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The healer

{written by : Dr. Milan Nostrad}

Article word count : 245 -- Article Id : 3536
Article active date : 2015-02-15 -- Article views : 1272

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Article is about :
healing experience, correct flow of energy

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I decided to go to a healer. More or less I was curious. The healer who lives close is practicing this for about thirty years. One group praises him and says he helped them, the other group says that their health status has not changed.

Firstly he corrects the spine and then he presses acupressure points on the body strongly, almost painfully. He can see flat disc whirls under the skin on the meridians and he intuitively feels what he should press and how long to hold it for. When you come to him for the second time he will push the other points. When the healer finished I felt strange and I remained standing still.

“It is unusual” said the healer because he noticed that I was standing still, even though the treatment was over. Then I realized that now the energy is flowing correctly and therefore I feel this way. It lasted for a few days. For two months I infrequently practiced Falun Dafa. Suddenly I felt somehow strange. Again I thought, “What is it?”.

After a while I realized that this is the same feeling as when I visited the healer, thus the energy is flowing properly. I do not have this feeling at the moment. I hope that I will force myself to exercise. Conclusion: People live their whole life without the correct flow of energy. Even they do not know what this feeling is like. It is a proper life?

Author Bio :
Dr. Milan Nostrad is a spiritual teacher, psychic, medium and writer. He has practiced yoga for twenty-five and esoteric for ten years. He is author of New Clairvoyance (2013). The book is full of new ideas. Finally something new in meditation, psychic, clairvoyance and esoteric. For more information visit:

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