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How does Personal Development Help in Business?

{written by : George E. Lockett}

Article word count : 449 -- Article Id : 358
Article active date : 2008-08-25 -- Article views : 1487

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Article is about :
Business is all about work and making money, so why develop the individual who does the work and creates the money?

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Teams run most businesses, and teams work best if each member is aligned with the whole group and works in a happy, friendly way. Team building has been very popular over the last ten years or so, but wouldn"t it be so much easier if we naturally lived a life in synchrony with our team mates and customers?

Businesses in the past have employed people for the purpose of fulfilling a role and being paid a wage, where the employee may not really enjoy the job they are doing.

As we move into the New Energy and expand our awareness; as the New Spirituality develops and Self-love grows and our appreciation for fellow employees naturally increases, we grow in synchrony and self-realization.

This shift is happening now; employees and business owners are going through major changes, both at work and in their home life. It is getting harder and harder to stay in a job you are not enjoying doing.

Your individual life"s purpose and your job are aligning with one another. It is possible to help this process through your imagination, your vision and your dreams, and so to plan the next step on your life"s journey.

The best way to achieve this is to shift your focus from what you don"t want, to what you would love to have, be and do.

This shift in vision and what you are being will shift your energy to a more positive life, where you are constantly choosing to follow your Joy, and moving into happiness as you take each step in life.

Your job may change during this process, as you become more aligned with your life"s purpose and your employer"s expectation. Companies are living things and they can only grow through change as they evolve and expand.

Employees also like changing and growing, both within the company and within their own life. So what can we do to speed up this process of evolution and growth?

Turning the attention back on your Self is one of the most useful things that you can do. This can happen as easily as becoming aware of your own breathing; reaching out with your feeling; adjusting your energies each time you become aware of some tension within the body, relaxing and re-centring.

Following one of the many methods of meditation can do it; the main thing is, we look within and just observe what we feel and see.

We cannot use our gifts until we become aware of them. Taking a few minutes each day to align our own energies will have a tremendous effect on our co-workers and bring harmony and peace into the workplace.

Author Bio :
George E. Lockett, HealerGeorge SSHA, IIHHT (C) Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved. Request Healing Now: * New book * "A Journey into the Self -- the multi-dimensional nature of being human" By George E. Lockett:

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