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Crystals and Gems

{written by : Carol Powel-Smith}

Article word count : 752 -- Article Id : 523
Article active date : 2008-09-04 -- Article views : 31673

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Article is about :
An indepth look at the structure of crystals and their esoteric relationship to mankind.

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( Part 1)

Throughout history Gems have been used as tokens or symbols to convey joy and confidence to their owners, and were thought to give warning of coming events. They inspired courage in the fearful and instilled faith in many people.

The philosophers of thousands of years ago, understanding their suitability as a medium for the transmission of astral forces and vibrations, attributed them with much importance, assigning to them spiritual as well as material powers, special characteristics and medicinal and curative qualities.

In all probability, gems had their origin in the very remote period of the Earth’s history when it was still in a molten state subject to water and fire, before its solidification made it possible for vegetation to appear. The translucent luster of certain gems is due to the action of the floods which proceeded the fiery volcanic period. The coloring which forms their greatest fascination is due to various metallic oxides in combination with oxygen which in varying quantities gives Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, or variations of these colors.

It is most difficult to determine with any certainty in what country Precious Stones were first worn as ornaments, but the consensus of opinion seems to point to India, as far as recognized history is concerned, as most precious gems are associated with the East. Traces of man’s love for gems are also found in South America and Africa.

When we think of gemstones or crystals we need to realize that all that IS, is a manifestation of God. Everything is atomic, composed of atoms of energy, and there is consciousness inherent in all forms of life.

In all things in nature, there is the exoteric (material) side and the esoteric (spiritual) side. In the Mineral Kingdom the physical or material side is expressed through the variety, size and shape of the crystal formation. The spiritual side is expressed through the inner geometric construction that makes up the crystal form.

There are 7 Groups of Esoteric Crystals.

The Groups of Crystals
(part 2)

Crystal symmetry is derived from the regular formation of the atoms which comprise a particular mineral, and because the structure of similar stones never varies we can expect the crystal of any particular mineral to follow the same basic form every time.

Each crystal has a geometric pattern that is its make up. A crystal is a visible manifestation of a molecular structure. With few exceptions, all minerals crystallize into one of the basic crystal systems ( the Opal is an exception, it is amorphous, without shape).

There are six major crystal groups and all the known crystals will fall into one or other of these groups.

1. Cubic/Isometric 4.Orthorhombic There is a sub group of the Hexagonal
2. Tetragonal 5. Monoclinic called Trigonal.
3. Hexagonal 6.Triclinic

Something is Crystalline (crystal) if the atoms or ions that compose it are arranged in a specific order. Gemstones and minerals are usually crystals.

1. Cubic/Isometric—the simplest system, these crystals are of a fundamental nature; oriented to the Earth plane. These crystals enhance physical energy. Some examples are Diamond, Garnet, Spinel, Fluorite and Kunzite.

2. Tetragonal—these crystals are of a balancing nature, half-giving and half receiving. They are considered “transmuting stones”
Some examples are Zircon , Lazurite and Scapolite

3. Hexagonal---these crystals are a bit more complex but still fairly simple in their molecular structure. It is said they are of a giving nature rather than a receiving nature. Some examples are Beryl, Morganite, Emerald and Aquamarine.

4.Orthorhombic—these crystals are said to act in a protective way.
Some examples are Peridot, Topaz, Tanzanite and Chrysoberyl ( Alexandrite, Cat’s Eye)

5.Monoclinic—these crystals are said to vibrate with the pulse of the Universe. They represent expanding and contracting energy.
Some examples are Nephrite, Jadite, Serpentine, Malachite most Moonstones, Azurite and Lapis Lazuli.

6.Triclinic—these crystals are considered complete within themselves; whatever flows in glances back to the center. They are always bouncing off and reflecting. They represent a high level of giving and receiving.
Some examples are Turquoise, Feldspar (of which Amazonite and Labradorite are examples), Rhodonite, Kyanite and Oligoclase Moonstones.

7. Trigonal—a sub group of Hexagonal, these crystals give off energy and do not absorb or receive in any part. They are neither positive nor negative but of a balanced nature. They differ within the Hexagonal in that they are said to be of a sharper clarity of purpose.
Some examples are Tourmaline, Ruby, Sapphire, Hematite and the Quartz family,a few exp. : Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Chalcedony, and Aventurine.

Author Bio :
Carol Powel-Smith is a graduate of the Quantum Quest School of Advanced Energy Healing and is the author of the book "Escape From Planet Earth--the Soul's Journey Home

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