as new, with the more current energy taking over the whole space, based on when the addition was done.

Sometimes only small adjustments need to be made, a mere few feet, to move a desk from a negative zone to a positive zone, but we can’t know that without an accurate floor plan. Another piece of practical advice I routinely give clients are the yearly zones to be wary of in terms of remodeling or accidents. For example, in the year 2012, the direction of southeast will be very accident-prone. If I have a client who wants to remodel their kitchen in that location and that year, we might consider postponing it or doing some specific counter-measures to diffuse the volatility of that area. But if we aren’t working with an accurate floor plan, then we could misinterpret where a directional zone is within a house. All of these theories apply to commercial spaces as well.

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond coined the phrase "astrology for architecture" to describe the practice of Feng Shui. Working with accurate floor plans is the foundation of assessing any space, no matter what school of Feng Shui one studies. Find out more about classical Feng Shui, by visiting Kartar's website at

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