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The Best Time to Make Feng Shui Adjustments

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

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Article active date : 2012-06-01 -- Article views : 6880

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Article is about :
Half of the equation when it comes to Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui is direction and the other half is timing. Part of a traditional analysis will be in determining the best timing for installing remedies.

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In the 1990’s there was a catch phrase for Feng Shui, which was “the Art of Placement.” It would have been more accurate to say the “Art of Placement and Timing.”

Some of the most powerful energies which are captured inside a building are the result of a marriage between direction (space) and timing, such as the year a building was built.

Often, when I am advising a client, they have been suffering with some dysfunction in their living space or a work environment that has been in need of adjustments for a long time. They are all too anxious to make those changes as soon as possible. Often, there is perfectly good reason to get to the adjustments promptly. But there are also some cycles of timing that can be taken into consideration as well. For my own residence, I waited two years for the preferred time cycle to install an outdoor fountain.

Each house or building will have energies that will influence occupants similarly for decades. There are also yearly cycles to anticipate. For example, a house might have qualities which make fertility for the couple a struggle, but there could be annual cycles that will be more supportive than others for conceiving. There are also monthly cycles, which begin about a week after our western month begins. Taking advantage of the good cycles is like being at the right place at the right time.

Many things need to be factored into the timing for making an adjustment, especially with regards to the addition of natural elements like water or fire. You could place a fountain that is in a good location long term, but it might not be good for a certain yearly cycle and you are entitled to know the risks. A classically trained practitioner has to reconcile when an adjustment would be good for the long term, but not necessarily for the short term and vice versa, and whether the risk is worth it. Often, the client’s own input as to how they are experiencing their own dwelling will help make those choices easier.
For example, if a person is experiencing all of the problems associated with the annual energies of their home and not so much the permanent energies, then we could cater to the timely aspect of the Feng Shui analysis.

Yet another consideration for timing is based on the person’s own predictably changing ebb and flow of luck or personal magnetism. For example, each person has a day that is especially lucky for them based on year of birth and those days will repeat perpetually every 12 days, occurring two to three times in any given month. Those can often be auspicious days to install a remedy or make an adjustment. There are also days to avoid, (draining or consuming days), where the impact of the adjustment might be undermined if employed during a personal down cycle. It really gets fun when these good and bad days conflict between spouses. Sometimes “Plan B” has to be executed instead of a theoretical ideal. Clients also ask for this kind of advice for other activities, such as when to put a house on the market for sale.

Some timing cycles are yearly or monthly, determined by the Earth’s relationship with the Sun and other astronomical calculations. This could influence the recommended timing for a construction or demolition on one’s property.

When all is said and done, the best timing for Feng Shui adjustments will be a combination of personal astrological influences as well as defined time frames that the physical space will cycle through. What’s good for the house is not necessarily good for the person, but with enough advance notice we can schedule activities and do our Feng Shui remedies without much delay or concern. It might seem really far-fetched that our lives could be so fated and predictable, but this is the nature of life as we know it and validated over and over again by both science and metaphysics.

Author Bio :
There are many schools and traditions in the area of classical Feng Shui and the ones which factor in timing can be the most accurate. Kartar Diamond has been a classically trained practitioner since 1992 and she consults with clients world wide. Find out more about her services and books by going to

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