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How can we help children achieve optimum nutrition?

{written by : Tony Samara}

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Article active date : 2013-01-26 -- Article views : 1514

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Article is about :
I would say 70% of children are traumatised because of food issues that parents have or because of emotional issues that arise during those moments when food is part of what is going on.

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It is impossible to put into a few minutes so I’ll just focus on one thing and that is emotional eating, which tends to be the problem with most children. I would say 70% of children are traumatised because of food issues that parents have or because of emotional issues that arise during those moments when food is part of what is going on. When children are eating or before the preparation of food or just after the preparation of food, this is when many aspects of the constellation in a family get to be more obvious for children, and sometimes for adults too. If one understands this, that food is not just the physical thing, that what you eat of course is very important, but what you eat is much more than just what you eat, then one understands that health, even if you eat the most healthy amazingly wonderful food ever, all the superfoods, the latest and the best from the exotic places of the world or wherever, if the emotions that come during those moments of nutrition are not healthy then basically it"s better to eat a pizza, and the nutrients that you"ll get from that pizza will be of more benefit to your body than whatever else you try externally.

I say this because sometimes people make nutrition a religion, meaning that their concern for their children"s well-being becomes a neurosis on some level, where food is an expression (it is hard to explain); on some level becomes an expression where your concern and your feeling of incompleteness gets put across in those moments when food is being prepared and hence why many vegetarians and many people who are into more healthy food create certain limitations, that then the child, later on in life, usually, either experiences as problems, emotional problems, physical problems, because the nutrition in the food was not really complete, or later on reacts to these dogmatic ways of feeding and goes and does the total opposite of eating a healthy diet.

What am I saying really in the end is very simple: if there is joy in eating, if there is a sense of celebration in eating, if there is a sense of ritual in eating, a respect, a giving to the Divine, giving meaning that you are offering this beautiful ritual, not just to make your child healthy or to make sure your child doesn"t get sick, or because of your fear that the child will suffer if you don"t do the right thing and feed all the best foods ever, if there is a sense of gratitude and a sense of giving in that moment, and in that ritual of eating, then you have accomplished a great thing - you have accomplished a sense of connection to the invisible nutrients that are everywhere, and a relaxation around eating that then allows you to absorb the nutrients in a very powerful way, that is impossible if there is any other sort of tension. This has probably been researched and shown to be quite relevant in some of the experiments that people are conducting today, when it comes to emotions and eating.

So what is the best to do? The best is to bring a sense of happiness to eating - then when there is a sense of happiness there is a natural inclination for the adults and for the child, to know what sort of foods are needed and to know when certain addictions and when certain compulsions happen and how to deal with them in that moment, so that you can revert back to eating more healthy food. For example, if the child wants cake, or wants ice cream, or sausages or whatever it is, there is no need to push and say this is bad for you, you can"t eat it, rather you can joyously offer other things and make it so that the child sees that there is a connection, for example, to the beautiful fresh fruit, that is in some way very interesting to eat if your sense of connection to food is more pure. That the fresh fruit has a delicious taste, a very refreshing taste that is very different from the nutrients that you get from eating certain foods that come because of compulsion, or because of ideas that you need sugar, or you need certain senses to be fulfilled in a very dramatic and strong way to create that sense of security of nurture, feeling that you"re getting the right nutrients into your body.

Now we enter into a more complex situation as I’m not saying it is just to feed your child anything as it is essential that you"re feeding healthy food because children also learn through what they"re eating - they learn about tastes, they develop taste and if you start feeding a child whatever, at a very young age, they develop a taste for whatever you"re feeding them. If you start with healthy food very early and allow that sense of joy to be part of the eating ritual, then there is a natural inclination for the child to choose the foods that are most useful for them and for their inner growth and for their physical wellbeing.

I think this is very difficult for parents to put into practice because most parents worry too much, and that worry usually is not just a worry about food but comes from other emotional aspects that we don"t really understand until we have children and we begin to worry and then the worry shows us that we"re worried and shows us that there is much more behind that worry than just simple worry and when you do this, what is important is that the sense of joy, that you’re feeling when you"re celebrating food is not turned into a serious introspection of why am I worrying, or how can I deal with this limitation myself, but that you allow the child to play with the joy that is being experienced while you"re eating. This is something that I noticed in native societies, that eating was not just something serious that was necessary and had to be done in a certain way but that eating was a celebration in a way to learn to transform what limited our sense of nurture from the world and from the celebration, meaning that we allowed other things to come into the ritual.

To bring it down to a very tangible, understandable, practical level, you are sitting down and your child is unhappy because they are tired or they"re grumpy or whatever it is and you"re wondering how to turn this into a celebration, what to do? One simple thing is music. This is why in the old days, in certain spiritual communities, there was a very simple music that allowed for the body to focus on digestion, to focus on the body receiving the elements of nature, the vitamins, the minerals and you can put this music on and you can allow the child to listen to this music rather than the tension that their mind is creating, the irritation or the tiredness, and this often helps. Or, if you have a very young child like a baby and the baby is unsettled and cannot for example eat, because their emotion is too strong, what does the mother do? She begins to sing to her child, to calm the child down, and this brings joy to the child. This joy allows the child then to eat and to enjoy and absorb the nutrients in a very different way than forcing the food into a child because you"re worried that they"re not eating.

This can be carried on later on in life, you can bring not only joy and celebration into the food but you can bring other elements of nature into the whole nurturing picture that is being created around eating - you can bring the elements of nature, the sun. For example, you can take food out and eat in a place where there is sun, where there is the sound of nature, the wind, the birds, this allows for your body to feel the connection and harmony to really be nurtured, not simply by the food that you are eating, but by life itself. When you learn this, there is a sense of relaxation around food which allows for consciousness to go beyond inherited karmic patterns, that perhaps our ancestors had, due to survival needs or due to traumatic situations, that then got passed on into our DNA structure, into our genes, and gets played out many, many times with our children.

Thank You.

Author Bio :
With the guidance of Tony Samara, discover a path of profound transformation, evolution of consciousness and inner peace. This path is open to all people from all walks of life who seek Health, Happiness and Inner Wisdom., http://www.TonySamara.TV

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